Do You Extend Mercy to Yourself? | Church 3/12/23

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Does God have mercy on you? If Christ died for your sins, do you still sin? Most Christians are atheists. There’s no love in families. 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, March 12, 2023


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Mar 12, 2023
  • 0:01:38 Welcome to Church
  • 0:05:44 Biblical Q: Do you extend mercy to yourself?
  • 0:16:42 BQ… Woman’s changed; All Christians are atheists
  • 0:25:35 BQ… Do you believe Christ died for your sins? Do you still sin?
  • 0:46:59 BQ… Bamboozled. Is Jesus untouchable, on a pedestal?
  • 1:00:48 BQ… Is family important? What good did family do you?
  • 1:12:02 JLP on BQ: Have mercy on yourself
  • 1:25:42 JLP… No love in families
  • 1:27:18 Q: I feel strong love for my family
  • 1:34:06 Q: Unaffected in life
  • 1:41:25 Was this helpful? Again: Christians are atheists
  • 1:50:24 Closing / New BQ / Women’s Forum this week




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Have Mercy on Yourself

WATCH CLIP (16-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP shares his two cents on the Biblical Question: Do you extend mercy on yourself? He also explains that there’s no love in families.

See clips from recent services as well as older services (on YouTube).

Church Notes

10:58 AM US PDT We start streaming a couple of minutes before the top of the hour. (Daylight Saving Time began today!)

11:00 Jesse invites people to share. One man says he’s learned not to overreact. A young lady joins us again.

Biblical Question: Do you extend mercy to yourself?

11:04 Sean says he does not extend mercy to himself, as he has difficulty judging right and wrong.

11:05 A young man extends mercy to himself by looking forward, not back. He had a “failure to launch” and other things in his past. God too extends mercy, he says when asked.

11:06 Sean says God does not extend mercy.

11:07 One lady also says she doesn’t extend mercy to herself — she thinks it’s not her business, but God’s. She’s not capable of extending mercy to herself or anyone. God may have given her mercy unbeknownst to her. Jesse asks when she was a Bible thumper type of Christian, if she thought she did.

11:10 Alexis never asked God for mercy. Jesse asks her what she’s realized about herself since paying attention to herself. She realized she was wicked at her core.

11:12 Rochelle looked up the definition of mercy. She would beg God for mercy after judging herself. She learned she needed to forgive herself and let it go. She’s unsure whether God extends mercy to her.

BQ: Woman’s changed. All Christians are atheists.

11:15 The first lady to speak today is starting to forgive her boyfriend (she says partner and significant other). So now she’s having mercy on herself too. She wouldn’t say no before. Jesse remarks on how much she’s changed so fast. If God was giving her mercy the whole time, she didn’t feel it.

11:18 Nick’s not so hard on himself now. As an atheist, Nick prayed to God to take away his sick feeling when he was drunk.

11:21 Jesse urges you to know yourself.

BQ: Do you believe Christ died for your sins?

11:24 Jesse asks people how many believe Christ died for our sins. Franky explains what he means.

11:26 A young lady shares an example to explain how Christ died for her sins. Yet she still sins. At times, she’s extended mercy to herself.

11:28 Another woman was told Christ died for her sins. She says that with seeing, mercy just is. Her whole life she spent as an intellectual, listening to the Devil. She forgave her mother recently. The Devil’s talking to everybody, so mercy is natural.

11:31 The second man to answer the question says Jesus died for our sins. He calls the media Judas. (Jesse tells him to speak with his chest.) Jesse asks him if he still sins, and why he still sins if Christ died for them.

11:34 Nick too believes he died for his sins. He feels he met Jesus by Jesse’s example, treating everyone with love.

11:37 Rochelle changes her answer to say she does think God extends mercy. (Jesse jokes and pretends to change her grade from F to F+.)

BQ… Feeling sorry for Christ?

11:38 Franky talks about growing up Catholic. Thinking about the symbols, pictures, and movies brings repentance to him, he says. He feels sorry for Christ.

Another young woman also felt sorry for Christ, watching movies.

11:42 A young man named Robert says he died because of our sins. Yet he was showing mercy to us in our fallen state when he came. He doesn’t think he can extend mercy to himself, but God’s mercy can come over him, and he can let go of it.

11:44 Another man was raised Catholic, but he never understood whether Jesus died for or because of our sins.

BQ: Bamboozled. Is Jesus untouchable, on a pedestal?

11:45 One of the ladies realized she’s been bamboozled. She was taught he was our Intercessor, so that when we continue to sin, we’re forgiven. Now she realizes she knows nothing, and so she remains empty and open.

Jesse asks her if Jesus seems untouchable. Yes, because he died on the cross, she says.

