Don’t Judge Yourself as You Grow (Church 12/1/19)

At Church, December 1, 2019, Jesse talks with a brother and sister visiting from Canada — their parents were African immigrants. The people talk about forgiving and being honest with evil mothers, and not judging oneself when you fall into anger. A couple of old regulars at BOND return after being away for a while. People are like sheep — just look at Black Friday madness and people with a victim mentality. Lastly we deal with Biblical Questions about an unclean life vs honorable death, and about the spirit of the man. 

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Canadian African family

A brother and sister joined us, visiting from Canada. Their parents were immigrants from Zimbabwe, Africa! They talk about family, relationships, marriage, and forgiving their mother. Their parents live with the sister, which is a cultural setup most often pushed by mothers. The brother has challenges with his wife as well — he’s not been doing the Silent Prayer. Suffer! 

Later, Jesse talked with the sister who noticed that the brother married a woman just like their mother. This sister judges herself because she has trouble dealing with their mother. Jesse urges her to be honest, and call her mother evil when she’s being evil. Show love. It’s not good to be around evil too long. Jesse was celebrating seeing these young people waking up! But don’t judge yourself! 

Toward the end of the service, they talk about the traditional African wedding, versus whites’ wedding, versus vows before God. Jesse urged the man do make his cultural marriage official with the courthouse, whether his wife wants to or not. He should lead his wife in the right way as the man with his promise to God. 

More feedback

Other newcomers joined us as well. One named Alex asked why people like to suffer. Another, Sean (we’re not sure of the correct spelling), thanked Jesse, and said he forgave his mother, but she faked understanding it. Later, she got mad! 

Jesse asked a couple of the young ladies, one in a relationship, and another a newlywed, what they thought about the conversation about women. They both said they understood and agreed. 

Old BOND people return!

A young man joined us for the first time in a long time — he was going through some issues in his personal life. He found out that there is no “rock bottom” — that it’s bottomless. He said he learned that you have to be alert, and obedient. He did not know that he was lost, but only afterward did he realize it. He sometimes regrets that he’s learning from these “immature” mistakes at age 40, and not in his 20s. But do not worry; rather, be grateful that you are waking up. Don’t put a time to it. WATCH: There Is No Rock Bottom. It’s Bottomless (3-mins)

Another woman Victoria joined us for the first time in a while. She and her husband are moving to Las Vegas. She and her husband stayed with his mother for a short visit, and she saw how evil his mother was. She later said that she knew that she was judging her, and that she was “killing” them with her evil spirit. 

People are like sheep

Jesse talked about how people are like sheep — they don’t think for themselves. For example, people line up excitedly and practically riot on Black Friday to get the “sale.” But the “sale” price is really what the item should normally cost! Also, Black Lives Matter types riot and protest over people like Heather Mac Donald telling them the truth that they are not victims! 

James, the Church producer for online content, asked a number of questions from the YouTube Live Chat. People asked about moving to get oneself together, God speaking, and knowing versus judging right from wrong. 

Biblical Questions

Jesse asked and responded to last week’s Biblical Question: Which would you prefer — an unclean life, or an honorable death? Many said that they’d prefer an unclean life, because then they have the chance to repent. Others said honorable death is preferable, because it matters how your life ends. Jesse then tells the story of a warrior who was captured. This warrior was given the choice to violate his rule not to eat pork and live, or eat other meat and die — something like that. He chose to hold to what he believed in and die. 

We, when we do not speak up, are choosing an unclean life over an honorable death. When you do not go with what is right, out of fear or to protect your job, you choose the unclean life. So often, people go along with evil to avoid trouble with others. Speak up at the right time for what is right. 

Jesse then asked his new Biblical Question: Where is the spirit of man, and what does it look like? (Jesse has been seeing the spirit of woman everywhere lately!) 

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