Christ Said in Order to Live You Must Die. How Do You Do That? (Archive)

Can human beings live forever? Christ said: You must die in order to be reborn. What does that mean? How do you overcome the “ego” life? 

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BOND Archive Sunday Service, August 11, 2013: Jesse Lee Peterson comments on his son’s mother’s funeral, and how death is abnormal. The people discuss the notion that one might live and never die, as Jesse says he’s never dying. We then discuss Jesus’s statement: In order to be born again and live, you must die. What type of death brings life? The pride of man, the false nature, must die. How do you deal with another person who causes you pain? People talk about problems at work and with family members. You are not your thoughts; stop identifying with them.


  • 00:00 Sun, Aug 11, 2013
  • 00:29 Death is abnormal
  • 04:37 JLP is never dying
  • 17:28 In order to live, you must die
  • 26:11 JLP: What dying is
  • 32:33 Pride of mankind, false nature
  • 41:34 Another person causing pain?
  • 46:29 JLP advice on problem people
  • 50:25 Woman in conflict with children
  • 58:05 You are not your thoughts

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