Confront Your Fear (Mother/Parents) and Gain Courage (Church Jul 8)

At Church July 8, Jesse talks about White History Month and the attack on whites. He mentions the Congo woman who climbed the Statue of Liberty to protest immigration enforcement.

(Watch 16 1/2 minute excerpt: Rebuilding White Men for White History Month)

People must tell the truth, but not resent the children of the lie. Don’t argue with people — some people who are into the Bible do not know how to communicate from the truth God wrote on our hearts. Men should date and learn to confront women — because women hate weak men.

We talk about maternity leave, paternity leave, and the bad idea that is paid family leave. Companies should not be forced to pay for it. Men should cover the family as women take time to have and take care of their baby. A Romanian woman disagrees, as her country takes care of families.

A man talks about getting over his ex-girlfriend who went around with other guys as he was in a process of breaking up with her over the course of two years. Jesse urges him to forgive his mother and religious father, to face them and become a man again.

Fathers often unknowingly allow their wives to turn the children away from them. A father should communicate with his children when he comes home from work, so that the kids know they can be honest with him.

(Watch 14-minute excerpt: Having “The Blues” After a Bad Breakup, & Resentment Toward Father)

(A smart, brave man with a YouTube channel called Fleccas Talks joined Church today!)

We discussed what judgment is. When you don’t have emotions involved, you overcome anger, then you can have righteous judgment which is discernment without anger or personal feeling.

A young lady finally faced and forgave her mother! She previously didn’t want to deal with that drama! Jesse urges her to do the silent prayer and speak up, to stay free.

Evil works through others to destroy men who represent Christ on earth. Drop anger, forgive, and come back to yourself. Otherwise Satan is still your father.

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  • Robert John Hutchison
    Posted at 22:16h, 15 July

    You have a real good show Jesse keep it up keep doing what you’re doing

    • James Hake
      Posted at 13:44h, 21 July

      I agree, it’s great. Good input from the people, too.

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