Are You a Whole or Divided Person? | Church 2/26/23

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||  See clips and links below (including Silent Prayer), as well as detailed church notes.

Recent Biblical Questions: Are you whole or divided? Why do you take sides? Do you find yourself on offense or defense? 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, February 26, 2023


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Feb 26, 2023
  • 0:01:49 Welcome to Church
  • 0:02:32 Don’t know anything
  • 0:07:25 33 years of BOND this month!
  • 0:09:26 Biblical Q: Are you a whole or divided person
  • 0:14:59 Prior BQ: Do you take sides? (Children, Gender)
  • 0:28:08 Back to current BQ: Whole or divided?
  • 0:31:02 Woman affected by niece’s new “gender”
  • 0:38:36 To woman: You’ve never been good. Overcome the world.
  • 0:47:14 Treat the cancer in society?
  • 0:49:50 Bring all thoughts into captivity
  • 0:52:24 Your conversation will change
  • 1:00:00 You can live life without an opinion
  • 1:02:18 Drop the idea of being “called.” Resist the thoughts.
  • 1:10:58 Do you find yourself on offense or defense?
  • 1:15:28 Defense or offense? Divided or whole?
  • 1:20:25 “Significant other”: Covering up the Devil (Divided/Whole)
  • 1:27:09 JLP monologue: Judging others’ business
  • 1:32:22 JLP: Whole/divided: No defense/offense
  • 1:39:49 You’ve made family too important
  • 1:42:01 Focus on the spirit, how you react to the world
  • 1:46:28 No ideas about God: “Asbury Revival”
  • 1:48:37 Closing / Announcements: Men’s Forum; No defense!


Be Whole, Not Divided.

WATCH CLIP (12-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  Give up the war; lay your weapons down.

Woman Affected by Niece’s New ‘Gender’

WATCH CLIP (21-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP reasons with a woman disturbed to learn her niece, who’s in her late teens, became a “gender non-conformist.”

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Church Notes

10:59 AM US PST We start streaming just before the top of the hour.

11:01 A man who came on-stage the other week thanks Jesse.

Don’t know anything; 33 years of BOND

11:03 A woman was feeling overwhelmed earlier this week. We’re really dumb! We don’t know anything!

11:07 It’s our 33rd anniversary of BOND this month! We don’t know what’s happening next. Thanks for the balloons, Rochelle!

Biblical Question: Are you a whole or divided person?

11:08 Biblical Question: Are you a whole or divided person? One young man answers.

11:11 Doug says he’s divided, he guesses between good and evil.

11:13 One man doesn’t understand the question, but to a prior biblical question, he does pick sides. He’s on the side of good.

A prior BQ: Do you take sides? Abortion and transgenders

11:14 Because you don’t agree with abortion, is that picking sides? A woman who brought up this topic last week mentions transitioning is calling God incompetent.

Another woman agrees. Jesse asks them: How would it affect you that someone else committed abortion or cut off body parts. God doesn’t stop them; He doesn’t take sides.

11:20 Jesse asks Doug if he takes sides on abortion or transgender stuff.

11:22 Sean says you can take sides without having any feeling or pride about it.

11:24 Another man takes sides, saying abortion and transgenders are wrong. If God takes sides against it because it’s wrong, why does He let it happen? Do you think God operates the way the world does?

Back to current BQ: Are you a whole or divided person?

11:27 A young woman says the Enemy has caused division and destruction. She takes sides when it makes her feel good.

11:28 Jesse asks the same woman: Are you a whole or divided person?

Gender non-conformist niece affected woman

11:30 Jesse asks another woman the question. She says, “I’m divided… teeter-totter kind of thing.” Her niece is “whatever” (seemingly suggesting she’s transgender). Why were you affected by that personally? She wanted to shake her brother, “Be a man. Stand up. Have a voice.” What gives you the right? She thinks God and Jesus would slap her. Was Christ affected by those who didn’t want to be healed?

(11:36) She doesn’t know whether to give a blue or pink wrapped present. Why even give a present? I’ve always been that person, she says. And you’re gonna stay that person, Jesse asks.

You’ve never been good. Overcome the world.

11:37 I’ve always been a good person to her, she says. But Jesse makes her gasp when he tells her: You’ve never been a good person. Should it affect you? I still love that person, the woman says. Real love lets you do what you want to do. In order to live in this world, and not be affected by it, not of it, you have to overcome it.

The world tell their personal business. See this situation affected me; why? You overcome it, and you’ll overcome the world. Understanding will cause you to see they’re possessed, and not judge them.

An affected person is a lost person. She gasps again. She talks herself through it when she sees her niece.

Treat the cancer in society?

11:46 A man calls the lost people like a cancer on society. You’ve never changed one life by disagreeing with their wrong. Parents change children’s life from life to death.

The woman says doctors shouldn’t be allowed to do that.

JLP: Bring all thoughts into captivity: Worshiping the Devil, thinking it’s God

11:49 Hassan says it’s a savior’s complex, which is a Satan complex, that we have. Satan wants everybody.

