Do You Know God? Who Is God? | Church 3/10/24

Do nothing, ego dying terror! Layers of demons! Suffering injustice? You’ve never had trauma. If you think you know God, you don’t! 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, March 10, 2024 

ASSIGNMENT: Get rid of your heroes! (How many do you have?) NEW Biblical Question: Is it fair to believe a woman?*

*NOTE: We changed the Biblical Q on Monday (since Jesse answered it Sunday by telling where he got it). New-new Biblical Question (given Monday on the radio show): Can you see the contradiction between the way you think and the way you are?

||  See clips, links, and notes below.


  • (0:00:00) (Tech issues… Shirt color…) Welcome to Church! 
  • (0:07:22) Doing nothing, ego dying: “Complete terror!” Satan talking 
  • (0:13:51) Lady: You still have anger. Thoughts, emotions. Stay with it. 
  • (0:19:08) Govt just like us. People unmasked. In quiet, truth catches up. 
  • (0:24:43) Peeling back layers: ice cream story; filled with demons (Mae Mae / Mimi) 
  • (0:31:00) Endure: spiritual, ego death. Watch yourself, not your son. (Alex)
  • (0:35:23) People turned on me; Stop explaining to Devil; There’s no you to attack (Donyale) 
  • (0:45:15) In jail unjustly? Evil has no rules. To blame: Couldn’t see (Donyale, feedback) 
  • (0:57:07) Being quiet, alone: Computer, phone, TV. Silent Prayer
  • (0:59:16) Identity with family; All hate mama (Roseanne); Parents at kids’ games? Ego! 
  • (1:10:45) The real you, non-thinking mind. God gives rest. (Mother died in childbirth) 
  • (1:18:54) Belief, thoughts. Real you never traumatized (rape, crying). 
  • (1:23:54) Biblical Question: Do you know God? Who is God? 
  • (1:44:13) JLP: If you think you know God, you don’t. Impossible to think about God. 
  • (1:51:07) JLP: Watch the heroes you have, get rid of them. (Assignment) 
  • (1:52:56) New BQ: Is it fair to believe a woman? (Closing)


Doing nothing, ego dying: “Complete terror!” (6-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

Thoughts driving her crazy, family drama after father’s death (5-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

If you think you know God, you don’t. (15-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

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Church Notes

Biblical Question: Do you know God? Who is God? 


  • (Church 2/18/24) Are you a sinner? You are not. You never sinned. (What’s your personality? None of it’s you!) 
  • (2/11/24) Jesus had demons in his body — evil. He had to deal with the same emotions we do. 
  • (2/4/24) We talked about the movie “Nefarious” 
  • (2/4/24) JLP referenced Luke 18:9-14 (ESV) — Luke 18:11, “The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, ‘God, I thank You that I am not like other men—extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this tax collector.’” (Also mentioned 2/11/24, I believe) 


  • 2024 theme: Want for nothing. 
  • 2024 assignment: This year, don’t let the thoughts bully you. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself, and that it’s all about self. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Sit four minutes in your room in silence. 
  • We’re not messing around this year. 

