Do You Know You’re Evil? | Church 2/11/24

Do you know you’re evil? Admit your sin, the nature in you. Jesus dealt with evil demons in his body, same as us.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, February 11, 2024 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Women’s Forum third Thursday, Feb 15, 2024, 7 PM at BOND in L.A. 

||  See clips, links, and notes below. 


  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk 
  • (0:03:59) Q: Spiritual vs practical things: A thin line? 
  • (0:09:30) JLP: Ego involvement. Dog coats 
  • (0:14:46) I don’t “hate” my mother! Was agitated at the term.  
  • (0:23:38) You are pure evil. Do you know you’re evil? Cover-up. 
  • (0:31:22) How do you deal with your evil wife? (Wife speaks too) 
  • (0:38:46) Evil men, women: thoughts, Hell 
  • (0:44:54) Wife-husband, Forgive, Pray (more evil people) 
  • (0:53:56) Raymond, Alex, and an evil newcomer 
  • (1:02:26) Do you ever give in to identities? Prayer: Stay with it! 
  • (1:07:24) Joel, Nick, more devils… Do you make choices? 
  • (1:14:22) Lemme talk to Satan. Gasp! Jesus! (Catty comment story) 
  • (1:18:57) Mimi and sister last week: No weapons in the truth (Want for nothing) 
  • (1:21:20) Sean doesn’t want to think about it. Eventually face the Devil himself. 
  • (1:23:51) JLP: Christ had demons in his body. … Dealt with evil like us. 
  • (1:30:06) JLP: The rapture is already done. 
  • (1:35:53) Evil nature made a home inside you. (Ladies ask) Practice being conscious 
  • (1:46:13) Intellectualizing and doing “good” for a thrill (Feedback) Imagination is evil
  • (1:51:25) Evil nature. Jesus stayed present. Tribulation is within. (More feedback) 
  • (2:00:54) BQ: Why does God allow the Devil to attack you? 
  • (2:03:26) JLP on BQ: The Devil is attacking the Devil. Not you. (Closing)


Why God allows the Devil to attack you (15-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

“Jesus had demons in his body.” Thoughts? (12-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

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Church Notes

Rochelle asks: Is there a thin line between practical things and spiritual issues? They talk about dogs. 

Do you know you’re evil?  

Jesus had demons in his body — evil. He had to deal with the same emotions we do. 

Biblical Question: Why does God allow the Devil to attack you? 

No new Biblical Question… ? Maybe on the radio show this week! 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Women’s Forum third Thursday, Feb 15, 2024, 7 PM at BOND in L.A. 

LAST WEEK… Church 2/4/24 

Asked this week on the radio show: Do you see that you’re evil? (Something to that effect) 

Last week, JLP referenced Luke 18:9-14 (ESV) — Luke 18:11, “The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, ‘God, I thank You that I am not like other men—extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this tax collector.’” 

Last week we talked about the movie “Nefarious” 


  • 2024 theme: Want for nothing. 
  • 2024 assignment: This year, don’t let the thoughts bully you. 
  • Recent assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself, and that it’s all about self. 
  • Relatively recent assignment: Sit four minutes in your room in silence. 
  • Also, we’re not messing around this year, lol (lots of laughs) … but seriously. 

