Are You the Ever-changing Thought? (6/12/22)

Have you been helped by BOND? How? Moses freed the people, but they turned! Biblical Question: Are you the ever-changing thought? 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, June 12, 2022: Jesse asks several people if and how they’ve been helped since coming to BOND. We discuss the story of Moses going up to the mountain for a long time to talk with God. The Israelites grew impatient and listened to false leaders gathering a crowd against Moses and God; they worshiped a golden calf! Similarly, people today pretend to be free, yet have anger, follow a crowd, follow false leaders. Biblical Question: Are you the ever-changing thought? (Women discuss crying monthly.) New Biblical Question: Are you in a wrong human relationship?

ANNOUNCEMENT: Women’s Forum this third Thursday, 7 PM at BOND:


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Jun 12, 2022
  • 0:02:51 Have you been helped? How?
  • 0:18:00 Story of Moses
  • 0:20:58 JLP: Moses, Freedom, following a crowd
  • 0:39:52 Feedback: Not knowing vs. thinking you know
  • 0:51:13 JLP: You’ve never done wrong
  • 0:55:39 Moses, Anger, No idea about God
  • 1:06:27 Biblical Q: Are you the ever-changing thought?
  • 1:16:47 Women crying every month: Relax in all things
  • 1:27:25 Hassan and Jesse on BQ: We’re free
  • 1:34:27 New BQ: Are you in a wrong human relationship?
  • 1:39:57 Closing and announcements

Church Notes

11:00 AM US PDT Welcome to Church!

Have you been helped by BOND? How?

11:02 Jesse asks people: Have you been helped since coming to BOND? How? A young woman and a young man each answer. The young woman talks about how the Silent Prayer changed her life.

11:06 A young father and husband speaks about our thoughts not being ours.

11:07 The man’s wife speaks about peace, and how much she was a mess before. Jesse asks her: Are you over anger? She’d say so, but pauses when he asks: You don’t have it at all now?

11:08 The man’s daughter speaks about not making excuses, and staying out of her head.

11:09 Jesse asks another young woman who talks about her experience since four years ago. She talks about dealing within herself in her relationship with her son’s father. Jesse asks: Do you still have anger? She says yes, she’ll still react in the moment. Jesse asks: Do you know you’re worshiping the Devil? She says she thinks it’s her, feels like it’s her.

11:15 Nick says he’s living a different reality. He didn’t know he had a dark spirit in him.

11:15 A newcomer Tom resonated with Jesse’s message after going down the rabbit hole. He recently forgave his father and mother — the father’s passive. He says he struggles with the evil one embedded in his thoughts. How do you fight the thoughts? He tells himself it’s not him. Jesse asks: Why or how is it a struggle? Be patient. Tom asks what the straight and narrow path is? (Jesse will answer later.)

JLP: Moses, Freedom, Following a Crowd

11:18 Jesse says why he asked this question, asking Raymond to tell the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt. God worked through Moses to free the people. He provided them the 10 Commandments. Moses went upstairs to pray for 40 days, and the Israelites doubted God and worshiped a golden calf in the backyard. So Moses got mad and threw the stone tablets to the ground. The Israelites wandered the desert for 40 years.

11:21 Jesse talks about the past 32 years of helping people. People say they can see. But then when a storm comes, they start to follow a leader or crowd. But if they were truly free, they wouldn’t follow the crowd! The Devil loves for you to follow the crowd; he hates the individual who stays on the narrow road by himself or herself.

As you live, you catch the darkness, catch the thoughts, and follow God, and not the crowd. Be aware. Be spiritually aware how you’re reacting; it’s not about the other person. Check yourself if you get angry, or have fear. Be still for a minute, and let the stress pass. The light will change it.

JLP: Examples of the Devil’s crowd-making

When you forgive your mother, or if a man and woman break up, one builds an army against another. Amid the Chinese Virus, they worked overtime to put fear in you. They had people wearing two masks and a face shield!

Another example: After the shooting in Texas, they had everybody crying. They wanted to take your guns, so they had to keep you emotional and afraid.

(11:33) Jesse mentions the Civil Rights movement fooling blacks into joining a group, being caught up with the Devil and his children. They’re fighting over color now more than ever! Now women, homosexuals, and lesbians are in groups.

Jesse interviewed a “Rev. Dr.” woman on The Fallen State the other day (not released yet). She spoke about the “insurrection” and “indegenous people.” They use fancy words.

JLP: The real you vs. the ego: See it

(11:37) It’s abnormal not to be able to be alone. If you’re of love, you can’t be of love and hate. Stay with it; don’t put up a fight at all. Let the ego expose itself to the light. Don’t put a time limit on it. You now have the light with you to fight the darkness. The real you is fine; it feels like it’s you because you’ve been identifying with it.

Watch yourself. Trust no one with anger.

Feedback: Not knowing vs. thinking you know

11:39 One of the young women talks about not knowing what the top of a mountain looks like. If you were to be told, Satan will feed your thoughts, thinking you know. Stop overreacting!

