Are You in Control of Your Life? | Church 8/20/23

What if you didn’t fill in the time? You’d go free. Satan controls sinners: No free will. Go through the valley of the shadow of death: Fear.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, August 20, 2023

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  • 0:00:00 Pre-service small talk
  • 0:01:36 Did you prepare for the hurricane? (Felt like a test)
  • 0:06:24 Have a life? Excited, Relax, Wait at the gate
  • 0:11:56 BQ: Are you in control of your life? Tomar (sp)
  • 0:18:00 Lady’s Q: What would you do with all your time? 
  • 0:37:33 JLP to lady: If you didn’t fill-in time, you’d go free. 
  • 0:48:02 Sean: Higher IQ, addictions; JLP: Satan has you planning
  • 0:54:06 JLP’s 7 Guaranteed Steps book: In stillness, universe created 
  • 0:54:50 The Devil loves to argue. Catch the thought… Watch, be aware
  • 0:58:13 Only a few overcome: Most love their Hell. God knows your heart
  • 1:05:01 Q on “David Goggins”: Suffer for peace? Spiritual fear, weakness
  • 1:10:39 Super Chat on BQ: Decisions shape our lives. (Crime, prison, college)
  • 1:18:15 Doug: Does God control your life? Q: Are you blessed with your job, food, life?
  • 1:26:40 JLP: Satan controls sinners, not God. Never made a decision, no free will
  • 1:30:14 Q: What do you do with fear when it comes?
  • 1:34:13 JLP: Overcoming: Don’t fill-in the empty space. Satan brings distraction. 
  • 1:36:51 JLP: The valley of the shadow of death, most won’t face fear
  • 1:52:00 Christians wait for the rapture, like Jews the Messiah; Lord’s already here. 
  • 1:54:08 Pray and watch the thoughts; be an individual
  • 1:55:25 New BQ: How often do you throw rocks at others? Closing…


No Free Will: Satan Controls Sinners

WATCH CLIP (4-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  Jesse gives a brief answer to the Biblical Question: Are you in control of your own life? (In a later clip, he discusses facing and overcoming fear, and walking through the valley of the shadow of death.) 

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Church Notes

11:00 AM US PDT — We stream at the top of the hour. Did you prepare for the hurricane? 

JLP requested this BQ response (read Fri on JLP show)

JayVTheGreat’s Coffee on — his answer on the Biblical Question: Are you in control of your life? 

I believe that we are in control of our lives.. the decisions that we make everyday is what shape our lives. Some people choose to do things for all of the wrong reasons & it leads them down a path of distruction (sic)… so how do people end up in prison for their decisions, or getting into toxic relationships, becoming addicts or becoming homeless for etc.? I know some will say that God control our lives, but what about those that don’t even believe in God?.. I look forward to hearing your 2 cents.

