Are Christians ‘Alpha,’ ‘Beta,’ or Neither? (Palm Sunday Church, Mar 25)

On Saturday, many people took part in a protest called “March for Our Lives” — more accurately, March Against Our Lives. They wish to take away the right to bear arms. Jesse asked people why they demonstrated, speaking to children and adults. One black girl agreed with Jesse that teachers should carry guns to protect students. But the teacher did not like her answer and ended the interview. Another girl realized Jesse asked a good question, wondering how an unarmed father can protect his family from an armed criminal. Parents sacrifice their children to public schools.

(Watch Excerpt: “Christians Are Neither Alpha Nor Beta” — WRONG!) Jesse’s producer James read a few paragraphs-long comment about alpha males and beta males. A fellow who watches online suggested that Christians are neither alpha nor beta — that such ideas are from evolutionary psychology, and that only Christ is alpha. He said that we should not seek glory for ourselves, but only for God. However, this misses the point of what Jesse meant in discussing alpha vs. beta — Jesse simply meant “strong” vs. “weak.” So in response, Jesse strongly stated that such intellectual thinking will kill you. It reveals the kind of thought that makes Christians weak and keeps them from protesting, fighting, and being a light in the world.

A man visiting the States from Australia said he learned of Jesse from his first interview with Stefan Molyneux. He asked Jesse about the fact that we need to do nothing, but that in the fallen state we must go and forgive our parents. Jesse said that when you forgive your mother your weakness will finally leave you. Jesse also talked with this man and his girlfriend from California about the Silent Prayer. The young woman said she does yoga, but that’s like the whooping and hollering prayer many Christians practice, to no avail.

Another young man joining us for the second time asked about Christianity. He suffers from the same intellectual thinking that misleads him. We must overcome thoughts and feelings, which come from Satan, and recognize God’s voice.

Thanks for checking out Church, and for the support. We plan to hold a pot luck next Sunday for Easter. Look out for Jesse’s upcoming Town Hall on Thursday, April 12th, at 7 PM (Pacific Time), regarding the immigration crisis.

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    This was a great service, as usual.

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