Are You Yourself? (Church 8/21/22)

Parents, raise children to be responsible. Are you yourself? How do you change? “He who endures to the end shall be saved.”  

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, August 21, 2022: Jesse opens by recounting points from a meeting he had recently: Parents, raise your children with practical responsibility, so they’re ready to face life and grow spiritually. Don’t let them be dependent or try to be someone else. Question: Are you yourself? 

The world’s religion is anger. One man says his wife secretly tells his son that Jesus was angry. The boy wishes his dad would tell her to “shut up” more. There’s a difference between anger and discernment. It’s a spiritual battle. 

One Christian lady doubts she can live without anger; she breaks down crying when Jesse tells her to forgive her mother. Her husband says he does not deal with anger, but she feels he angrily speaks to her in Bible study. Once you forgive, you can love others when they’re wrong. 

Biblical Question: Jesus said: He who endures to the end shall be saved (Matthew 24: 13). What does this mean?

New Biblical Q: Are memories of you you? 


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Aug 21, 2022
  • 0:02:12 Parents and practical responsibility
  • 0:18:29 Are you yourself?
  • 0:28:07 How do you change?
  • 0:44:15 Religion of anger
  • 0:50:04 Wife undermines father’s instruction
  • 1:03:23 Anger vs discernment: spiritual battle
  • 1:12:35 Christian wife angry at mother
  • 1:31:26 Wife says husband is angry
  • 1:38:53 Biblical Q: He who endures to the end 
  • 1:42:49 JLP: Endurance
  • 1:46:10 New BQ: Memories of you, you?

Church notes

10:57 AM US PDT We start a few minutes before the top of the hour. 

Parents and Responsibility 

Jesse talked about Responsibility with some guys he met with recently. He talks about his life growing up, and never wanting to be like anyone else. People are miserable trying to be someone else, or having a leader whom they worship. We can learn from one another. But you want to be you. Then life happens. 

Some guys were raised by both parents, and others not. The former learned practical responsibility, yet they didn’t want to be responsible. But the parents made them do it anyway. They worked during high school. When it was time to leave home, they did. 

Other guys were raised without a father in the home. They didn’t have to take the trash out, or learn practical responsibility. These guys took on others’ identities, and looked to leaders. Some still live at home with their mothers, “saving money.” They’re afraid to go out and do their thing; they’re not themselves. They blame the false leaders they put up for themselves. 

Those who made lives for themselves naturally transitioned into the spiritual life, as they realized something was missing. 

Parents, teach your children the practical way of life. Parents have to be the example — not someone else. People are weak now. 

Are you yourself?

11:16 Jesse asks people: Are you yourself? One man used to try to be like others, to impress women. 

One lady says she’s trying to find herself; someone told her she wasn’t herself. She realized she tried to morph herself into whichever crowd. She went to her mother’s burial site and talked to her 97-year-old father too. (Jesse thought of this lady this week.) Her son comes to church, and urges her to do the Silent Prayer. She calls her daughter “mini me.” 

Jesse mentions the people who were raised by their mother. They’d get mad when told they were acting like someone else. 

The mother admits this was exactly what she needed to hear from the person who told her the same. 

When you’re someone else, you’re on a big ego trip, even though you lack peace. You don’t want to see that you’re wrong. 

The mother forced the daughter to stay in school. 

Jesse mentions he didn’t see fighting and hatred in school. 

How do you change? (Dogs)

11:26 Jesse has Doug answer the lady’s question: What do you do to change yourself now that you realize you were wrong? 

Jesse also elaborates with advice for the mother. 

Her son told her on the phone she used him almost like a husband. She felt it was disrespectful at first, but later realized he was right. Jesse advises her: It’s God allowing you to see that. 

Be patient and still in the storm as the Devil screams at you in your imagination. God is not into time, that you should change behavior right away. The heart changes in the blinking of an eye from anger to love, and then God destroys the ego over time. 

The lady thought of getting a dog for a companion, but caught herself. Jesse remarks that dogs lick their butts. But don’t let the dog take the place of loneliness. 

Do the silent prayer so that you do not overreact. Overcome the world; be in it, but not of it. 

Jesse didn’t know how tough it is to let the ego go, to go through the ego death, shedding all your ideas, what you learned, what you think you want. That’s what the Devil uses against you. It’s not easy only because you identify with the thoughts and feelings. 

All things are from God

She says she gave life to three children, and took umbrage to the notion they’d correct her, but Jesse points out that God gave them life. We can’t take credit for anything, that’s a “little god” — the Devil. All things are from God. Jesse talks briefly about abortion. Our body is not our own. 

