What Is Faith? (Church Jan 21)

For Church, we answered the Biblical Question of the Week: What is faith? People talked about what they think it is. One man said that he did not know what faith is, but that he fights it with anger. Jesse said that faith is not doubting. He had his producer James read a comment from a recent YouTube video:

OK, I think I just had a revelation. So you were born; you don’t think about being born. You are growing up; you don’t think about growing up. You start going though situations and experiences in life; you don’t think about wanting to go into those situations. You realize you have to start taking care of yourself; you don’t think about: “Should I be taking care of myself?” You go get work and you do things because it requires it of you in this life; you don’t think about: “Should I go get a job so I can eat and live?”

Live life without thought or doubt. Your thoughts are not God’s thoughts; they’re from Satan. Prideful people think they make their own thoughts. But we don’t. We are either a child of God or of Satan. So don’t listen to thoughts which are of your father the devil.

One woman had a dilemma, seeing evil in the world. Jesse mentioned transgender people for example — do not hate. See that they’re wrong, but don’t hate.

A man watching online asked if he forgives his parents, if that would do away with all of his anger. Jesse said that yes, if you truly forgive your father and mother, you will. James read another question from a YouTube comment:

I think the things you say to people are very helpful, Jesse. But being born again… isn’t that a matter of accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior? After you get saved, God cleans you up, helps you do the right things, helps you to forgive you father and mother, etc., right? I mean, being born again isn’t first and foremost about forgiving your earthly father and mother.

Jesse said in response that no one is born again by saying, “I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior.” You cannot know God unless you forgive. In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus said that we should pray, “Forgive us as we forgive others.” Unless you forgive your father and mother, God will not forgive you.

Some new people showed up — one young black woman said that she knows Jesse is right, that you must forgive your mother and father, and love them. Jesse asked her if she would do it — and she saw her thoughts tell her not to say yes. This was doubt feeding her mind, but she was able to catch it. Do not listen to thoughts.

A young man who visited last week also showed up again with his mother, along with his girlfriend. His father called, and he intends to talk with and forgive his father. He said that he forgave his girlfriend. Previously he resented her for controlling him. She said that she was with him because she wants to make him a better man. He started out great, then fell off. Jesse assured her that she should not to try to make a man better — she cannot. Jesse asked her if she forgave her mother; it turns out her mother was a bit controlling as well, although she says she’s not exactly like her. Jesse said they both really seem to want to do what’s right. He urged the man to move out of his mother’s house, and his girlfriend to zip her lips and hold her tongue when she wants to tell him what to do.

Another first-time visitor said she is emotional and wants to do what Jesse does, touching people with love. She said that both her parents are deceased, and that her husband does not allow her to control him. But Jesse encouraged her to do the Silent Prayer (also findable on our Church page), and not to try to touch people with love, as emotions are a sign of hell and not love.

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