11:49 Another young lady put Jesus on a pedestal. Jesse comments on how the church has made Jesus untouchable. He didn’t want us to put him on a pedestal. Why should we? She feels like she’s supposed to say yes when asked if she’s ready to take him off the pedestal, but will smoke on it.

Franky speaks again about letting stuff go that didn’t help from his Catholic learning.

11:53 Jesse agrees with Franky when Jesus told people their faith has healed them. He always thought Jesus healed them.

11:54 One man treated Jesus like a cheap coupon to get away with his mistakes.

11:55 Sean never knew what it meant.

11:55 The man just before grew up Mexican and Catholic.

James answers about Jesus dying for our sins.

Is family important? What good did a family do you?

11:59 Jesse asks if people believe family is important. Sean shares a story from his childhood.

12:00 A young man says his father taught him to work, and your family are on the same team.

12:01 Jesse asks Fred, one of the first men to speak: What good did a family do you? He realized the

12:03 A young lady talks about learning from her parents. 12:05 Jesse says you catch more hell in family than elsewhere; is that good for us? She had ideas of what a family should be. Jesse doesn’t know one person who came from a family unharmed, undamaged.

12:07 A young man asks: Do you catch more hell from yourself or others?

12:08 Lijie believes family is so important, because our families see us 360. Jesse says he doesn’t know one family that forgives one another. In spite of the fact it’s not perfect, it is important.

JLP: We should have mercy on ourselves

12:10 Absolutely, we should have mercy on ourselves. We should stop condemning ourselves, being so cruel to ourselves. Jesse continues: We treat ourselves worse than the world. But we have never done anything wrong. You’ve never sinned a day in your life. Jesus washed away the sins.

We’re living a lie from Satan. You are free. When you stop condemning yourself — restoration happens on the inside. The fight over “racism” is an illusion; it’s not even real; “leaders” are making money and being ridiculous. You’re living a delusion that you’re a sinner. Once you forgive, you’re free — but you believe a lie. There’s nothing to overcome.

Christ is right here with us — not some big thing we can never touch. The world doesn’t know what sin is. The illusion has to disappear.

Family sets you up for guilt and false love. No parents signed a contract that children have to take care of the parents when they’re old.

We are a spirit. The real person is free — innocent. The false person is giving you hell, because it’s not real; it’s of the Devil. Satan made a home in you, and so you do things you can’t believe you did. You know in a small way that something else got ahold of you.

You have no business feeling fear inwardly. There’s nothing to fear; it’s just an illusion. In reality, you’re afraid of what’s in you. It’s all in you.

Have mercy on yourself by not condemning yourself. You can do greater works as Christ did, because the Spirit in him is in us. You know the Catholic or Christian teaching, but you’re not free.

People do wrong because they can’t see. Stop overreacting.

JLP: No love in families; No one to hurt

12:24 Jesse continues: There’s no real love in families. We’re supposed to grow up with perfect love, and love loves everybody. You see they know not what they do. When you’re hurt, it’s just ego — it’s not you! There’s no one there to hurt. Be born again of the heart.

Don’t hold onto knowledge. We’re neither good nor bad.

Q: I feel strong love for my family

12:26 A woman is struggling with the family thing. Her father taught her never to rely on a guy, but to go to him. They’re a close-knit family, with her father and her brothers.

Jesse explains: With families, there’s no love, but it’s all vanity. Jesse’s family taught him practical things, and emotional love, but not real love. The woman feels love strongly for her family. Jesse explains with love there is no feeling.

The woman asks what Jesus meant when he asked God to let the cup pass from him.

Q: Unaffected in life

(12:32) The woman asks if forgiveness and Silent Prayer is the way to get to be unaffected in life.

12:32 Jesse urges her to stay with the prayer, and let the worldly trouble and inner conflict happen to the ego. Stop protecting the not-you. If someone falsely accuses you of stealing, don’t overreact to the first situation. Stop arguing with the Devil.

People try to hurt you because their hearts are evil.

Was this helpful? Again: Christians are atheists

12:40 A young woman says how this has been helpful. She reacted from her ego this week, but didn’t react.

12:43 Jesse remarks at how Christians are atheists.

12:44 A young man recounts a story of a dream, a breakup, getting drunk (like Nancy Pelosi, he says), and being thrown out of a party. 12:48 Jesse says: From now on, have mercy on yourself. You’re neither good nor bad.

Closing / New BQ

12:49 Jesse closes: God loves us. Those false emotions are not him. Just be. Stay present. All ideas and thoughts will disappear.

12:50 New Biblical Question: What are the false needs in your life? Sean says he’s never heard anyone talk like Jesse in his life. Now that the spirit of truth is with you, if you stay with it, it will be in you.

12:52 Get on the straight and narrow.

This third Thursday of the month is the Women’s Forum, 7 PM at BOND

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