Jesse talks about his relationship with his son, and him recently remembering Jesse meeting him underneath the stairwell. His mother kept him from Jesse. 

Don’t try to control anything or anyone. Let go and let God. 

Religion of anger 

11:42 Another man talks about being his angry self. But more recently he foolishly tried to be more pleasing. Jesse advises: don’t hold onto others’ advice. It becomes intellectual when you hold onto it. God gave us the Holy Spirit to bring all things into our remembrance. 

Jesse urges ladies not to be silly in staying in a bad situation with a weak husband. 

Jesse gets back to the man: Were you ever you? 

Jesse and Doug reiterate: Let all ideas go on how life is supposed to be. 

The world is evil now. There is a religion of anger. God is of love. Angry people judge because Satan is their daddy. 

Wife undermining father’s instruction / suicide

11:48 One man’s wife teaches his kid that Jesus was angry. Keep it simple; tell them he’s of love. Correct her in front of the children. 

Be patient, but let the kids know in front of the mother. His son asked why he doesn’t tell her to shut up. He feels it’s a little bit rude to tell her to shut up, which he did once. His son was glad he told her that. She’s sneaky — that’s the Devil. 


The man tells of friend who attempted suicide, but the gun did not fire. Jesse comments on the Devil’s voice telling people to commit suicide. Bring every thought into captivity. The sin is of the mind, not of the action. 

More on the crazy wife: Spiritual battle

12:01 One man brings up the difference between anger and being “spiritually vexed.” 

The father talks again saying his wife was hiding her craziness. She’s into tarot cards and all kinds of crazy stuff now. 

Jesse talks about discernment as opposed to anger. 

12:05 One young lady points out the wife is searching by believing in tarot cards. She suggests playing speed (card game), in order to have quality time. But nothing physical addresses the soul. It’s a spiritual battle. Be true to yourself. 

12:09 Jesse asks another young lady if she’s herself. She feels she’s becoming herself. The world pulls her this way or that. But then you return to a childlike state, innocence — and it doesn’t feel like anything. 

Christian couple on anger

12:10 Gina’s husband brought her here. She does not obey him in everything. There’s strife there, because of the “works of the flesh.” She says God called us to be like Christ, not “yourself.” The ego is all about self, Jesse agrees. She has anger as a Christian, and is not sure it’s possible to let it go completely. Jesse urges her to forgive her mother. She breaks down crying. 

Every human being is possessed with the same spirit in her. Jesse urges her not to be in denial inwardly. Forgive your father for not protecting you. 

Jesse urges her to FaceTime her mother, and get her courage back that she lost when she became angry. 

12:23 Her husband, Robert, talks about how he came to BOND. He spoke with his mother and father. 

He says he doesn’t deal with anger, citing how many seconds are in a day, although there are seeds of “vexation.” (He keeps calling Jesse “Pastor.”) 

Jesse reiterates the order of God, that the man must be a man of love over his wife and children. 

Conflict between Christian husband and wife

12:29 Jesse gets back to the man’s wife who says her husband shouts offensive words and does have anger. He does Bible study morning and night with her, and he can speak softly to her and she’ll take it wrong. 

Her husband pointed out issues with her and her mother that she did not see, but that Jesse confirmed. 

Jesse urges her to forgive her mother and father, and then she will not be bothered by her husband speaking in the wrong spirit. Once you overcome anger, if he’s right, fine, and if he’s wrong, fine. God’s love is a dispassionate love. 

12:34 Jesse elaborates more on his son’s relationship with him. The same will happen for you and your family once you forgive. 

Everybody has a talent, Jesse says to the man. 

Biblical Q: He who endures to the end shall be saved

12:36 Biblical Question: Jesus said: He who endures to the end shall be saved, per Matthew 24: 13. What does that mean?

A few people answer. Jesse asks one man about the woman at work who troubled him. 

The man from earlier Robert also answers. 

12:40 Jesse talks about enduring meaning the ego is dying. Instead of protecting the feelings and thoughts, do the practical things of life but let the ego die. Sometimes you can’t see your way, but keep going anyway and the light is at the end. God has put angels around us to keep us from falling. Don’t worry about embarrassment — it’s all ego, and not the real you. Live by the light and you’ll be free. Stand alone and take it. God is with you. 

New BQ: Memory of you, you?

12:44 New Biblical Question: Is a memory of you you? 

Stay with the Silent Prayer. Be still and know. 


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