Why Men Are Not Men Anymore (Sep 17)

(Watch 5-minute excerpt: Asking Women: What a Real Man Is, and Is NOT.) In Church, we discussed why fathers and mothers do not raise righteous men (or women) today. Most men hold onto anger and do not forgive. Therefore, they remain insecure, indecisive, and lacking in self-control. Although God created us in his image, we are weak and fall short due to our un-forgiveness, our lack of faith. Men remain needy and lonely, but they do not see their longing is for their father, for God. Instead, they look to women and other things that do not fulfill them. Women recognize this weakness as wrong.

We talked more about blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. God put his Spirit in us as common sense, but we reject what’s right and lose common sense. Most lack common sense today.

Jesse recognized a young man who is firm in how he treats his girlfriend. The girlfriend respects him in not “taking mess,” as Jesse described it. Other guys she knows just let her “win” arguments, but he does not cave into her when she is wrong.

A young lady asked if it could work that she remain with her boyfriend who already has a child. Jesse has said that a child wants his real father and mother only — not any stepparent. Jesse urged her not to get between the father and his child, nor the mother and the child. If they truly do right in that way, they may “survive.”

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