Are You a Thrill Seeker? | Church 9/10/23

All for the thrill of it: Are you a thrill-seeker? Overcome evil with good: Overcome thoughts. Biblical Question: What is your state of mind?

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, September 10, 2023 — NO AUDIENCE MICROPHONE TODAY! (Technical issues)

||  See clips, links, and notes below. 


  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk: Making boys first
  • (0:02:43) JLP: All for the thrill of it!
  • (0:16:44) Feedback (Note: No audience mics today!)
  • (0:21:29) JLP: Overcome evil with good: Overcome thoughts
  • (0:29:36) JLP: Thrill seekers weaken the dog! Wasting money!
  • (0:35:30) Thoughts are about time, God about now. Give no attention to evil. 
  • (0:40:30) Don’t rush thoughts away; Thrill of worrying about others (Sean)
  • (0:43:39) Identifying as Christian; Fearful in Silent Prayer? Hating truth…
  • (0:56:26) Loving animals over people? Evil is evil: Can’t compare evil. 
  • (1:00:57) The purpose of politics
  • (1:05:26) JLP: Ladies, your natural God-given bodies are fine! 
  • (1:07:34) Have no expectation about the prayer (Sean)
  • (1:13:55) Feedback: Thrill-seeking; “identities”; worried mother
  • (1:28:54) WOW HASSAN (Walking on Water with Hassan)
  • (1:30:25) More thrill-seekers… JLP: Don’t lie to yourself
  • (1:36:42) JLP closing: Come into the present.


“All for the thrill of it” — stop loving emotions.

WATCH CLIP (14-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP speaks on the different ways that people feel “alive” from emotional thrills, whether “positive” or “negative.” Real life is not in thrills. 

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Church Notes

11:25 AM US PDT — We start very late today, due to technical issues with the mics and our soundboard. JLP has a mic, but no audience members are able to speak on mic today! 

REMINDER: Biblical Question: What is your state of mind?

