Can You Serve Two Masters? (Church, Mar 18)

Jesse asks the question: Can you serve two masters? Some think they do, in that they want to serve God, but they often chase after material things such as money or pleasure, husband, wife, parents, or kids. The Bible, in Matthew, says that no slave can serve two masters — either he’ll hate the one and love the other, or be attracted to the one and despise the other. Jesus said this.

One man, attending for the first time, realized and admitted that he loved his daughters more than God. He also starts fights with his wife, because he judges her for repeated actions in the past and he can’t let go of his anger about them. Jesse tells him that he must forgive his mother, because he married his mother — in that the spirit in his wife is the same spirit he hated in his mother, and he’s attracted to what he hates.

Jesse asks him if he’s an alpha or beta male — he says he’s alpha. Jesse says most guys say that; men are embarrassed to admit they’re beta males. Jesse himself said he’s a beta male, because he must be honest with himself in order to overcome.

Jesse also said that there is only one way to please God — by not doubting.

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