Do You Know Who You Are? Does God Answer Your Prayers? (8/25/13)

Who are you? JLP realized he doesn’t know! Have you asked God for something He did not grant? It’s because you prayed to the wrong god. 

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BOND Archive Sunday Service, August 25, 2013: Jesse Lee Peterson opens with questions: Who are you? Do you know? In discussion with intellectuals, Jesse realized he has no idea! A young lady asks if others have the same chance to know God. It’s not our concern! Animals do not worry about their lives, yet God takes care of them. QUESTION: Have you ever asked something of God, and He did not do it? A woman selfishly wanted her son’s life spared. We read Matthew 6: 22-34. You worry and pray in vain to a false god. Live in the now.


  • 00:00 Sun, Aug 25, 2013
  • 01:13 Q: Do you know who you are?
  • 15:20 JLP: I have no idea who I am
  • 19:32 Do others have the same chance?
  • 23:53 JLP: I’m not concerned; animals
  • 28:12 Ever asked God, He did not do it?
  • 38:50 Unimportant to know what you are.
  • 41:15 Lady selfishly wanted son saved.
  • 43:24 Matthew 6: 22-34
  • 45:49 JLP: Why you worry: False god
  • 50:28 Feedback: Illusions
  • 53:10 Get rid of notion it will eventually happen
  • 54:33 JLP: Humans judge
  • 56:56 Live now, not in the future

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