Christ our Brother obeyed our Father, saving our souls | 4/9/23

Christ our Brother obeyed our Father saving our souls

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Why do you hate the person you idolize? All feelings are from the Devil. Let desperation happen. Stop fighting with the Devil. 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Easter Sunday, April 9, 2023 – Lesson from this past Men’s Forum: Don’t claim “I” in the emotions and identities that you go through. (A man’s upset his bike was stolen. Stay out of your head.)  //  Lots of great feedback on the Biblical Question: Why do you hate the person you idolize? (Jesse answers a question about love versus what most people have: God’s love makes you be in the world, but not of it.)  //

Jesse says people idolized Christ the same way they idolize one another today. The Devil is in the mind. But God’s burning bush is inside us. We use God’s gifts for evil. Sin is playing God; it’s not the vices.  //

Do you ever feel desperation? Let it happen. It’s already done. The Devil does not want you to be still. Count it all joy. The light will destroy the darkness. Stop fighting with the Devil in others; instead, get involved. You don’t feel anxiety; it’s an illusion from the spirit of the Devil — you’re possessed.  //

New Biblical Question: Why don’t you let go of self-confidence?  //  Happy Easter!  //


  • 0:00:00 Happy Easter! / OPENING
  • 0:02:03 Don’t claim “I am…” (Don’t trip!)
  • 0:09:23 Biblical Q: Why do you hate whom you idolize?
  • 0:11:52 No way out of hell until you forgive
  • 0:12:44 Love ONLY comes from God: In the world, not of it
  • 0:18:59 Emotions vs spirit: Hating the person you idolize?
  • 0:22:01 Idolizing celebrities (“racism” is new too)
  • 0:26:45 Testimonial: I was a crazy Christian, hated parents
  • 0:33:06 I liked The Temptations, but they had horrible lives!
  • 0:34:57 Blaming the person: Not looking at yourself
  • 0:38:54 JLP: Christ idolized (Devil, thinking, burning bush, gifts)
  • 1:06:18 Feedback: failing parents, idolizing Jesus
  • 1:10:30 JLP: Sin is playing God; it’s not the vices
  • 1:15:26 Let desperation happen. It’s already done. Be still.
  • 1:21:24 Ever feel desperate? (Don’t whine, cry, or get high…)
  • 1:27:30 JLP: Count it all joy. The light will destroy the darkness.
  • 1:29:18 “I am a victor,” says a person about to be defeated
  • 1:34:10 JLP: Stop fighting; get involved.
  • 1:35:56 Q&A: Intellect, prayer, pain, Devil’s thoughts
  • 1:48:45 JLP: It’s not anxiety; it’s the spirit of the Devil; you’re possessed.
  • 1:51:19 New BQ: Why don’t you let go of self-confidence? / CLOSING




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Christ’s followers idolized him; that’s why they turned on him.

WATCH CLIP (27-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  The mind (the Devil) causes you to make false idols.

Don’t Claim “I am…” (Don’t Trip!)

WATCH CLIP (7-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP urged the Men’s Forum attendees: Don’t say “I am…” Don’t identify with the thoughts and feelings in your mind and body.

See clips from recent services as well as older services (on YouTube).

Church Notes

10:59 AM US PDT We start streaming and get started within a couple of minutes.

Don’t claim “I am…” It’s not you. (Man’s bike stolen)

11:02 A man Alex appreciated

You’re not those things. You’re deluded to think you’re those things. Stop saying “I…,” or “I am….” All these people caught up in their false identities such as “color” are fighting and bringing destruction!

The man continues to say he got an interview for a job, but he’s upset at “another kick in the teeth” with his stolen bike. He says it’s hard to keep losing stuff. You were unconscious. Stay out of your head. JLP offers him a bike he won’t use.

Biblical Q: Why do you hate the person you idolize?

11:09 Biblical Question: Why do you hate the person you idolize? Jesse asks a lady if she ever idolized her mother? She says maybe — she get angry with her for little things, but never hated her, she feels. She forgave her — no parent does it right.

No way out of hell until you forgive

11:11 Jesse says there’s no way out of hell until you forgive. The Devil talks you out of it.

Love ONLY comes from God: In the world, but not of it.

11:12 The woman questions Jesse on his statement: No one loves anyone. Human nature is wicked. Love can only come from God. There is no feeling. God’s love causes you to be in the world, but not of the world, to lose all ideas of yourself.

Jesse recounts something Sean said this morning: Everything is already done. We only have to live. There are no feelings in God’s love: It’s life, energy, everything.

She asks: How could that be that you love your son and grandchildren the same way you love me and your enemy? God sent his son for us, and we’re no good! — because He loved us.

Jesse talks about only breaking up with a woman when he had another waiting. He was doing the crazy speaking in tongues thing, yet he still had fear.

