Are You the Prodigal Son? (Church 6/26/22)

The movie “Revolver” exposes the ego, the Devil. Both political sides have the same spirit. Biblical Question: Are you the Prodigal Son? 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, June 26, 2022: We open with reaction to the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade. Jesse recommends the movie “Revolver,” about the ego (which is really the Devil) disguising itself and possessing you. Give up the fight protecting the ego; you’re not that important. If plagued by a thought, just relax. Pro-lifers and “pro-choicers” operate from the same ego spirit; there’s another way. (We hear an update from the woman who cried last week.) 

Should you plan for what you want? No one knows what they want. It’s all ego; it’s not you, and it’s not from God. Different ladies talk about how BOND has helped them in forgiveness, prayer, and letting go. 

Biblical Question: Are you the Prodigal Son? People talk about getting into vices at different points in life. Jesse says that everyone who has been turned away from their father is the prodigal son or daughter. But once you return to the father, you realize God never judged you. That was the Devil in you and others, keeping you judging and searching in the wrong places. 

New Biblical Question: Do you love God with all your heart, soul, and might, and love your neighbor as yourself? 


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Jun 26, 2022
  • 0:01:53 Roe v. Wade
  • 0:05:28 Revolver: the Ego, the Devil
  • 0:13:48 You’re not important; give up the fight
  • 0:18:26 Dealing with a nagging thought
  • 0:20:34 Judgment / Pray without ceasing
  • 0:31:36 Young lady who cried last week: Better!
  • 0:34:52 Q&A: Plan for what you want in life?
  • 0:43:03 JLP: No one knows what they want
  • 0:53:52 Young lady forgiving: Feelings aren’t you
  • 0:59:09 Q: Is this helping? Women letting go
  • 1:06:32 Biblical Q: Are you the Prodigal Son?
  • 1:26:44 Know that you know for yourself
  • 1:28:41 JLP on BQ: God never judged you
  • 1:34:33 Closing / New BQ: Love God?

Church Notes

10:59 AM US PDT We start streaming about a minute before the top of the hour. 

11:01 Jesse starts off allowing people to discuss the abortion issue — the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade. 

Revolver: The ego, the Devil is not you

11:05 Jesse encourages people to get on the straight and narrow path and stay there. Let your ego die, no matter what happens. Different people discuss the movie Revolver (a 2005 film with actor Jason Statham), about the ego. The ego pretends to be you, covering itself up. It’s the Devil that made a home in you. We’re possessed and don’t realize it. If you have fear, or are shy, or vengeful, that’s not you, but the Devil in you. 

Jesse mentions a scene in Revolver in which a guy went to apologize to another man. 

The real you lives without an agenda. If you’re looking for love, that’s ego. If you’re looking for friendship, relationships, that’s a little Devil — it’s not real love! 

Watch yourself. Pray and watch. That’s all you need to do. If you’re afraid to speak up, or afraid of letting go, just watch those things, and God will take them from you. You’re willing to let go of everything, be isolated. Sit alone silently, five or ten minutes, and the Devil will go nuts. You’ll see it’s not you. 

Feedback: You’re not important; Give up the fight

11:13 A man talks about being in his head versus being outside his head. He used to think he was so much more than he really was. We ain’t nothin’, Jesse says. You’re not that important. It’s an illusion, no matter the degrees or what have you.  

Jesse responds by telling a story of a person who kept earphones on all the time, distracting himself. Don’t fight with what’s going on in your head. Don’t fight the ego. Be still. It’s not you that’s feeling that way. 

If your husband or wife wants to leave, bye! Suffer the ego pain, and you’ll be fine. Don’t try to make the Devil stay! Never argue with one another. If someone wants to argue, let them argue by themselves. The Devil lives off hurting you and others outside you. 

Never try to prove anything to the Devil. Give up the fight. Forgive, and you’ll have the power. 

Q&A: Dealing with a nagging thought

11:18 A woman asks how to get over a lingering thought that remains despite doing the Silent Prayer. See it, and relax. Don’t play with the Devil. Go about your day. Keep living your life. You can be free. You will die and rise up. That’s what Christ did. That’s what you must go through if you want to live. 

Christians’ False Judgment / Pray Without Ceasing

11:20 Jesse mentions the outcome about abortion. What we call the “radical” side was ticked. But the same ego spirit was on our side, all happy. These rallies are ego stuff. There’s a way to fight this battle without ego involved. 

11:21 Another man visiting from Baltimore concurs. He forgave his mother, and she was shocked. After he talks about his new outlook, Jesse says that once you truly see, there’s nothing in you to judge anyone. 

Stay on that same path, Jesse urges the man. Satan will become less and less, and your mind will be renewed. 

He doesn’t do the Silent Prayer every day. They make great points about staying in prayer, and what it means to pray without ceasing. 

11:30 A young woman Kennedy talks about responsibility and getting past parents. 

Young lady who cried last week: Stay in the present

11:31 Jesse gets to the young woman who cried during last week’s service, trying to prove herself to her boyfriend. She seems to be doing better, and appreciates learning. 

