Are You Outta Your Cotton-Pickin’ Mind? (Church, Jul 1)

Jesse spoke about a controversy in which a white man said on a debate on TV, “Are you out of your cotton-pickin’ mind?” He apparently unknowingly said it to a black man who said crazy things and did not make sense. Somehow the media take this as a racially-tinged remark, call it “offensive,” and the network suspended the white man!

So Jesse asked for opinions of people in the congregation whether he should have said it or not. Shamefully, society decided to protect “groups” like blacks, homosexuals, and radical feminist women from “words.” (Jesse mentions his producer James’s show The Hake Report, and its theme song in the midst of this conversation.)

Anger passed down from generation to generation

A grandmother and longtime BOND attendee admitted she still grows angry at times toward her grandchildren. She takes care of her grandchildren. Jesse asks if she ever curses at the kids. It seems tough for her to answer directly, but she eventually admits that she does occasionally curse at them.

(Watch 6-minute excerpt: 15-Year-Old Girl Becomes Like the Angry Woman She Hated)

Her granddaughter also joined us today. She said that her grandmother called her a “b—” sometimes, or that she “acts like a b—.” But the girl’s attitude changed and she defended her grandmother’s anger. She claimed that everybody gets angry, and accusing Jesse of it as well. The girl then alleged that people “follow” Jesse, while she follows God — but her “own way.”

Jesse pointed out that no one with anger follows God — anger is evil. He’s known this girl since she was small, and she never liked dealing with the anger from adults while growing up. Now she embraces and accepts what she hated — she became like them. Jesse said that this is why she has a boyfriend and cusses at 15 — the children become like the mothers and grandmothers.

A teenage man spoke up in defense of anger but became too upset to speak as well, growing frustrated and losing patience.

Anyone born of God does not sin

We talked with more people about sin, and the reality that you should no longer sin if you truly are born again of God.

A number of new people joined us for the first time. One young couple talked about their marriage. A brother-in-law of the woman said his children love watching Jesse’s YouTube videos (BOND: Rebuilding the Man, Jesse Lee Peterson, and The Fallen State). Another young man is interested in the BOND Entrepreneur Academy. A fourth man received counseling from Jesse, and he followed Jesse’s advice to go and forgive his mother.

One man joined us along with his friends. He joined a father and son who visited us a couple of weeks ago from San Diego. He pointed out that Jesse says truth from Scriptures just while speaking naturally. Jesse references the truth but without citing chapter and verse — this man liked this. Jesse urged him not to get too hung up on the Bible. Many grow intellectually involved in their minds with the Bible. Satan speaks to them, interpreting what they read for them. Rather, read it, but also put it down. Let the Holy Spirit reveal to you what it means.

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