You don’t love your family and husband if you feel something for them. Stay with it, and you’ll see. The earthy stuff we feel is the nature of the Devil — it will disappear as the ego dies.

Emotions vs spirit: Hating the person you idolize?

11:18 Another woman answers the Biblical Question; if she has an emotional reaction, as opposed to being in spirit, she’ll idolize.

11:20 Rochelle idolized a guy, and really liked him, putting him on a pedestal, thinking he was special. She had expectations. And she hated him.

Idolizing celebrities, being into ‘racism’: This is new.

11:22 Jesse agrees with the first lady: We were taught never to idolize, even though I did it with women. It was weird to see people idolize entertainers. Jesse reminds her of her parents — they didn’t talk about race or racism either. It was about good and evil.

11:24 Franky didn’t know it was wrong! He idolized famous people.

Testimonial: I was a crazy Christian, hated my parents

11:26 Another man hated himself; it was inspiring to try to be someone else. He was a so-called Christian, but nothing was changing. God and Jesus see you looking crazy, and you are. God showed him he hated his father and mother. She cried. His father’s relationship with him completely changed; he did the best he could, but he cut him off because he was guilty beforehand. This young man wondered why he got angry when his mother called.

(11:30) Jesse says if you want understanding, question what’s wrong with you.

11:31 Yet another man never idolized anyone. He says the English language has sounds with meanings — having idols makes your eyes dull.

I liked The Temptations, but they had horrible lives!

11:33 Franky speaks again, recounting worshiping the wrong thing, arguing about Christianity, loving women, money, etc. The Temptations had horrible lives!

Blaming the person: Not looking at yourself

11:34 Still another man says it’s another way not to look at yourself. You blame the person when you find out for sure they’re not what you thought.

11:36 Raymond answers briefly.

11:36 A 20-year-old gal did idolize, even though her father raised her not to do it. She didn’t realize she was doing it — she’d put a singer or others over responsibilities.

11:37 A man idolized the emotion that certain kinds of women gave him, those who were kind and affectionate. Surprisingly, none of those relationships worked.

JLP: Christ too was idolized

11:38 Christ made it clear: It is not me, but my Father who sent me. Greater things shall you do. Daddy and I are one. All human beings live in their thoughts. People couldn’t separate the man from the message. Had they done that, they’d have idolized Christ. Something was missing in them, and they thought they could get it from him. So human beings do with one another: Doctors, entertainers, those with money…

JLP: The mind (the Devil) causes you to idolize

(11:42) The mind, which is the Devil, causes you to idolize a person — it creates a false image of the person. … Look at what Judas did! — for a dollar bill. …

(11:46) All thoughts are all lies, all the time. You must forgive. Keep your eyes on the light. The ego nature does not want to die. The ego, which is the Devil, tells the experts to tell you that’s who you are. Fight for who you are; make the world accept who you are. You’re not supposed to fight with the Devil within you nor outside of you inside others. Never ever ever ever fight. Someone called JLP, saying he “feels” white on the inside, which Jesse never did.

JLP: Thinking they’re thinking what YOU’RE thinking!

(11:48) You’re yelling at someone for thinking what you think they’re thinking — but they’re not thinking it! And even if they were thinking it! It’s about what you think that they think about you. Everything’s with us. You think what they’re thinking. Most of the time they’re not even thinking what you think they’re thinking! The Devil tells you they are! If you didn’t think about what they thought, you wouldn’t have a problem! Just think about that!

Christ was so amazing. He never thought about what someone else thought about him. And they thought all kinds of things about him.

JLP: The burning bush is inside us

(11:51) The same burning bush Moses saw is in us. Do not hold onto the intellect; it’s evil. It will make you think people are looking down on your, and it would matter to you. The Word is written in our hearts. We have the Holy Spirit to teach us. Read the book, but don’t make the book your savior.

Husband and wife’s relationship doesn’t work, because they’re trying to get something from one another. “You didn’t cook my meal? I’m gonna beat you.” But instead, just love her.

JLP: Idols in politics

Christ is in us. But you’ve got to let go of all your imagination, your images of yourself. People idolize people who tell them not to idolize them! And then the followers blame the idol!

It’s the same with politics — people turn on Trump because they made him into an idol. Keep a little space, so that when you disagree, it’s not a problem.

Don’t try, but you can’t convince the Christians that Jesus was not God. He’s just like us — he’s so simple. Jesus was amazing; my big brother obeyed my Father, God, and saved my soul. The Devil has your mind in all kinds of ways.

JLP had a nice lady call his show, because Jesse said the Great White Hope was a good example of a Christian. She had a problem with it because he tried to make her take the vaccine, she said. But he didn’t try to do that!