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) Rough start (Tech issues) Shirt color talk (Gray, blue, green?) 
  2. (0:05:34) Welcome to Church! 
  3. (0:06:06) Welcome, first timers! 
  4. (0:06:57) (1)  Story: Man tried doing nothing all day: Complete Terror
    • (0:09:30) Can you relate? (0:10:08) Woman misses the craziness of L.A. (0:10:59) JLP: Some people love their hell. (0:11:05) Her husband speaks
    • (0:11:45) JLP: Satan said to kill yourself. That’s in every human being. Last thing anyone is capable of doing: Dying. Rather read the scriptures and pray aloud every day than die. 
  5. (0:13:26) (2?)  You still have anger. (Mother of a man who’s come to church a lot over time.) (0:15:28) JLP Q: Separating from thoughts? She weaned off meds she’d been on for 27 years. (0:16:19) Devil tells you to go to a party, go have fun, shop, people obey that, waste time, money… (0:16:40) Silent Prayer? Wasn’t, just started back. Broke foot. (0:17:27) Stay with it. Fellowshiping, Prayer, Watching yourself. It takes work. She’s sick of crying. Constantly crying. 
  6. (0:18:42) (3?)  JLP: Our gov’t is just like us. Be born again. 
    • (0:19:28) Raymond… JLP: When people date, they have a little space. The closer they get the worse. Marriage, they want to kill one another! So amazing! 
    • (0:20:41) Why does the Devil only attack when alone? In quiet, truth catches up with you. 
    • (0:22:09) Men make up 50-percent of society, but 80% of suicides. (Homeless similar numbers) 
  7. (0:24:19) (4?) Mae Mae (Mimi): Any layers you had to peel back …? JLP Ice cream story. (0:28:00) You’d be able to let people go. 
    • (0:28:32) How is it for you now? Mae Mae (Mimi): I don’t cry. Lots of layers. (0:29:00) JLP: Estimates 60 demons in you. We are really filled with demons. 
  8. (0:30:35) Endure, endure, endure (Alex says he got a big payoff); (0:32:23) JLP: Spiritual enduring, ego death. His son not wanting to talk with him — take the pain. It’s not you. Die from wanting that. 
  9. (0:34:57) (5?)  Donyale: Political discussion with friends turned against her. Fear set in on her way home: Am I going to end up alone? She turned on Jesse, then realized she was comforting herself. Terror set in. Thoughts got her doubting Jesse. … (0:38:24) More (0:39:20) Stop explaining to the Devil; (0:41:12) Donyale  (0:43:20) There’s no you to attack.  
    • (0:45:15) Go through it … Donyale asks about being in jail but haven’t done anything wrong. (0:47:08) Sean responds… Joel… Mae Mae… (0:49:50) Francisco (brief buzz noise) talks about a man who intended to get better through it. (0:50:37) Rochelle talks about Joseph. 
    • (0:51:51) JLP: Anyone in jail is to blame: Couldn’t see what they were doing. When you can see, you don’t end up in jail. The world cannot touch you when you can see. (0:53:44) We understand darkness, not the light. 
    • (0:53:54) Back to other lady from beginning — Family asks how dare you ; (0:51:51) Anger is one of the demons you think is you. Stop identifying with it. 
  10. (0:56:36) (6)  Is this helping? Young man constantly on computer, phone, TV. Being alone, quiet, seems uncomfortable. Feel the discomfort. 
  11. (0:58:57) (7)  Randy seeing his kids doing wrong, he takes it even more personally… Why are you so dumb? (1:00:23) Because you’re Mexican! Judging others … 
  12. (1:10:19) (8?)  Mae Mae on thinking and the real you… The thinking mind vs the non-thinking mind. I don’t know what I’m looking for. Don’t look for a specific thought. Be the observer of everything. 
    • (1:14:36) Mateusse (sp) on the thoughts in quiet; Silent Prayer like a sleeping pill to him. God gives you rest. 
    • (1:16:08) Man’s mother had cancer when pregnant with him. Family wanted to abort him. Do I hate my mother? She did such a loving thing. What about fathers’ guidance of Tiger Woods and Floyd Mayweather? 
  13. (1:18:33) (9?)  Anthony on thoughts becoming an untrue reality. (1:19:32) Mae Mae: Can’t you just get to the belief? She wants to cut the head off (maybe shortcut? Skip ahead?) 
    • (1:20:35) Joel on traumas. There is no trauma. Just a belief…? You were never traumatized; you overreacted to evil, and identified with it. You could be raped so many times. You have never been raped. Your body was. You are not your body. 
    • (1:22:24) Mae Mae crying again — the thought came, “poor you…” Nothing happened to you. Nothing happened to the body. 
  14. (1:23:33) Rachel: You been sitting there lookin’ crazy all morning. … Biblical Question: Do you know God? Who is God? 
    • (1:27:12) A young man’s childhood friend died, had funeral Thursday … (1:28:37) Man feels he could flip tables without being angry. (1:30:05) Young lady (nice shoes) answers the BQ somewhat vaguely: Pleasure, pain, emotions vs peace. (1:32:30) Another young woman. (1:33:03) Man: Creator…. Andrew, first timer. (1:33:53) Man thought he knew God. 
    • (1:34:31) Raymond: No, I don’t know. I know nothing on my own. (1:34:59) Darren… God looks out of my little kitty cat’s eye, trees, everything created. How do you know you know God? (1:36:13) Alexis (1:36:53) Another man: God is love, but I don’t know love. 
    • (1:37:49) Donyale said yes last week. Now she says no. She was on autopilot. Of course, I’m a Christian! (1:39:20) Mae Mae (Mimi) most judgmental people I’ve met “know God.” (1:40:09) Lady: I don’t know God; I’m always questioning things. (1:40:24) Franky (Shoulda heard Men’s Forum!) (1:41:11) Sean knows God: The Father within, reveals things to you from within. Hake is not sure, and is confused in general. (1:42:16) Anthony: Yes. (1:42:56) Anthony’s wife. (1:43:25) Lady says He’s love. I have a lot of peace. 
  15. (1:43:47) (10?)  JLP: If you think you know God, you don’t. Impossible to think about God. The imagination is deceitful to the core. (1:46:01) Get to a point where knowledge doesn’t deceive you to where you think you know. Talking to Franky about planes — I pretend it made sense, but it made no sense! 
    • (1:49:16) A man says some things… God cannot be thought of. … Another man speaks… disagrees. 
    • (1:50:44) Assignment: Get rid of all your heroes. How many do you have? 
    • (1:52:40) New BQ: Is it fair to believe a woman? 

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