Alpha Males, Sex, Dating, & Christian Life (Church Mar 11)

At church, Jesse talked with newcomers about anger, forgiveness of parents and of self, alpha males versus beta males, and dealing with unreasonable people.

One man in his mid-fifties said his father told him he’d never amount to anything. He didn’t talk with him for years, but reconnected and feels they have a good relationship now. But he does not talk to his divorced mother who abandoned them. He said he’d like a wife and kids, but never married. Jesse urged him to forgive both of them, and to work on his anger. He also encouraged him to begin to walk and exercise, as he’d reached 300 pounds in weight.

Another man in his early thirties explained as best he knew how to forgive your parents. He did it several times with his parents. However, he feels upset with himself, living without a job or his own place. But Jesse recommended he not judge himself — simply accept reality with no anger and move forward with a clear mind.

The younger man also asked where to find good Christian women for fellowship. Jesse joked that “fellowship” means “sex” — often the case with him when younger. Rather, men should seek first the kingdom of God, and all things will be added. Another young guy asked whether he should stop going out “to look for girls.” You should not lie to yourself about your intentions or attempt to force a change in yourself, but instead simply remain aware of yourself and continue to seek what’s right.

Men and women of God should naturally live in the world, not hide from it. Some men do not even talk with women. One woman at church said that we should encourage marriage, and not delay it until people reach their 30s or 40s, as the world suggests. Jesse suggested 25 as a good age to marry, depending in individuals’ circumstances.

One man watching online asked if a real man asks his wife for sex. Another asked what a man should do if he catches his wife or girlfriend cheating — would he forgive or show compassion toward her? People who cheat do not generally repent. One man pointed out that an “alpha” man to his wife is like Christ to man — just as man of God would never want to cheat on God, so a woman would not want to cheat on a truly good man. Jesse strongly urged men not to have sex outside marriage — it is death. Even in marriage, do not be into sex. Do it until you’ve had all the children you want. Children of God should overcome their passions.

Another man said that he felt he did not deserve to date — he judged himself as not a good person. This person says things like this commonly. He’s attended church for years. Jesse told him that since he judges himself, no woman would want that, and so he gets what he deserves. As he judges himself, he also judges others. So drop judgment and live, or suffer and die.

Lastly Jesse defined righteous anger — as discernment without emotional judgment. He also talked about how unreasonable children of the lie fight against our Second Amendment rights with emotional attacks. Eventually, if you do not understand how to deal with life properly (in your personal life, as well as public), you will give into their evil in one way or another. So overcome anger and evil, pray, and seek first the kingdom of God.

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