11:33 Her boyfriend answers a couple of questions briefly. 

Jesse urges: Stay in the present. Don’t argue with the Devils. 

Q&A: Plan for what you want in life? 

11:34 Greg from Queens, NY, joins us. He forgave his father a couple of years ago, learning a little about his late mother. 

11:36 He asks: Is it possible to know what you want in life, and plan for it? A young woman responds. 

11:38 Another young woman doesn’t think she’s ever planned out her life. Her dad told her God laughs at you when you plan your life. 

11:40 Another young woman talks about joining the Army as a flute player. She got stuck without any other skills. 

JLP: It’s impossible to know what you want in life: It’s all ego

11:42 After another man talks, and the first man reiterates his question, Jesse answers: It’s impossible to know what you want in life. It’s all ego. You don’t know what you want or need. 

Just do what you’re doing. One thing leads to another. 

Jesse talks about when God changed his heart; everything that’s happened since starting BOND, Jesse never imagined! Have a good attitude. 

11:45 The man, Greg, talks about things he hopes to do, but staying on his path, whatever his family says. 

Jesse reiterates: No one knows what they want. Again, it’s all ego. The Devil’s making you think you know what you want. People marry, thinking they want it. People work hard toward getting a job, all for naught — either you don’t like it, or don’t get it! 

11:48 Hassan talks about the Prodigal Son, and how he saw for himself. 

You will know that you know if you practice staying in the present. 

Young lady on forgiveness; Feelings are not you

11:53 A young woman talks about forgiving her mother, and how it went. Jesse urges her not to resent her. She hasn’t seen her father in-person, and also feels like it’ll take more time. Be honest with him, despite shaking in your boots. You’ll be free. 

Jesse urges her not to identify with her feelings. Don’t say “I feel…,” because that’s not you. It disguises itself as you. Always forgive all people. Don’t hold anything against anyone, no matter what. Wish your friends well, if they turn. 

Speak up but don’t be angry. Stay with the Silent Prayer. 

Q: Is this helping? Women letting go

11:58 Jesse asks another woman: Does this help? Does it make sense to you? She’ll pray when the thoughts come in, but not when she’s late for work. The moment you see you resent, go and forgive right away. Don’t let the Devil talk you out of it. 

12:01 Jesse asks yet another woman: Is this helping you? She talks about telling herself, Stop interfering, Sheila! It’s really hard, because women think they can fix everything, Jesse says. She too does not pray every day, but it helps her a lot, she says. She can’t think of an instance in which her late parents need to be forgiven. Jesse tells her: Don’t force it; it will be revealed. No human being can help you. 

She says each time she comes to Church at BOND, she’s reminded to let go and let God in various ways. Asked if she’s forgiven her ex-husband, she says she has, but never communicated with him. 

Do not hold anything against anybody, Jesse says. 

BQ: Are You the Prodigal Son?

12:06 Jesse then asks the Biblical Question: Are you the Prodigal Son? Franky answers first. Another man is not sure. 

12:08 One woman says she was turned away from God after marrying, and became the “Prodigal Son.” When younger, she never partied, until after her divorce. Jesse can’t imagine missing out on the partying, going through the stages of life, but it wasn’t that fun. 

Jesse asks her: What does it mean to be a Christian? (She said she was a Christian before she married, before turning away.) 

12:14 A couple of men each answer the Biblical Question. 

12:17 After the second man answers, Jesse talks about watching the lost people at the protests. 

Hassan also feels like he’s the Prodigal Son, and talks about having walked so far out into the Wilderness. 

12:20 Nick the Anchor Baby responds. 

12:21 A young woman says she identifies more with the brother who stayed. 

12:22 A man says he is the Prodigal Son. Chris also answers. What is the Prodigal Son? 

JLP: Know that you know for yourself

12:26 Jesse reminds people: Your help comes from God, and not from man. Jesse puts these biblical questions out there so that you can know that you know. 

12:27 Holly also answers the Biblical Question, saying she still likes to “go out,” which is to say, “party.” 

JLP: All are prodigal sons and daughters

12:28 Jesse then explains how you do things to feed the ego, to feel better. You realize you’re wrong, and go and forgive. Then you’re back home, and you realize you’ve been judging others and yourself, blaming yourself. You realize you’ve identified with the wrong identities that have never been you! 

All your little vices, God will destroy. Not one has not been turned away from the father. Everyone who’s been turned away from the father are prodigal sons and daughters. 

God welcomes you back home; He’s never judged you. Stop identifying with those things; they’re not you. Like with Holly not wanting to say she likes to party. Just see it. Don’t claim it. It’s not you. If others judge you, that’s the Devil in them judging you, because he’s judging them. Don’t compare yourself to others. 

Don’t be joining with other Devils. 

Closing / New BQ

New Biblical Question: Do you love God with all your heart, soul, and might, and your neighbor as yourself? 

Thanks, all!


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