Do You Have Confidence? | Church 1/14/24

Spirit of the transgender. Nervousness, anxiety, anger, thrills: Stop and watch it. Confidence is the Spirit of the Father. 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, January 14, 2024 — JLP recounts his radio show call with a transgender. All thoughts are lies. It’s not you. You’re possessed. You have no troubles. (The government is all about self.) From this point forward, suffer consciously. Take a breath, relax, and let it go. 

A man comes on-stage, speaking on nervousness and thoughts. Biblical Question: Do you have confidence? (A woman comes on-stage for the remainder of the service.) When you’re in the midst of a thrill, how do you stop? 

Confidence is the Spirit of the Father. Working on yourself means watching the not-you. 

Assignment: Notice your mind repeats itself, and it’s all about self. New Biblical Question: Why are you afraid of negotiating? ANNOUNCEMENT: Women’s Forum third Thursday, Jan 14, 2024, 7 PM at BOND 

||  See clips, links, and notes below. 


  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk / Welcome / Any assignment?
  • (0:02:54) JLP: Spirit of the transgender, same as yours
  • (0:09:19) JLP: Govt is about self
  • (0:12:17) JLP/Joel: Endure: Suffer consciously. Let it go. 
  • (0:17:26) JLP/Raymond: Don’t fight with the Devil
  • (0:18:37) Man on-stage reacts: Nervous, thoughts
  • (0:23:35) When caught up in anger … (Man sits, we see his face)
  • (0:28:47) BQ: Do you have confidence? (Man, woman trade places on-stage)
  • (0:31:24) Newcomer lady tears up; It’s just a thought; Anxious
  • (0:39:32) “Mimi” (“Mae-Mae”) relates to lady … More on BQ
  • (0:45:46) That one talkative gal on confidence, listening to the Devil
  • (0:50:49) Another man was nervous; Doesn’t feel the Silent Prayer
  • (0:54:31) Gal on-stage and first woman: In the thrill, how to stop? 
  • (1:03:05) Mae Mae: Doing nothing? Crying out to Satan. Struggle, Lawyer, Identity
  • (1:14:24) Joel/Mae Mae: Crying out to God (the Devil). There is no you! 
  • (1:19:48) Doug on BQ (Confidence), Opening remarks on thoughts (Others)
  • (1:34:30) Sean on BQ. Just a thought, nothing to cry out to
  • (1:35:56) Another man with no confidence. Don’t wrap mind around thoughts
  • (1:40:31) JLP: Confidence is the Spirit of God. Work on self: Watch the not you. 
  • (1:47:13) Assignment: Mind repeats itself, all about you. New BQ. Women’s Forum


Confidence Is the Spirit of God. Work on Yourself: Watch the Not-You. 

WATCH CLIP (9-min) YouTube  |  Closing out the service, JLP gives his two cents on the Biblical Question: Do you have confidence? He also encourages you to work on yourself by watching the not self (the not-you, the thoughts and emotions that feel like you and sound like you). A couple of people comment. New Biblical Question: Why are you afraid of negotiating? Women’s Forum third Thursday of the month, Jan 18, 2024, 7 PM at BOND in Los Angeles 

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Church Notes

Biblical Question: Do you have confidence? 

New Biblical Question: Why are you afraid of negotiating? 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Women’s Forum third Thursday

