Does It Take Courage to Speak Up? | Church 7/16/23

Jesus was an individual. Love the bully: Discernment vs opinion. Does it take courage to speak up, or to remain quiet?

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, July 16, 2023 

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  • 0:00:00 Pre-service small talk (no Rumble)
  • 0:03:00 BQ: What color was Jesus? (no intro)
  • 0:14:55 JLP on Jesus: Individual; Lose life to gain it; Intellect
  • 0:33:00 Love the bully. Have no opinion. (Discernment?)
  • 0:50:33 Does it take courage to speak up for yourself? 
  • 0:56:27 Dealt with mother? Wife knows he’s afraid. “Strong women.”
  • 1:07:19 No one’s ever been on your side. (Discernment vs opinions)
  • 1:13:30 Which takes courage: To speak up, or not to speak up? 
  • 1:23:03 JLP: It doesn’t take courage to speak up. 
  • 1:28:50 Helpful? Silent Prayer? Forgave mother. 
  • 1:32:57 To man: All emotions are evil; let them pass, relax
  • 1:37:34 It’s not me, but the Father in me
  • 1:39:24 Closing: Pray, watch, stop protecting the ego 
  • 1:42:00 END

ANNOUNCEMENTS not mentioned: Women’s Forum 3rd Thursday! Joel Friday will lead fellowship next Sunday!


People did not recognize Jesus or his purpose.

WATCH CLIP (17-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP on the Biblical Question: What color was Jesus? All of our images are wrong. 

Wife is sad her husband is not the man she hoped

WATCH CLIP (10-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  Jesse talks with a man and his wife about their respective fear and anger, and the importance of forgiveness.

See clips from recent services as well as older services (on YouTube). 



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Church Notes

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. 0:00:00 Pre-service small talk (No Rumble)
  2. 0:03:00 BQ: What color was Jesus? (no intro)
  3. 0:04:00 (Rumble starts)
  4. 0:06:58 Jesus was bronze (black and gold)?
  5. 0:12:27 (Surprised to see Jews looking like Muslims)
  6. 0:12:43 Jesus had no physical father?
  7. 0:14:20 (Ludwig, do you know Putin? (Sweden)
  8. 0:14:55 JLP: Jesus common, short Yeshua/Joshua (so holy)
  9. 0:17:20 (Shoot the baby! We ’bout to have an execution! JOKE)
  10. 0:17:38 JLP: Worshiping the name; mother didn’t know who he really was
  11. 0:20:00 (Long hair, good hair, all images are wrong… An individual. Himself.)
  12. 0:22:05 Afraid to stand alone? Why? 
  13. 0:23:05 (Most miserable people afraid to stand alone)
  14. 0:23:44 (Guys getting women by getting money… still fear, doubt, worry)
  15. 0:24:44 (Nothing you feel on the inside has anything to do with anybody on the outside. Face yourself. Prison, living in darkness… hardest thing: see you’re in a cave)
  16. 0:28:09 (You are not fear, doubt, worry… Be all-in. Overcome, whatever it takes. Willing to lose a life, die from false life) 
  17. 0:30:08 (The intellect is dumb, cannot enter the Kingdom of heaven, lower level, used for things on earth alone… cannot understand God… new nature) 
  18. 0:31:43 Increase knowledge, increase sorrow (Ecc 1: 18)
  19. 0:33:00 Never been a bully? Zero tolerance? I don’t like bullies at all. It’s not right.
  20. 0:34:15 (We’re not supposed to have opinions about one another; you’re a bully too; love the bully)
  21. 0:36:05 Young man on anger. 
  22. 0:37:15 (Intellect must die)
  23. 0:37:54 How to distinguish opinion from discernment? (Sean answers)
  24. 0:40:08 Hard to speak up at times? Why? 99.999 people like that (Various people answer discernment; Doug cusses)
  25. 0:42:00 (Doug cusses giving good advice)
  26. 0:45:40 don’t see he’s a bully, judging, good judgment 
  27. 0:50:33 Does it take courage to speak up for yourself? (Different people respond)
  28. 0:52:56 Another man answers about speaking up, whether it’s easier to or not to
  29. 0:54:53 Come up here and speak up! What does it feel like not being able to speak up? 
  30. 0:56:27 Tyree (sp) which takes more courage: To speak up or not to? Dealt with mother? (Same spirit in your wife.) 
  31. 0:59:30 (What’s it like knowing he’s afraid of you? Sad. What every woman wants. She lied to herself. Did you think you could make him better? Every woman wanna be God)
  32. 1:02:27 To wife: Have you forgiven your mother? Why not? Father hurt you, not protecting you from mother. She used to lie a lot, father can’t forgive, only God can. (She cries.) I always wanted his love and guidance; he keeps rejecting me. Why lying? Protecting myself. Still closer to mother. That’s why he doesn’t like you. Especially with husband being weak, all the hell will come out of you. “What a mess!” 
  33. 1:07:19 Another question re: Speaking up: Choosing to gain or lose favor with people… Seeing if anyone is on my side. They were never with you. 
  34. 1:10:06 JLP answers the man: Discernment vs opinions. All opinions from the Devil. Losing people means you never had them anyway. Real caring is not getting an identity (can take it or leave it). 
  35. 1:12:55 (I want to assure you: Nobody likes you.) 
  36. 1:13:30 To lady and others: Which takes courage: To speak up or not to speak up? (also: Hassan, Swedish vs. English disruption, Hake, Doug, Swedish guy on fear, … Donyale, Alexis, young man: Jesus loves you)
  37. 1:21:08 Young man to offender: Jesus loves you. 
  38. 1:23:03 JLP: It doesn’t take courage to speak up. If you have either courage or fear, you’re divided. It takes courage not to speak up. Speaking up protects the ego self. Jesus didn’t at times. If you overcome fear, there is no courage. The real you isn’t afraid anyway. The ego you has fear. When you think of good, bad, right, wrong — the intellect will make you divided. Welcome the fear. You gotta be whole, one: Only the Spirit of the Father can do that. Walk in the spirit. Practice being present. You/I can’t make it happen. Your mind will be renewed, clear. Stay with it no matter what you lose. You want to lose it, so you can have it in the right way. 
  39. 1:28:50 Was this helpful? (To the Swedish) Doing the Silent Prayer? (Thank you, mom.) 
  40. 1:30:21 Main Swedish fan: Forgave mother less than a week ago.
  41. 1:31:31 The “mama” Swedish fan hasn’t forgiven. FaceTime her? 
  42. 1:32:57 Young black man who asked questions: Feeling a certain way at work. Be glad to feel it; let it pass. That’s the death of the ego. When someone can make you feel good or bad, it’s all ego. Let it pass. All emotions are evil, and they’re not you; they come from thoughts. 
  43. 1:37:34 If courage doesn’t exist, how are you in your position? It’s not me, but the Father in me; He’s making me whole, destroying my delusions and illusions. Become whole. The theme today was courage… overcome the idea of courage. 
  44. 1:39:24 Pray, watch, stop protecting the ego, the Devil… Stop having this fantasy about Jesus; he’s our brother. “Greater works shall you do,” he said. You can return to the Father; most don’t want to. They love misery, complaining, being mad. Wish them Hell, go live your life. Don’t cater to anyone’s emotions. 
  45. 1:40:52 (Men, stop catering to anyone’s emotions) Whatever you’re feeling is your fault. 
  46. 1:42:00 END

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