Anger Destroys Relationships, Families, and You (Church, Oct 22)

Watch 3-minute excerpt: Anger Is Evil. (Is There a Time and Place For It?)  Jesse urged people not to obsess over medical doctors, alternative medicine, or even preachers. Use common sense and go to each as it makes sense.

Today we addressed several questions from this week and last:

Geoff: You said there is a time and place for everything. Is there a time and place for anger?

Jesse responded that there is not. Another person in the audience asked if there is a time and place for truth. Jesse said that yes, but you should be wise in speaking the truth.

Ruth (from London): Can you expand on how mothers with young children can stay focused on the kids, and not get pressured into a new relationship by family and friends? They laugh at me when I say I have to sacrifice for my children, as they were born out-of-wedlock.

Jesse reiterated that children do not accept stepparents. They want their real parents.

Henry: Is it wrong for an adolescent child to put their biological father on a pedestal?

Jesse said no. As a child, you naturally look up to your father as men look up to Christ.

Asantewa: I have been watching your videos and have been working on my anger. My spouse has anger and fear and I’m wondering how to talk to him about it without offending him.

Jesse said that you must overcome anger so that you speak the truth from the right spirit, and you won’t worry about offending people with the truth. When you are angry at someone, your problem is with you, and not the other person.

Jason: I have a friend who can’t get over a girl we both know is bad for him. What advice y’all have for him?

Jesse told the story of driving up PCH (Pacific Coast Highway), listening to “Sittin’ by the Dock of the Bay,” as he tried to get over a girl he was breaking up with. When in the fallen state, you need a woman or man. You see them as “god.”

One young man struggles to get past an ex-wife. As a divorced single father with children, he remarried another woman who also had children. He realized he needed to divorce her for the sake of his children, and her children, and remain single. But he falls to temptation when he sees this second ex. Jesse asserted the sole purpose of sex: To make babies, or to have sex under the umbrella of marriage if you truly cannot control yourself. But you must overcome by suffering through the emotional pain and temptation without falling to it.

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