Christians Judging Fellow Christians (Church April 30) - Rebuilding the Man
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Christians Judging Fellow Christians (Church April 30)

(Watch 12-minute excerpt: ‘Christians with Anger Blind to Spiritual War in America’) We talked about prayer, Christianity and anger. One woman who had learned to forgive her mother, and see life more clearly, has recently become withdrawn and shut-down, because of listening to Satan who does not want to let her go. One man said he had anger today, but last time he joined us, he believed he did not. Most people have anger within them that gets provoked at times.

One woman has seen how other Christians act and spurned the “Christian” label because of it — she refuses to call herself a Christian, even though she believes in Christianity. But Christianity is under attack, and the world wants us to stamp out real Christianity. Too many Christians judge other fellow Christians for their hypocrisy, but they themselves are hypocrites who show no love to their fellow Christians.

Jesse observed something unusual about Donald Trump, that he deals with challenges and people without any anger, but with boldness, not being “nice” or caring about others’ feelings and emotions. Many Christians who practice an empty, “nice” Christianity judged Trump for this. But men of God care about what’s right, not about feelings. God allows us to suffer and does not cater to our emotions. This is how we should be in relationships and in our families — real love is not about feelings at all.

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