Do You Worship Yourself? | Church 12/17/23

Most won’t make it. Do you worship yourself? Honor? Learned answer: “I’m nothing.” Depressed? It’s not you. Listening to thoughts…

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, December 17, 2023 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Women’s Forum third thursday of the month, 7 PM Thur, Dec 21, 2023

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  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
  • (0:02:29) Why don’t you pray morning and night?
  • (0:07:30) Most people won’t make it. 
  • (0:13:46) You can’t make yourself not be a follower.
  • (0:18:43) Biblical Q: Do you worship yourself? 
  • (0:25:14) JLP: A thought is just a thought (Mae Mae)
  • (0:33:51) Worship? …I honor myself (BQ) …honor others?
  • (0:42:04) Lady: Man fell out of love with her (BQ)
  • (0:48:06) Thought vs idea? JLP story: “It ain’t working!” (More on BQ)
  • (0:53:00) Do you honor yourself? (and BQ)
  • (0:57:15) Who is the person you’re honoring?
  • (0:59:18) Intellect… Q: “You’re nothing.” Dung vs child of God
  • (1:08:49) Mae Mae said: “She’s lying.” 
  • (1:14:39) Repeating Rochelle: I’m nothing, worshiping Satan
  • (1:20:22) It was a lie. You’re stuck in intellect. It was learned. 
  • (1:24:41) Donyale depressed: That’s not you. 
  • (1:35:25) Young lady: When to correct? (Stay with it.) 
  • (1:46:30) Donyale fighting over broken clasp on jewelry
  • (1:48:50) Who felt bad for Rochelle? 
  • (1:50:47) JLP on BQ: When you listen to thoughts, believe imagination
  • (1:53:06) You can’t correct Rochelle! She’s so nice! (Devil)
  • (1:57:29) New BQ: Why supposed to care what people say/think about you?


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Church Notes

Biblical Question: Do you worship yourself? 

New BQ idea: Why are we supposed to care what people say or think about us? (Jesse will explain) 

