Are You Afraid of Evil People? (Church 9/11/22)

Ego and rumors destroyed the Temptations. Biblical Q: Do you fear evil people? People overreact to scandals, but it’s not them. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, September 11, 2022: A man imagines he’s too old for the work world in Los Angeles. // Queen Elizabeth died. What did she do? // Young families talk about dealing with anger. // Jesse saw a movie about the Temptations, and how ego and rumors destroyed people and relationships. //

Biblical Question: Are you afraid of evil people? // Stay committed to prayer. Don’t give up on you. Everybody has the same problem. // Jesse participated in a TV show taping, discussing real vs. fake families, and the reality that there are no “deadbeat dads.” // What do you do when you sense your anger, but still give into it? //

People run away from and react to scandals because they think it’s happening to them. We’re all possessed. // Biblical Question answered: If you have an inward reaction, it’s a sign you fear evil people. That’s not you, but the Devil trying to make you react. //

ANNOUNCEMENT: Women’s Forum third Thursday of the month, Sept 15, 2022, at 7 PM at BOND.


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Sep 11, 2022
  • 0:01:06 ‘Human garbage’: Too old at work?
  • 0:15:35 What did the Queen do?
  • 0:18:11 Young families talk
  • 0:23:44 Temptations: Rumors and destruction
  • 0:38:45 Biblical Q: Are you afraid of evil people?
  • 0:48:56 Be committed to prayer. Same problems!
  • 0:57:16 TV show: Family, no ‘deadbeat dad-ism’
  • 1:03:16 Seeing anger, but still giving in?
  • 1:14:08 Mother’s nature in men and women
  • 1:20:59 Reacting to scandals: We’re all possessed.
  • 1:34:40 JLP on BQ: Inward reaction? Fear no evil
  • 1:39:40 Closing / Women’s Forum Thursday

Church Notes

11:00 AM US PDT We start right around the top of the hour.

‘Human garbage’: Too old at work?

11:02 Jesse invites people to talk about their lives. A man talks about being old (“forty-plus”) at work, and saying in Los Angeles you’re “human garbage” in the work world. But all is well; his life is working. Be grateful, let it happen, and stop complaining.

What did the Queen do?

11:15 Queen Elizabeth II expired at 96 this past week. Jesse asks: What did she do?

Young families talk

11:18 A young woman thought Jesse hated women at first. But she realized it’s true what he says, and not as shocking as her first impression. She’s not as consistent in the Silent Prayer as her husband who brought her. Jesse talks with her husband and her 9-year-old daughter who sometimes gets angry when her mother tells her what to do.

11:22 Jesse asks another young man (boy) if his sister got to him. Let it pass. Stay with it. His sister says he yelled at her. Why do you irritate him so much, Jesse asks. Apologize, and try not to irritate him.

Temptations movie: Rumors and destruction

11:24 Jesse talks about watching a movie about the Temptations and the portrayed ego at work in singer David Ruffin. Women and others pumped him up, and he got into drugs, and started missing rehearsals. He got kicked off. Another member got into alcohol, as he couldn’t deal with his wife or life; he’d stumble during performances, and he’d just lip sync. One friend and fellow member got angry when they temporarily suspended the alcoholic. He went to David Ruffin, who cunningly seduced the friend onto his side, against the group! He believed the rumor, the lie.

Satan wants to destroy you.

11:33 One man says he loved his insanity. It was interesting and fun, he says. He didn’t know there was something better. Most don’t know this!

Jesse warns: Don’t let people whisper to you! The Devil wants your soul.

11:37 Franky says the Temptations story is the same as with ball players who gain fame and fortune, seduced by drugs, alcohol. Their minds get poisoned by friends and family, spoiling relationships. This happens to everyone. You’ll be pulled in if you’re not aware. Awareness will prevent you from getting pulled back into hell.

Biblical Q: Are you afraid of evil people?

11:39 Jesse talks with people about the Biblical Question: Are you afraid of evil people?

