No Man Can Teach How to Be a Man (Aug 6)

(Watch 11-minute excerpt: Move Out from Mama’s House & Live an Adventure.) At Church, a 27-year-old man talked about dealing with his mother — he still lives with her. She complains she’s losing his respect. Jesse reiterates that a man should not live with his mother past 18, except under extreme circumstances. Jesse re-tells the story of how he moved out at 18, and bought a house at 25 (with no money!). He recounted how his grandfather never talked about his other relatives or where he came from, but seemed content and happy as a man with his own family that he started.

A young lady joined Church with her boyfriend and her mother. Having come to church for some time, the mother has learned to back off from forcing her will on her daughter so much. Jesse warned the boyfriend not to spend so much money on his girlfriend. Many guys are brainwashed to spend money on women, and they use one another for sex and money. They become emotionally over-involved with each other.

Princeton University published a study that said, “At the cellular level, a child’s loss of a father is associated with increased stress.” Unfortunately, fathers and men in general are weak today and do not know how to be men. We talked about whether you can learn from another man (let alone woman) how to be a man.

We also talked briefly Matthew 13:12 in which Jesus said, “For whoever has, to him more shall be given, and he will have an abundance; but whoever does not have, even what he has shall be taken away from him.” We may address this further next week.

Jesse urged people to know themselves this week — self-knowledge is a state of nonjudgmental attention.

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