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
  2. (0:02:29) (1/1a?) Most people are not going to make it. How many do the Silent Prayer every morning and night? One guy feel good just coming to church. Alexis gets sleepy. A stranger told him she’s always moving fast. Another only prays in the mornings; he watches the 3-hour show in the evening, then falls asleep. 
  3. (0:07:30) (1/1b?) Most won’t make it, it takes work, keep an eye on self. Argue, worry, doubt, blame… Accept Jesus, nothing changes, that’s easy. 
    • (0:09:00) (1c?) There’s nothing you can do. God does it, not the prayer. 
    • (0:11:17) Nothing you can do… Intellect is evil, you want to overcome. No-thinking life. 
    • (0:12:35) Watch how you feel when you slam people with the message: Feeling good? 
  4. (0:13:16) Biblical Question… 
  5. (0:13:46) (2?) Man: If you don’t do it their way, they get mad at you. I have a feeling I don’t want to be a follower. Let that go. You want to overcome all feelings. You can’t make yourself not be one. As the old nature is changing
  6. (0:15:47) BQ: Do you worship yourself? (Lady thought she was a perfect Christian, but no longer worships herself, but isn’t sure why)
    • (0:18:43) (3?) BQ: “Mae Mae” always at the center of everything, had a hardt time listening to other people. She was always thinking: How does this relate to me? The pain subsides now that she’s not the center. 
    • (0:21:23) BQ: Rachel doesn’t know. 
    • (0:23:42) BQ: Franky, when I’m out having fun. Whenever the ego’s lifted…
    • (0:24:26) BQ: Doug, when I’m in my thoughts, make me seemingly better than wheat I am
  7. (0:25:14) (4) JLP: Stay with it, serious about it, meaning letting go. It will change. It’s too precious to use the word “weird.” Get into the habit of being still and watching. The old nature doesn’t want that. A thought is not going to help you. There’s no power or life. Get over thinking. Thinking is your enemy. A thought is just a thought! 
    • (0:28:09) Mae Mae: The other thoughts seems like you’re working, figuring it out. A thought captured my mind all week, I was stuck. It’s not mine to figure out. JLP: You’re a fool if you…
  8. (0:30:48) Joel on BQ: Yes, identifying with the ego. (0:31:38) Anthony: Yes, I have a persona, getting an image. (0:33:37) What does God’s image look like? His son. 
    • (0:33:51) Donyale: Disdain for the word “worship,” negative connotations. I worship myself by honoring, by doing the Silent Prayer… (0:35:27) …. 
    • (0:38:33) Lijie… Do you honor other people? (0:41:12) Mateuse (sp) looked up “worship,” worshiped the heck out of himself. 
  9. (0:42:04) (5) Young lady on BQ: Yes… re: Man she went to lunch with him. He was in love with her, but not anymore. You’re cold, I’m looking for a warm, loving person. Her air castle crumbled. She realized he’s right. She apologized for treating him like that. JLP: Yep, you worship yourself! 
    • (0:47:17) Another young lady
    • (0:48:06) Chat Q: Thought vs idea? Hake on BQ
    • (0:53:00) Do you honor yourself? (and BQ)
    • (0:57:15) Who is the person you’re honoring?
  10. (0:59:18) (6) Intellect… Q: “You’re nothing.” Dung vs child of God… The ego always wants to hear good news. A good feeling is evil. … “Like boot camp.” 
    • (1:07:00) Rachel on Rochelle… 
    • (1:08:49) Mae Mae said: “She’s lying.” Seemed too perfect of the answer. (1:09:35) Young lady says she has identities she’s attached to. 
    • (1:11:16) Unearned wisdom or knowledge doesn’t belong to you. Says Anthony
    • (1:12:39) Donyale uncomfortable, depressing to be nothing. Annoyed. 
  11. (1:14:39) Repeating what Rochelle said: I don’t worship myself b/c I’m nothing. When I worshipped myself i was worshiping Satan. Donyale: Is it just a word? 
    • (1:16:02) Joel… (1:18:03) Mae Mae, “But she’s not perfect.” (1:18:48) Joel to Mae Mae, maybe jealousy. 
    • (1:19:49) (7) Doug on Rochelle… Interesting, canned response, a BOND answer… 
  12. (1:20:22) Rochelle and JLP: It was all intellect, flat, no life. It’s all learned. You’re stuck in intellect. 
    • (1:24:15) Mae Mae: That’s not why I said that. 
  13. (1:24:41) (8) Donyale depressed: That’s not you. It doesn’t want you to accept the truth. 
    • (1:31:08) Joel: Judgments create overreactions when everything is fine. Jesse elaborates
    • (1:34:45) (8a) JLP: Don’t let your husband or wife keep saving you with the answers. That’s outward help. Suffer!
    • (1:35:25) Young lady: When to correct? The truth will speak through you. 
    • (1:38:11) Feel like I’ve been on a ride… (8b)  JLP: Don’t give up. It gets better. The darkness screaming because the light is shining on it. 
    • (1:40:22) Young father… Stay with it. Devil keeps tripping him. 
    • (1:41:43) Joel… Allow yourself the space to be wrong. (8c) JLP: In reality… We’re not wrong. It’s the thing in us that’s wrong. There’s no embarrassment, judgment… 
  14. (1:46:30) (9) Donyale fighting over broken clasp on her jewelry she was excited about it. 
  15. (1:48:50) Who felt bad for Rochelle? 
  16. (1:50:47) (10) JLP on BQ: When you listen to thoughts, believe imagination. You’ll lose contact with the body. You’ll see you’re not your body.  
    • (1:53:06) You can’t correct Rochelle! She’s so nice! (Devil)
    • (1:55:04) Mae Mae: Let the big be uncovered so you can get to the small… 
    • (1:55:54) JLP story… You just talked a bunch of crap! They got mad. 
  17. (1:57:29) New BQ… Announcements

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