11:44 One man talks about Bible thumpers, comparing them to modern-day Pharisees. It’s all intellectual. You can be deceived with the intellect. He and Jesse talk more about Moses: The people were physically free, but not spiritually free. (Jesse jokes about Moses needing to take a nap because he’s black.)

11:47 A man asks a question. Jesse advises: Watch the thoughts; don’t look like you’re going through anything. He re-asks about the Straight and narrow path: it’s Praying and watching. Don’t set a date. God is not into time. He’s into now. Satan is into time. Live in the now, and don’t worry about time. God does not judge you.

JLP: You’ve never done wrong in your whole life

11:51 Amid talking with the man, Jesse says: We have never done wrong in our life. Raymond believes he’s done a ton of wrong. God has never judged you for it at all. You take responsibility in that you see it working through you. But you see it’s not you, and you stop judging yourself. It wasn’t you robbing the bank.

The man who shot up the kids: It wasn’t him. He identified with that thing in him. The children of Satan are saying they’re not going to say his name.

You can see that your fellow man cannot see. The conversation in your head makes you judge yourself. God never judged us, but we can spend a lifetime judging ourselves, feeding the Devil.

God said we should never worry, but we do everything He told us not to do. We’ve been trained by Devils.

All thoughts are all lies, all the time.

Feedback: Moses, anger, no idea about God

11:55 Hassan talks with Jesse about Moses. People pretended to see where he was coming from, but they didn’t, or else they wouldn’t have joined a crowd against him. Moses was angry at the people for turning away, and this blocked him from the Promised Land.

11:59 In responding with Hassan, Jesse reiterates: Have no ideas about God. Hassan talks more.

12:00 Interrupting Franky as he starts to talk, Jesse advises: It’s worth it to go through what you have to go through.

12:01 Franky talks about how no one made it to the Promised Land. Jesse advised people not generally go to college.

There is no past. People will bring up stuff from 80 years ago. Satan will remind you about it and make you feel guilty. There is no past or future.

12:05 A young man talks about how people are blind. You have to want it.

BQ: Are you the ever-changing thought?

12:06 Jesse asks the Biblical Question: Are you the ever-changing thought?

12:07 A young woman feels like she cannot speak without the ego. She feels like all people should shut up. (People laugh when Jesse asks if she means all women should shut up.) Jesse asks: How do you know that it’s the ego? On a practical level, we have to talk. When you see that, don’t judge it in yourself or in others. You don’t need to shut down. You just want to see the not-you. Get rid of this illusion of who you are and what you think you know.

All you have to do is see. We can live life just by seeing.

12:12 Jesse asks another man who has a somewhat English-sounding accent: Are you the ever-changing thought?

12:13 Jesse says: Just relax. Stay with it, even if you’re learning it intellectually, but stay with it, it’ll come. By not being in denial, it’ll disappear. (Jesse jokes again: She’s right, all women should shut up. He’s kidding!)

12:14 Another lady answers: No. She says she’s not perfect.

Feedback: Ladies cry every month: Relax in all things

12:16 A lady asks: Is it alright to cry sometimes? She says it’s hormonal. So every month she cries!

12:19 A second lady chimes in.

12:22 A third lady chimes in.

12:23 Jesse advises: Have no opinion about it. Notice it, and go about your way. Don’t let the mind and pain tell you to cry. Relax in it. And see what happens. Satan will tell you to do your same overreaction that you’ve been doing. Give it a try. Relax in all things. It’s all ego; it’s not you.

12:25 Jesse and another man talk more about crying. There’s no reason to be sad, lonely, afraid, or follow someone. There’s no reason to have a plan in life. The man asks: If you cried, don’t judge yourself.

Hassan and Jesse on the BQ: We are free

12:27 Hassan and Jesse talk more about the question: Have you been helped? Hassan watched Top Gun, and wept, along with Ted Nugent (Jesse jokes that they’re two beta males). He thinks he is the ever-changing thought in a certain sense.

Jesse says he wants people to see they’re not the ever-changing thought.

We’re free; Christ made us free. To live as though we’re not free, we have believed a lie. We’ve been taught to believe a lie, all our lives. When they taught you the Bible, they taught you to believe a lie, because you think you know God. Keep your eyes on yourself, so that you know that you know.

New BQ: Are you in a wrong human relationship?

12:34 Jesse asks a young lady the new Biblical Question: Are you in a wrong human relationship? She says no. Another man does not believe so; his wife is submissive. A third man doesn’t think so.

12:36 (One of the ladies asks more about tears)

A fourth man says he was in a wrong human relationship. Jesse asks: What is a wrong human relationship? Have you ever said “think you” to someone? Why? He says someone taught him to do so.

Closing: You are not your thoughts at all

12:40 Jesse says: You are not the thoughts at all. All thoughts are lies.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Women’s Forum this third Thursday. We’ll read Super Chats tomorrow on The Jesse Lee Peterson Show!



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