Where Is the Trust? (Church, Apr 15)

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Some newcomers joined us today. One young man told how he wanted to enter a “Blood” gang neighborhood dressed in “Crips” gang colors in order to die. He described his family situation, and came to Church wanting help. Another man said he’d also dealt with suicidal thoughts. Toward the end of service, Jesse told the young man what to do.

A man watching online gave us a Super Chat donation on YouTube, and asked whether we should fear God. So Jesse asked people what they thought. We dealt with this in a prior service, but fearing God simply means reflecting on what God brought you through in life, and appreciating Him for it. Some say they fear God, but it’s an emotional feeling — not what Jesse means, and not a real godly fear.

Then Jesse brought up one thing prominent in the news: President Trump bombed Syria after a reported chemical attack there. Many who usually support the president do not support this action by the U.S. — some feel betrayed, including good friends of Jesse’s. Some participated in anti-war rallies. But the people elected him because they trust him. Jesse’s point in bringing this up: People abandon trust of another person just because that person does one thing they oppose. Jesse was neither for nor against this action, but he trusts this president.

Similarly, there are instances in your life in which you do not agree with another person’s actions. Yet you should still trust and work with them, and give them the freedom to do what they will. In churches, men grow divided due to an offense, and don’t wish to work it out! This is wrong — that’s not love!

Another example — the Civil Rights Movement: We should not allow the idea and accusation of “racism” to take hold. If you are a black person of love, why would you impose on a white private business owner who does not wish to serve you? In the Jim Crow days, Jesse never felt angry about being separated from whites or disallowed from certain stores. He and his friends went to black businesses where they were allowed and still had fun.

Today, homosexual couples impose on Christian businesses, forcing Christians to service them for so-called same-sex marriages. Jesse urged Christians to take the sinners’ money and donate it to organizations fighting against the radical homosexual cause.

Getting back to the young man who attempted suicide a number of times, Jesse urged him to get to know himself, and get over anger. Stop listening to the voice of your father the devil — do not believe the thoughts of worthlessness. Practice the Silent Prayer findable on the BOND Church page. When anger leaves, your mind renews itself, and you see things clearly, as they are.

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  • James Hake
    Posted at 18:26h, 15 April

    Good service — enjoyed it!

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