Self-Knowledge and Doubting Every Thought (Church, Jan 7)

At Church today, Jesse talked about the reality that we should doubt every thought that enters our minds. Don’t listen to them, don’t engage with them. Our thoughts are not from God, but are lies from Satan. Doubt the lies of your father the devil, so that you can believe the truth and become a child of God. Adam doubted the truth and so believed the lie. Thanks to Christ, we can doubt the lie and believe the truth.

Not everybody was able to see that every thought we get is a lie. So we discussed this. (Watch 15-1/2 minute Excerpt: How to Have a Good Life: Doubt Every Thought.)

One man watching online asked: How do you know yourself really? Jesse was about to ask this same thing.

So we also talked about our theme this year: Self-knowledge. Note that self-knowledge is not self-analysis. Don’t try to analyze yourself — that will not work. Rather, take up your cross daily, relax in suffering and temptation rather than going with them and giving into them. And do what’s in front of you to do.

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