One man talks about his “true self,” and not overreacting to people like he used to. He prays a lot, when asked about Silent Prayer.

Be committed to prayer. Same problems!

11:49 In talking with the man, Jesse says you will drift in and out of thoughts. Just be aware. Only God can allow us to see. We can practice being aware, knowing you’re falling in and out of it. Don’t force it — you’re playing god and judging yourself. We cannot have any opinion about anything.

Everything starts and ends with us. Only a few are trying to overcome the same problem everyone is going through. They know not what they do. When you see, it will be impossible to hate your fellow man.

The man watches Jesse on YouTube. His name is Curt (sp) or Kirk (sp).

The Devil is clever. He uses his children to call it Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder, and people in anger are crazy enough to believe it! Don’t let the world put titles on you!

TV show: Family, no ‘deadbeat dads’

11:57 Jesse was on a TV show taping about marriage and family. Ladies there overreacted about the order of God. A family is a married man and woman with children. Otherwise it’s not a family. Jesse says there’s no such thing as deadbeat dads. Women keep children away from their fathers. They want both parents.

Jesse urges the man to stay with it. They talk about finding the truth in discussions.

God leads us away from temptation.

Seeing anger, but still giving in?

12:03 One young lady says she sees the truth, but still goes along with the lie. She notices her anger at her husband, but still goes ahead and says something she shouldn’t.

After one man gives her feedback, Jesse also urges her: have no conversation with the Devil. You don’t want to argue with the Devil inside of you, nor outside you in others. The Devil will give you emotional pain. Let it say what it wants, and let it act out.

She knows not to judge herself about it, but it happens often. Why can’t she let it go?

12:10 Jesse asks one young lady if she overreacted inwardly at all. Other than being dramatic about the heat this past week, she hasn’t.

12:11 Franky talks about the Lord’s Prayer which he says is: Lead us away from temptation. But the Old English is misunderstood. Franky also talks about “victimology” sucking in people. He mentions Hitler and Germany in the 1930s.

Mother’s nature in men and women

12:14 Another young woman makes a point. She realized she inherited the “mother” nature from him, through his mother’s nature. Jesse urges her to stay with working on her life. Her siblings came to her after she forgave her mother, who tried to turn them against her. But she only showed love, despite thoughts messing with her.

Reacting to scandals: Possessed

12:21 Jesse asks yet another woman’s reaction to the prior lady’s story.

Jesse noticed that people run away from or reacting to scandals. But it’s not them overreacting, yet they think it’s them.

We’re all possessed with the Devil. That’s why we need to be born again, so that God’s nature rules over us. Jesus healed the people who were possessed.

Stop identifying with the darkness; it’s not you. The people who are going around killing people — it’s the demons in them driving them, and not them.

A man talks about forgiveness. The Devil will make situations happen. Let them happen. When people try to hurt you, let them. There’s nothing to defend. There’s no “you.” Why worry what the world thinks about you? Why be afraid?

12:30 Hassan says evil people showed him that he had fear. He’d predict some situation. But love diffuses evil now, he says. Doing it is something else from talking about it.

12:32 Jesse urges a young lady not to defend it when friends talk about her. Don’t fight with the Devil inside or outside. No response is the best response.

JLP: Inward reaction? Fear no evil

12:34 Another young lady says she is afraid of evil people, because she knows she’s uncomfortable and doesn’t want to be around them. Notice that sign, and don’t overreact to it. That’s not you feeling that way; it’s the Devil trying to make you react. It’s just a feeling that comes from a thought. Let it pass. It’s easier said than done. The ego is dying.

A man talks about the Silent Prayer.

Closing / Women’s Forum Thursday

12:40 Jesse closes by saying: Stay with the Silent Prayer. Love is greater than darkness. Emotions are evil. There’s a time for everything, but you’ll live a normal life, and not your abnormal life. Go and forgive.

ANNOUNCEMENT: We will have Women’s Forum this third Thursday of the month.


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