11:49 Jesse follows-up: God said bring all thoughts into captivity. All thoughts are all lies, all the time, about everything. Satan has the conservatives walking around like they’re all that, condemning the liberals — and vice versa. Two devils fighting!

Your conversation will change

11:51 Some relatives in “alternative lifestyles” came to one woman to ask her opinion. God will give you a way to communicate with them; your conversation will change as you become more enlightened. God will use you to help others; you won’t take a side.

Similarly, Jesse doesn’t agree with Black Lives Matter, but one in the crowd wants to overcome. That’s the one God is seeking. Christ helped the one who wanted to help; he didn’t condemn the rest. He let them go their way. As children of God, we should be the same. Don’t condemn the person in your imagination, your mind.

You can live a life without an opinion

11:59 Rochelle agrees that it’s all the spirit of evil. You can live a life without an opinion. If you want to be free, you get to the point you don’t take sides. A clear mind is amazing. How are you going to help the worst if you judge them?

Drop the idea of being “called.” Resist the thoughts, resist the Devil

12:01 A woman says a lot of ideas are being shattered. She brings up the notion of calling. Jesse encourages her to drop the idea of being called. People think they’ve been called — but it’s by the intellect, which is of the Devil. She thought she was called to move to L.A. 22 years ago. Don’t freak out.

(12:08) Jesse says: Resist the thoughts, and resist the Devil. Don’t have any regrets — that’s a thought. With all thoughts come feelings, which are lies too!

Do you find yourself on defense or offense? Or both?

12:10 Jesse asks: How many of you are either on offense or defense at times? Why are you on defense?

12:12 One man feels pulled both directions.

12:13 Jesse asks a third man: Do you believe you can live without either one? Why don’t you do it?

Defense or offense? Divided or whole?

12:14 A woman and James also answer, and answer whether they’re whole or divided.

12:18 Hassan sees the three questions as similar: Picking sides, offense/defense, divided/whole?

“Significant other” — the Devil covers himself up (Divided/Whole)

12:19 Today one man says he’s whole. He used to think he needed a “significant other” (meaning woman). “Racism” sounds better than hate. It’s good or evil. Don’t call it by the name the world attaches to it.

12:22 Rochelle talks about the Silent Prayer. She knows she was evil too, just like the abortion people.

12:24 Alexis says she’s divided, because of insincerity; she flirts with evil, and thinks she can teeter the line.

12:25 Francisco is still thinking it through.

JLP monologue: Judging others’ business

12:26 Jesse tells about a slut woman in the Bible who was about to be stoned to death by men who were no different. Jesus said, Let him who has no sin throw the first stone. Jesse was invited to talk to a family who were judging a female family member. So when Jesse met with them, he invited each to tell their own personal business. They went quiet. It’s the same in the world.

Jesse again encourages the woman with the gay friends that similarly her conversation will change.

The world is mean. Their hearts are evil; you’re dealing with evil hearts. You’re possessed by demons. If you pay attention, you’ll notice people do bad things to one another to feel good — gossip about you.

JLP: Whole, not divided: No defense/offense

12:31 The real you is a one person, a spirit. But you live in your head, believe in what’s right, and believe in what’s wrong. Anyone who believes thoughts is divided. Even with offense and defense, you should never put up either one; lay your weapons down. You’re defending the ego, the not-you. Welcome these things to come at you. Let it happen. If you’re affected by it, be glad to see you’re affected by it. Quietly welcome it. Don’t overreact to it. The Devil will get busy.

Even blood family members’ hearts are wicked, and want to hurt you so they can feel good. It’s not love.

You will become one. Christ came that we might have peace, not happiness. A divided person is happy, then unhappy. We don’t have to be part of the war. Overcome the imagination. There’s no peace in thoughts and feelings — they’re your enemy.

(12:36) Give up trying to find God. He’s already with us. Christ was not moved by the world. He didn’t fight with the Devil. When you let go, God will fight your battles. Don’t run away from your fears. The buffalo run to the storm; you’re running away from the storm.

You’ve made family too important

12:39 A man asks about people hurting one another to feel good, why the pattern continues, and why the family pain hurts worse. You’ve made the family too important.

Focus on the spirit, how you’re reacting to the world

12:41 Lijie asks: When the spirit of God fights the battle for you, what will it look like? Does He fight other people? Don’t worry about it. No longer will you be lonely, angry, comparing yourself to someone else.

12:43 To another man, Jesse says your family members are no different from the world. Your life source comes from God, and not anything outwardly. I wouldn’t spend all my money on lawyers in the court.

Ideas about God: Asbury Revival

12:46 JLP mocks the people at the Asbury Revival thinking they feel the Lord. It’s all phony. It’s not of God. God came that we might be free, not have fear. All that stuff is emotion, in their head, worshiping the Devil, and feeling good. It’s better than all the killing going on, though.

Closing / Announcements: Men’s Forum

12:48 Men’s Forum this Thursday! Stop being on offense or defense!

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