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
  2. (0:01:35) Welcome to Church
  3. (0:02:00) Was there an assignment last week?
  4. (0:02:37) (1)  Transgender called JLP: All thoughts lies. Same spirit every human being dealing with. One is as bad as the other. It’s all evil. When you’re angry, you’re as bad as the transgender. Two hoops and a holler from becoming Jeffrey Dahmer. You don’t know you’re possessed. (0:05:41) (1a) Fun working on yourself. All your troubles disappear. You have no problems; an illusion. Hake said people get mad at each other over what they think (0:07:01) Thoughts are all about self. Never about the other person, even with your children, until you wake up. (0:08:00) All thoughts are all lies, all the time about anything. 
    • (0:08:57) Free your mind, the rest will follow. Our govt is totally about self now. How they argue with one another in their little meetings. Nancy Mace yelling at Joe Biden’s boy Hunter. …. You’ll live in this world thought free. 
    • (0:12:00) JOEL: We’re in a thrill, taken off track, not enduring it. (0:12:40) (1b) JLP: From this point forward suffer consciously. Stay with it. Don’t make a phone call or do anything but watch it. … All you have is a new, right now. (0:15:23) Take a breath, relax, and let it go. Eventually, the Devil will be taken from your mind, and you’ll have a complete new mind, not thinking of the past or future — there is none. You’re one, whole, right here, right now. You can be free. It’s just a thought. 
    • (0:16:30) Transgender still lives with his mama! Same spirit as woman who goes to work and pretends to be the man, same spirit as the transgender. 
    • (0:17:08) RAYMOND: The Devil comes in all kinds of spirits. The way you free yourself from it, give up, stop the fight. Don’t fight with the Devil. Watch him. 
  5. (0:18:18) (2?) Jesse invites a man up: Reply to what I just talked about. Nervous? What it feel like. Heart racing. The thoughts bringing on the feeling, that’s the Devil. …. Cannot judge… (0:22:17) If you’re judging, it’s because you’re still in hell. You’ve never been judged by God. You’re not a sinner. 
    • (0:23:20) (2a?) The man got caught up with a family member, he got enthusiastic about it. When you see that feeling come up, catch it right then, and stop. The Spirit of the Father will get rid of it. It’s not you at all. It’s this thing rising up. Don’t try to make people accept the truth. 
    • (0:26:20) The man sits so we can see his face. Raymond says the only way to fight anger, be aware of it and do nothing. (0:27:53) JLP: From this day forward, never call anger you. You’ll stop identifying with it, and it’ll disappear. 
    • (0:28:34) Biblical Q: Do you have confidence? (The man on-stage answers) What is confidence? (0:30:34) Anthony says no, he does not have confidence, it’s a thought. 
  6. (0:31:07) (3)  A lady says no. … (0:33:30ish) Lady crying, intimate… (0:36:00) … It’s just a thought… She has anxiety, she notices, gets anxious. (0:38:28) When Jesse says, Just look at it. What does it mean to be in the midst of it, and look at it. (0:39:15) “Mimi” (aka Mae-Mae) relates (0:42:06) Jesse: Do you have confidence? “Damn, I’m like that too. Excuse my language.” 
    • (0:43:06) Another lady on BQ. Athlete pushing through. When you have fear: I try to turn my brain off. 
  7. (0:45:28) That one talkative gal on confidence, plugs a book, talks, I do have confidence, and it’s a lie, an illusion. If I didn’t, I’d have peace. (0:48:27) JLP asks: Why don’t you just stop freaking out? I’m serving Satan in this sanctuary of self-pity. Why are you letting the Devil drive you insane? Used to the thrill. 
  8. (0:50:26) Another man was nervous, but caught it, he says… 
    • (0:51:42) What does it look like to stop in the middle and do nothing? He forgave his mother. Toby. YouTube feed 3 years ago! He’s not praying. He tried it but doesn’t feel any change. Needs to work on his nervousness. 
  9. (0:54:13) (4)  To the gal on-stage: Opening remarks? Still identifies with thoughts, tries to understand why she has them. (0:56:05) In the thrill, how to stop? (0:56:42) Nothing you can do, Jesse advises the earlier lady who’d broken down. 
    • (0:58:01) First lady who spoke, she speaks again, on praying, coming to awareness. She recounts hearing a lady talk about a traumatic bodily experience, and calling JLP’s show, when he put her in place about her daughter (at the time she thought inwardly, Excuse me?). It happened to my body, and it’s not happening now. …. Don’t be angry. That’s not you. … You’ll get to the point you don’t think about the past or future. 
  10. (1:03:48) (5)  Mae Mae enticed by vices, is there a difference between doing nothing and doing nothing? Be conscious. Scrolling on IG, didn’t notice! Guilty feeling. (1:08:00) Crying out to God is to the Devil always? Know what I want… If it’s a struggle, let it go. Lawyer. “I don’t like that.” Like it. We don’t know what we want. Don’t let it be part of your identity. You still won’t be anything. 
    • (1:14:05) JOEL: Crying out to God is crying out to Satan. Totally disagreed last week. Who’s the one crying out? (1:16:09) Mae Mae speaks again. How can you cry out when there’s no you? 
  11. (1:19:36) Doug on BQ (Confidence), Opening remarks on thoughts
    • (1:22:47) Hassan… 
    • (1:24:48) Another guy on Mae Mae… 
    • (1:27:39) More (1:31:58) Yet more … (Anthony was feeling for the gal on stage) (1:33:55) The gal on stage
  12. (1:34:15) (6?)  Sean on BQ. JLP to Mae Mae: Just a thought, nothing to cry out for. 
    • (1:35:40) (6 cont) Another man with no confidence, David… Mind is the enemy of God, you don’t want to wrap your mind around (that all thoughts are lies). You want to see. Doing Silent Prayer? No. Been listening a year 
    • (1:38:26) Daniel on spiritual vs practical confidence. (1:39:38) Raymond: Confidence is an ego trip. Are you on an ego
  13. (1:40:11) (7)  JLP: Confidence is the spirit of God. Work on yourself: Watching the not self. (1:43:00) Catch yourself in that mess, tremble and watch it. (1:43:32) The first lady to speak: Words are very limited. No words to express… The enemy uses words against you. JLP: We’ve been trained to whoop and holler to God. 
    • (1:46:16) The first man on-stage says that’s the Silent Prayer. Words cannot explain God, or real life. 
  14. (1:46:57) Assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself and it’s all about you… New Biblical Question: Why are you afraid of negotiating? Women’s Forum third Thursday, Jan 18, 2024, 7 PM at BOND in L.A. 

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