Romans 12:21 – Bible Gateway: Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk: Men not having boys first
  2. (0:02:00) Late start, mic problem! 
  3. (0:02:43) JLP: All for the thrill of it! Loving your hell Business, gossip, joining forces. Positive and negative thrills are evil. Afraid to stand alone, without identity. In order to live, you must die: Thrills, ideals… The road to heaven is through hell. Overcome anger, or you’ll join forces with the murderer… Mothers build an army of murderers! … Stop loving emotions. Feel-good emotions are not good. Christ said: Overcome the world with good. Go anywhere, and the world can’t touch you. But with ego and identifying with feelings, you’ll be hurt. 
    • (0:10:00) In relationships: They get a thrill from you overreacting. 
    • (0:11:30) Radio show call: How can I get my girlfriend to go and forgive? Are you praying? No. People get a thrill with repeating “the truth” to others, pouncing… Let go of thrills. 
    • (0:14:00) Hake reads (off-mic) Romans 12: 21 — Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. 
  4. (0:16:44) FEEDBACK… Raymond: Overcome with patience; Donyale: Being present; Man: Letting go…; Another couple of men; Rochelle 
    • (0:19:13) Man: Crushing evil into submission… knock out robber… Others talk
  5. (0:21:29) JLP: Overcome evil with good: Overcome thoughts… When you believe them, you feel a certain way. Do the Silent Prayer, watch thoughts, stay present… You think it’s life, but it’s just a thrill 
    • (0:23:30) (JLP: Don’t cut the baby in half!) — Another thrill! Sympathy. Fighting. Pure hell. Every human being must be born again. Stop believing thoughts. Go to bed in thoughts, wake up in a nightmare… 
    • (0:26:54) JLP: You are your world. Up to you to decide how you’ll live: With thrills, or free, with perfect peace. 
    • (0:29:36) Weakening the dog! Putting clothes on the dog! 
    • (0:32:45) Hang out, don’t call it friends. Putting a title on it: Ownership! Let go of titles. 
  6. (0:34:01) FEEDBACK: Man asks: Title on America as a “Christian nation” — is that why we’re having problems overseas? 
  7. (0:35:30) JLP: God’s love… Not your parents’ fault you’re not overcoming. Live a free life. Compete for the fun of it, without competing. 
    • (0:37:43) (JLP: Overcome thoughts, which are about time. God is about now.) … Most people are afraid of evil. Or else there would be no reaction to it. 
    • (0:38:31) Nanghiti (sp): How do you do that? 
    • (0:40:30) Sean: Don’t rush thoughts away; Sean also brings up the thrill of worrying about other people: Parents, etc… 
    • (0:43:39) A man asks about identifying as Christian vs being Christian. JLP: Those who call themselves Christian are looking for a thrill. Let identities go. You’d say it with a different meaning, no feeling. 
      • (0:46:00) (JLP: When I first became a Christian, I felt like Jesus…) Doing the Silent Prayer? 5 mins, fearful of the future, thinking about the past, thinking he did/did not get something out of the prayer… He mentions a friend getting mad when he told him about dogs and owners’ ego or something… 
    • (0:50:49) African Amsterdam lady says you feel like you’re doing wrong, then protect yourself with excuses, victimhood, afraid to hear truth…
    • (0:53:01) Man talks about peace, love
  8. (0:55:00) … When you go back into thoughts, you go back into hell… 
    • (0:56:26) Man says people who love dogs over people are the worst… JLP says you can’t compare evil 
  9. (0:59:30) (JLP: Be grateful now.) 
    • (1:00:16) Man asks about liking dogs (he has two that hunt); If politics don’t matter, why vote? JLP: The purpose of politics… 
    • (1:03:14) Sean: Gambling addicts have the highest suicide rate of all addicts. 
    • (1:04:02) Young lady talks about food thrills… JLP: You’re in a cave, Satan has you trying… The answers are in the not thinking… The world has made us become thinkers… 
    • (1:05:26) (JLP: These women are buying big butts!) Kim K made them, they look dumb. Ladies, you have a natural body, given you by God… You’re setting yourself up. Appreciate yourself! They’re making money off y’all! 
    • (1:07:34) Sean: Have no expectation about the prayer. 
    • (1:08:25) Raymond: The price of freedom is eternal vigilance…. JLP: The Devil is a coward. 
  10. (1:09:56) First-timer lady says we need to cut the noise in our heads… She didn’t look at thrills before but sees it now. Her friend brought her
    • (1:11:08) JLP: I love fellowship, not thrill-seeking
    • (1:11:33) Man likes what JLP said about thoughts; every atrocity was by an emotion you yourself has… 
    • (1:12:58) Franky mentions people praying in public and getting their reward
    • (1:13:55) Man used to like thrills a lot, but noticed if you let go of expectations, you can just enjoy it as it comes, rather than be disappointed. It’s his first time… 
    • (1:15:41) Young lady: I guess I am a thrill seeker… In a way, I knew… No, I don’t like it.. I know it’s not good, but can’t help myself. 
    • (1:16:41) Young lady, 20: How do you go through life knowing your generation is all into identity? They don’t know who they are… Everyone is on eggshells, and particular on how they want to be called (identities)… JLP: Be a living example
    • (1:21:27) Man’s eyes have been opened a lot. He was subconsciously aware of his thrill-seeking. His mom called him worried in a panic — for the thrill of it. 
    • (1:23:15) (JLP: A thrill is death, not life)
  11. (1:23:32) Biblical Question: What is your state of mind? Donyale: awareness. She watches reality shows with her husband — used to judge people, but now sees herself in them. 
    • (1:25:26) Man is present-minded, taking it in… 
    • (1:25:55) Young mother: Aware when I can be, blind when not. I am a thrill seeker; I like to buy stuff… She doesn’t get angry with her husband anymore. I’m not fighting with that Devil. He’ll complain about his work. 
    • (1:27:57) Young lady was a thrill seeker, thought she was invincible… 
    • (1:28:54) Hassan put his dog in the pumpkin suit… WOW HASSAN
  12. (1:30:25) Yes she’s a thrill seeker, a people pleaser, wants to impress people, for them to like her. 
    • (1:31:15) Lady would’ve said before she’s not a thrill seeker, but after today yes 1000%; she tries to be the hero for people who don’t speak up for themselves, the hero she’s always wanted. 
  13. (1:32:18) JLP: If you have anger, you’re a thrill-seeker. Admit to yourself. Be honest with yourself. 
    • (1:34:08) Man buys stuff he doesn’t need. Two dogs, want ‘em?
  14. (1:36:42) JLP: Come into the present.

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