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
    • (0:03:20) Welcome to Church! 
  2. (0:03:51) (1)  Rochelle: Practical vs Spiritual things? Is there a thin line? 
    • (0:05:39) Raymond answers. (0:06:58) A new gal speaks. She went to school, but prefers being a mother at home. (0:08:27) Joel talks about doing what’s in front of you. 
  3. (0:09:12) (1a)  JLP: Raymond is right. Practical things are what we use to navigate on the earth. Food/shelter. Your ego can make you get something you can’t afford, or overdo it, putting yourself in debt. 
    • (0:10:25) (2?)  JLP: I saw a man in the store carrying a dog. What do you think? (0:12:57) (2a) Make white babies, not white dogs! (0:13:27)  Joel comments on dogs looking happy in the snow with no coats or shoes! 
    • (0:14:02) (2b) JLP: Parents taking care of kids long! 
  4. (0:14:29) (3)  Donyale: I don’t hate my mother. (0:15:20) (3a) JLP: You can’t say it out loud, unless… white kids will say, “Shut the F— up, mom!”  … Did she ever make you angry? Donyale: Yes. (0:17:12) Judging sluts is just as bad as being sluts. Donyale says “hate” seems so extreme a term. (0:17:58) (3a cont…) Every child hates their mom. (Again: “I hate you mom, shut the F— up!) 
    • (0:18:26) Rachel answers why we have the capacity to hate, but not love. (0:19:56) Would you accept it better as being angry rather than hating? She had a reaction to it the other Sunday (probably two Sundays ago) when Jesse said everyone hates their mother. She was agitated. Who was getting agitated? The Devil. Did you think it was you? 
  5. (0:23:23) (4)  JLP: You are pure evil. You don’t love people. (0:24:40) Did you know you’re evil? Another gal answers. It’s a cover up. 
    • (0:26:05) (4a)  Everybody’s evil. Donyale feels better at that! But I’m so authentic! Talking to the Devil! I want to keep grabbing my identity back. You will never be saved grabbing the identity. (0:28:25)  What, Devil? … Did you know you were evil? (0:29:13) (4b)  Does your boyfriend call you evil? He says the B-word. He says you’re crazy. He’s saying you’re evil. 
    • (0:29:42) (4c?)  Another man: You’ve got it bad! What is it like? Cunning, conniving, plotting, pretending to be nice. Why do you keep pretending? Depressed, happy, spinning, not praying morning/night. Everybody’s evil. 
  6. (0:31:04) (5?)  How do you deal with your evil wife? Admit you’re evil. (0:34:14) (5a)  God and Jesus looking at her in her Hell, not trying to stop her … Why do you even care? Even if my own son wants to. Good luck, son! That’s evil for you to care. You’re playing God! (0:35:40) … You doing the prayer? Not at night. You too drunk? (Laughter) 
    • (0:36:47)  Asking his wife: How does it feel knowing he’ll leave you in your Hell? Makes me buckle down. 
  7. (0:38:30)  Another man in his thoughts. Al, a first-timer! 
    • (0:42:17)  Yet another man, Anthony: I’m not evil. Did you question how you avoided becoming evil? 
  8. (0:44:36) (6)  Another lady: Did you know you’re evil to the core? (From FL) … (0:46:37) Man on his wife’s evil: I just observe it. I try to watch it, and try not to act on it.  (0:47:22) (6a) It’s humbling. … Did you forgive your mother? Nope. Tomorrow’s not promised! Prays, but won’t go and forgive!  (0:49:19) Wife’s always done Silent Prayer. Mom was Buddhist, and dad Christian. 
    • (0:51:05)  Donyale been watching herself when “so-called” (not so-called!) evil shows up. How can we be evil when we’re not good. How can we hate when we can’t love. (0:53:00) … DEVIL! Is it uncomfortable having the Devil with you? Evil/hate, seems so extreme! 
  9. (0:53:41) (7?)  Raymond realized he’s evil over half a century ago. Doing the Silent Prayer? Every night I have problems staying awake. 
    • (0:55:19) (8)  Alex (with the new bike) says it’s a hard concept, has compassion and empathy. (0:57:04) (8a?)  Alex: My goodness. You have no goodness! I’m less trashy. (0:58:00) (8b? funny) One N-word less bad than the other N-word. 
    • (1:00:04) (9)  First-timer, James, did you know you’re evil? Yes, I’ve been thinking about it for years. Saw JLP’s show The Fallen State. Been doing the Silent Prayer once a day. Stress is evil. 
