Christians in the Lions’ Den: Slaves to Children of the Lie (Aug 19)

(Watch 5-minute Short Cut from Church: Scared Christians Thrown Into the Lions’ Den)

At Church, Jesse talked about the story of Daniel, a good man who came out of the lions’ den. He said that Christians today are still in the lions’ den, slaves to the children of the lie. But it’s our fault! Many have given up the idea of moral character. Jesse told the story of a family member to whom he loaned money, but who did not pay it back. Jesse asked him how it feels knowing he’s not reliable. Instead of apologizing, this relative went off on Jesse, and told him never to contact him again. When you’re wrong, just apologize and admit you’re wrong. Jesse does this himself.

Jesse told how Omarosa turned on Donald Trump, who hired (and fired) her multiple times. She worked with him on The Apprentice and in the White House, but betrayed him after her last firing. You should not turn on a person who helped you along the way, should the relationship end. A young man admitted turning on his father’s family. He sided with his mother’s family as New Age liberal during college. He went back and apologized after he woke up.

(Watch 4-minute Short Cut from Church: Don’t Turn on the People Who Help You Along the Way, OMAROSA!)

Attack on Men

Jesse touched again on the reality that there is no such thing as a “deadbeat dad.” Fathers love their children. 99.9999% of fathers want to be with their children, but they cannot handle the mothers, because they’re beta males. Many mothers are not honest, and won’t admit that they were trouble for the father.

Christians have given in to the children of the lie. One black man told TV host Tucker Carlson that we allowed the left to rule the culture. Christian parents allow adult children to stay in their homes and have sex outside marriage!

Men can be accused by women, and they go to jail or lose their jobs. Other men join in this attack on men. Jesse tells the story of Adam and Eve, in a humorous way.

Stories of resentment and forgiveness

A few guys shared about forgiving their fathers and mothers. One man said that he spent a lot of money on therapy. Therapists just wanted to give him excuses and pills to cover up his anger. But one counseling session with Jesse opened his eyes. He forgave his parents, going to his father twice, since the first time his father wasn’t listening. His young son and 16-year-old daughter both changed — seemingly without him doing anything! Now he has love coming out of him, and not anger.

A mother and her 15-year-old daughter joined us and talked about anger, love, and forgiveness. Mothers do not want to traumatize their children. They want to love them in the right way, but do not know how. They try to instill discipline and good character, but do it with anger, which is horrible for the children. She says she’s close with her father, but not with her mother. She’s had two therapists, who provide her someone to talk to, but not much else. Jesse jokes that he should raise his rates for counseling. With BOND counseling, people only need one or two counseling appointments with him. After that, they’re on their way if they take the good advice and forgive!

Jesse urged one young lady to ask her father why she’s not close with him. She should explain to him that she wants to be close, but they’re not. A child naturally grows close with both parents. But anger separates children from their parents and from their natural identity.

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