No Sex Outside Marriage! Here’s Why. (Church, Dec 17)

Watch 18-minute excerpt: Why You Shouldn’t Have Sex Out-of-Wedlock (And How to Stop)

Today at Church we talked about a few stories in the news. According to CNS News, an entire family turned “transgender.” So the husband became the “wife,” and the wife the “husband.” This is insane and evil.

We also talked about the fact that 98 percent of black women (96 percent of blacks overall) in Alabama voted for Democrat Doug Jones. They did this because evil people put brainwashed blacks into a trance by accusing Judge Roy Moore of “racism.” Jesse wrote about this in his weekly WND article out today, “Is the Black Woman ‘God’ in Alabama?”

Then we touched on a report via Washington Examiner from 2015 numbers of out-of-wedlock births separated by race and native-born mothers versus immigrant mothers. 77 percent of blacks are born out-of-wedlock (for native-born mothers). For Hispanic immigrants it’s 49 percent, Hispanic native-born Americans 57 percent, and whites 30 percent. That is shocking!

We also talked about relationships, dating, and marriage, as well as forgiving mothers and fathers, and becoming independent, loving, and free. A man who has sex before marriage will cheat in marriage. Men who get with women who have sex before marriage see them as whores, and don’t want to marry them. Men are really looking for a good woman who will say “no.”

Jesse told the story of getting a young lady pregnant out-of-wedlock, and wanting to marry her before long. He wasn’t able to do it as she got married to someone else quickly. But he never had another child out-of-wedlock, because he saw the destruction and pain it caused for everyone including the child.

A man visiting Church here in L.A. from San Francisco with his girlfriend told of talking to his father and mother, and forgiving them, admitting he’d hated them, and separating from them in the right way. Some mothers including Mexican mothers like his, and Colombian mothers, like another friend of Jesse’s, do not want to let go — they attempt to guilt or oblige the son or daughter to call and check in, saying, “What if you died,” or, “What if I died?” But love is freedom, not guilt.

Jesse also talked with a woman who had trouble with the father of their child — she appreciates the truth Jesse tells about overcoming anger. She avoids dating other men now, because she does not have time, and she sees her ex is wrong to push their child to communicate with his new girlfriend. Jesse pointed out that kids want their father and mother only, and not stepparents or girlfriends or boyfriends getting in the way.

People online asked about pornography — Jesse said that it is not good to get into, but if you are into it, do not hate yourself for it. Then you can overcome it.

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