  10. (1:02:10) Another man (Nick looks scared…) (10a?)  First I’d like to say, give Glory to God… Jesse jokes about how the Christians are. “My true self is not evil.” What do you mean? Do you ever give in to identities? (1:05:01) The man adds a point about praying without ceasing. Stay with it, stay with it. 
  11. (1:07:06)   A couple more Devils. Joel, did you know you’re evil? … Joel thinks it’s choice. (1:09:22) Nick, did you know? … When I’m having those thoughts, that’s the only “me” I know, Nick says. (1:11:12) Francisco, did you know? (1:12:47) Rochelle: Silent Prayer, I was possessed whole life … I don’t see myself as being evil. 
  12. (1:14:09) (11)  Jesse: Lemme talk to Satan. Gasp! Jesus! (Mae Mae / Mimi) Discovered i was evil 4 days ago … (catty comment), decision to engage with another lady was evil, to play in the mud. (1:16:42) Want for nothing, she said that struck a chord. … I’ve got a long way to go. Progress … 
    • (1:18:38) (11b)  Mae Mae / Mimi on her sister. There are no weapons in the truth. 
  13. (1:21:02) (12?)  Sean you look nervous. I don’t want to put any thought to being evil. How will you overcome it if you don’t confess (inwardly, not necessarily publicly) the sin that you are evil. (1:22:49) Legions of Demons question: Eventually have to deal with the Devil himself. 
  14. (1:23:36) (13?)  JLP asks: What would you think if I said Christ had demons in his body? Anthony: It’s a lie, 100%. Another gal, never thought to it. Mimi — no other way to get around the human experience without it. Mimi asks Sean about evil, directness, disarming things 
    • (1:26:55)  When you hear Jesse say Christ had evil in his body, what do you think? Christ had to take on everything we do, in order to destroy evil — fear, doubt, worry, insecurity… to buy us back from the Devil. 
    • (1:29:57) (13b)  Rapture is already done. … A new nature. Everyone in this room’s nature is evil, scheming, lying, tricking… (1:33:10) (13c) People who create wars… fear and control people … (1:34:35) (13d)  Father, why have you forsaken me? The light went out. He had to go through that. So he could conquer the darkness. Die consciously. (1:35:31) They gonna call me blaspheme! 
  15. (1:35:43)  Young lady agrees evil women, but also asks about the “not us.” It’s an evil nature in you. 
    • (1:37:48)  Another lady, Anthony’s wife asks about overcoming the not me, am I still evil … ? (1:39:14) (14b)  JLP: Have no conversation with the Devil. … (1:41:32) Practice being conscious. … (1:42:59) JLP interrupts: I can’t believe I know all this! Something happened, the whole school knew about it. I had to go to school anyway. He’s with us. The nature of the Devil has made a home. (1:45:01)  Yes, you can be evil free. … We don’t have a free will. (Sorry, Joel.) 
  16. (1:45:55) (15a)  We having church up in here! (Jesse stomps) … A man says we shouldn’t set a goal and intellectualize, “At this point I’m not evil…” (1:46:51) When someone brings you gifts, flowers, they’re evil — they want something… They want to feel good seeing you feel good. They get more of a thrill from it than you! Anything you perceive as good is evil. 
  17. (1:47:46) (16a)  JLP: The imagination is pure evil. 
  18. (1:48:14)  Anthony … cut off! 
  19. (1:48:42)  People afraid to die physically vs spiritually ? 
  20. (1:50:20)  Alcoholic calling himself things, and others. .
  21. (1:51:15) (17?)   Mimi talks about the nature (more than just feelings) … Scared, in the Devil’s game, thinking past and future… (1:54:00) JLP: Watch yourself… Trying to be nice. 
    • (1:54:42) (18)  Joel: I never heard about that about Jesus … Jesus didn’t give into it. He stayed conscious. He always saw the works of the Devil. Stay present. Not in your head about tomorrow or yesterday. 
    • (1:56:29) (19)  Donyale: Words trip me up. God’s voice is a voiceless voice. Satan is wordy. The world is all about words and emotions. Donyale tells a story. (1:58:56) JLP: There’s no such thing as insulting — it’s only to the ego. (1:59:56) Tribulation is within… 
  22. (2:00:41) BQ: Why does God allow the Devil to attack you? (2:03:08) JLP on BQ: The Devil is attacking the Devil. Not you. 
    • (2:03:44) Closing (end at 2:06:35) 

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