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. 0:00:00 Pre-service small talk
  2. 0:01:36 Did you prepare for the hurricane?
  3. 0:03:50 JLP: Felt like a test! Unconscious overreaction, controlled
  4. 0:05:23 Anybody have a life? 
  5. 0:06:24 Man got excited, felt good, caught it
  6. 0:07:27 Alexis filled in for dad at work again, relaxed this time
  7. 0:10:44 Sean: Waiting at the gate, vs in thoughts
  8. 0:11:56 BQ: Are you in control of your life? Tomar (sp)
  9. 0:14:54 Lady: I try to control. Hard life, to let go, idea of God
  10. 0:17:36 (JLP: Problem with all: Busy world)
  11. 0:18:00 Lady: What would you do with all your time?
  12. 0:19:20 Discovering two worlds: I worked hard! I do and don’t want to let it go. Sad, scared. JLP: It gets worse! 
  13. 0:24:26 Man on Q: What would you do with the time if not filled up? 
  14. 0:26:54 Man on BQ: I am in control; that’s the problem. Anxiety, pressure, worry, doubt
  15. 0:28:33 Kamran on BQ: Lord is my shepherd. 
  16. 0:29:38 Young lady on Q: What would happen if you didn’t fill in the time? 
  17. 0:31:30 Young lady not doing Silent Prayer every day: You love your Hell? No!
  18. 0:32:52 Young lady: Ever tried not to fill-in your time?
  19. 0:33:30 (“I’m a procrastinator.” You lazy? Yes. You black?) 
  20. 0:33:59 Man comments very briefly.
  21. 0:34:21 Another young lady confused about filling up time; get a hobby!
  22. 0:36:02 Nick: In control of life? What would happen…?
  23. 0:37:33 JLP: If you didn’t fill-in time? You’d go free. Time’s an illusion, an idea, not real
  24. 0:38:56 Lady and JLP speak: Demon of lies screaming, “Don’t you dare!”
  25. 0:41:43 (JLP: If everyone stopped thinking we’d have peace on earth. Devil wants you thinking; Ex: storm panic… Dopamine, high feeling vs natural energy. Thinking. Watch thoughts, never forget)
  26. 0:47:20 (JLP: Have you noticed parents are losers? That’s why we’re losers. “It’s not my fault!” It is! Your fault as an adult you’re not overcoming it.) 
  27. 0:48:02 Sean: Higher IQ correlated with higher addictions; In prayer Satan has you planning
  28. 0:49:44 (JLP: The greatest sin is to forget to watch)
  29. 0:51:05 (JLP: Never think you’re doing a good thing or bad thing; another false idea from the Devil; he keeps you divided…) Devil will have you robbing a store! You’re not paying attention to the Devil! No ideas; the intellect gets in the way. The Devil quotes the Bible! 
  30. 0:54:06 Tomar (sp): Seven Guaranteed Steps book: In stillness, the universe was created. 
  31. 0:54:50 Man’s story: The Devil loves to argue. Catch the thought… 
  32. 0:56:58 Sean responds to man: World seems different after being lost in a thought. JLP: Practice watching the thoughts, the more you’re aware of them. 
  33. 0:58:13 Why do some want to overcome, others don’t? Most love the Devil, their Hell. 
  34. 1:00:44 Lady asks a question
  35. 1:02:48 Sean follows-up with a Q
  36. 1:04:16 (JLP: Most not gonna make it… When the Devil knows he has to depart…)
  37. 1:05:01 David Goggins: Suffer to reach peace? Can’t build spiritual strength. 
  38. ​​1:07:30 (JLP: Military guys scared of wife, life, cowards inwardly; you must be born again)
  39. 1:10:39 Coffee (Super Chat) on BQ: Decisions shape our lives! People end up in prison, homeless
  40. 1:11:35 Lady responds…
  41. 1:12:57 (JLP Q: Why would someone make a decision to commit a crime, go to prison? Who influenced them to go to college? Come out crazy as a Betsy bug)
  42. 1:14:25 Hake responds to the read BQ response
  43. 1:17:18 Doug… Sounds like man
  44. 1:18:15 Doug: Do you believe God controls your life? I dunno!
  45. 1:23:17 Kamran repeats a Q: If a man acted as Christ without believing in God?
  46. 1:24:44 (JLP: Believing is not enough; you must know Him)
  47. 1:25:28 Doug adds to his answer… 
  48. 1:25:59 (JLP: Even the sinners get a job, and are fat, whether they believe in God or not) 
  49. 1:26:40 JLP: Satan controls sinners, not God. Never made a decision, no free will
  50. 1:30:14 Q: How do you deal with fear?
  51. 1:33:10 Franky endured fear a week ago, for the first time…
  52. 1:34:13 JLP: Overcoming. Most fill-in the empty space, make a short story long! Satan brings distraction. 
  53. 1:36:51 JLP: Go through the valley of the shadow of death; you have not yet. Most won’t face it. (People talk right, but overreact when their ego’s hurt by someone!) 
  54. 1:39:30 JLP: Face the Devil in trembling; everyone has fear, which is not real, but of the Devil. Live in the fear. The greater the fear, the better. You think it’s you. Do nothing about it; the light will show you it’s not you. You will see you’re the light, not the darkness. If you don’t live in it, you’re living with it, thinking it’s you. Those sincere, stop doing anything about your fear. Welcome fear… don’t tell people. Don’t let anyone save you from fear; you’re giving it life. 
  55. 1:44:18 JLP: You haven’t seen hell yet, until it has to depart from you. Walking through the valley of the shadow of death (Psalm 23)… None of you have done it, with lil lightweight fear… 
  56. 1:45:15 JLP: When it tells you: Go to the party, stay home. “Take a drink.” Wait till it passes. Act consciously. Watch every thought, so you can stop thinking. There’s no time to fill-in. 
  57. 1:48:39 JLP story: Man beat mother; she won’t apologize for giving him hell. 
  58. 1:49:00 JLP: Stay at the gate, and watch
  59. 1:49:47 Feedback… 
  60. 1:51:45 Doug/JLP: Every human being has fear
  61. 1:52:00 Christians wait for the rapture, like Jews waiting for the Messiah; the Lord is already here. 
  62. 1:54:08 Closing: Pray and watch the thoughts (you don’t even know you have)

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