JLP: God’s Gifts… power of the tongue (Again, don’t say “I am…”)

(11:59) Our bodies are a gift from God. We should not put tattoos on. God doesn’t care. If we could appreciate the gift, we wouldn’t put tattoos on it. The ability to speak is nice, but we use it for evil — we lie and cuss one another out. To have children and marry is a gift from God. But the Devil won’t let us love one another, because we’ve identified with the Devil.

(12:00) Life and death is in the power of the tongue. Don’t say, “I am…”

Anytime I think of Chinese, I think of rice and raw fish. Anytime I think of black, I think of candied yams.

Stop identifying: You’re neither poor nor rich, black nor white, male nor female, depressed…. All those false identities are in the imagination and emotions of the body, from the Devil. “That’s not me telling me to kill myself.” You’re in control of your life and don’t know it — but it’s not you; it’s the Devil or God.

You don’t need to go out and picket against the LGBTQ people. They’ve identified with the wrong spirit. Love them enough to tell the truth. They’re being used too. The homeless people are being used for money.

Feedback: parents; Jesus; sin

12:06 Franky remembers his father getting drunk. He lost his childhood innocence, and with scary things, he couldn’t help but make “I” statements. Parents are supposed to help their children, but they hurt them, Jesse says.

12:07 A man recounts a gospel song singing Jesus over and over, and a hateful friend singing along with it. Do people idolize Jesus to make it so they don’t have to look at themselves?

JLP: Sin is playing God; it’s not the vices

12:10 Jesse says the sin is not the vices. Sin is the nature of the Devil, which is playing God.

Let desperation happen; Everything’s already done.

12:15 A woman’s sister once quoted Jesse: The mind is a terrible thing to save. She was trying to fight the Devil.

12:17 JLP responds: When you feel desperate: Let desperation happen. She says like a buffalo she’s running toward the storm. The Devil’s clever and relentless, having worked her mind since she was a small child.

12:18 Jesse reiterates what he heard Sean say again: It’s already done. All you need to do is live. When he renews your mind, there’s no more darkness.

(12:20) The Devil doesn’t want you to be still. Jesse urges people to slow down. Take a moment.

Once you wake up, you’re not going back. Spiritually wake up, and not intellectually.

Anybody feel desperation? (Don’t whine, cry, or get high)

12:21 Raymond recounts doing nothing when feeling desperate. Jesse says: Don’t whine

12:22 Another man says desperation came when he was waking up. It’s the not you separating from the real you. A voice told Jesse to cry. It makes you want to cry. The thoughts tell you you want to do something, such as get high. 12:24 Jesse recounts a guest on The Fallen State whom he talked to who brought him pot. He declined.

12:25 Another man would get food in the middle of the night, or binge, and then go to work. An AA alcoholic coworker said he had the symptoms of an alcoholic on the weekends. The ego would create identities to protect itself.

JLP: Count it all joy

12:28 JLP says: Count it all joy.

“I am a victor” — a lie. The sin of forgetfulness…

12:29 One of the ladies asks about Christian affirmations like, “I am a victor.” Those who say it are about to be defeated.

The woman continues, asking about seeing thoughts that never stop. If it gets too rough, you can say these are not my thoughts. But don’t do anything else.

JLP says: When you forget to be aware, which is the worst sin (forgetfulness), be aware again.

JLP: Stop fighting; get involved

12:34 Jesse asks people if they’re starting to realize, even intellectually, that the identities are not you. Jesse remembers he used to picket and fight against people: Two devils fighting. Picketing and burning down buildings doesn’t do it. If anything, get involved. Look at the laws being passed against Christianity.

Q&A: Intellect, prayer, pain, Devil’s thoughts

12:35 Knowledge and intellect don’t make you smart — they make you dumb.

12:38 Jesse welcomes a first-timer, visiting with a friend. He forgave his parents a long time ago; his mother didn’t like it much. Women have big egos. He’s confused at what Silent Prayer is.

12:40 All inner pain is from the Devil, is evil, Jesse says after talking briefly with a young mother. You don’t have to deny that your body feels the pain — but it’s not you. Never think you’re right. When you believe the Devil you go unconscious.

(12:43) A man talks about prayer: Not trying, not being willful. All you need to do is watch, Jesse says. God’s bringing you out of thoughts.

12:45 Franky talks about what Jesus went though. Everything he went through is what we go through.

Doug talks about the concept of sitting in your pain. Sometimes he has anxiety, which is perhaps desperation.

JLP: It’s not anxiety, but the spirit of the Devil

Jesse clarifies: “I” did not feel anxiety. That was the spirit of the Devil in the mind and body. It’s not anxiety. See things spiritually, and you won’t help the Devil hide from you, thinking that it’s you. You’re possessed, and the Devil’s doing that to you.

New Biblical Question: Let go of self-confidence?

12:50 Jesse asks his new Biblical Question: Why don’t you let go of self-confidence?

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