Don’t Put Anyone Above You (Church, Oct 14)

At Church, we talked about the order of God, the man being the head of his wife. A man and his girlfriend are in hell living together. We also talked about Kanye West, and evil people in “authority” trying to control others. We discussed the reality that “racism” does not exist. In order to see clearly and overcome fear, you must drop anger.

We experienced a few technical issues this morning, but worked through them!

At the beginning of Church, a lady said she wanted a break from her mother. A few others shared their questions and comments.

The order of God

(Watch 4-minute SHORT CUT: Man Is Head of His Wife & Corrects Her; It Does Not Mean “Dominate”)

One woman noted that people misconstrue Jesse’s intent in talking about the order of God. They express anger when Jesse says that the man is the head of his wife. Instead of taking that as God means it, they falsely assume he means the man should domineer his wife. But that’s not in Jesse’s thinking at all when he talks about the order.

The order is God in Christ, Christ in man, man over woman, and women over children. It’s not about lording it over people. God does not even dominate us. He lets people do wrong and suffer — he warns us, but won’t force us.

Anger is a spirit, and with that spirit of anger, you are deceived. So the people angry at Jesse about his truthful message — they cannot see. This woman at Church noted that people have an issue with the words “correct” and “head.” (A man should correct his wife; he is the head of his wife.)

There are two realities to life — if you believe in the world, the world is controlled by the Prince of Darkness; he is a Deceiver. All of the world will fall into the same ditch.

Pre-marital troubles

(Watch 33-minute excerpt: Controlling Girlfriend vs. Beta Male: Unmarried Couple Hashes It Out in Church)

One man said that he doesn’t “get” the order of God. His father tried to be the head, but he was a bad example of it — rude and mean to his wife. Now this man says his girlfriend gets to him. He’s unclear whether his girlfriend is his fiancee. She asks him questions and gets on his nerves, but she just wants him to do right. People at Church offered feedback to both of them.

Jesse urged the girlfriend: Just leave him alone. When you press the issue, you’re imposing your will on him. If you ask him what’s wrong, and he says nothing, just drop it at that point. He’s an adult — even with children, you should not impose on them by forcing them to talk to you. If you let it go, then they can freely come back and open up to you. You doing that with him — you’re creating a mother-son relationship.

Mothers, let go!

The girlfriend said he seemed bothered after talking with his mother. But he said that he was not bothered — he may have raised his voice, but he was not angry.

Many mothers don’t want to let go of their adult children. Jesse told about a 20-year-old Brazilian man who called his show this past week. He wants to move out, but his mother doesn’t want him to move. So she called her best friend, a pastor’s wife — to come pray the “demons” out of his bedroom. She thought that “demons” were telling him to leave home!

(See also 5-minute radio show video: Man’s Mother Called Pastor’s Wife to Pray “Little Demons” Away)

In sex, there is no love

Jesse caught the man holding his girlfriend’s hand. He explained that he held her hand because she may feel “alone” right now. But Jesse joked that “she’s tougher then you.” This man admitted he’d hated his mother, and even cut off communication for years.

Jesse advised the man and his girlfriend, who are living together: Move apart! You’re not supposed to live together until marriage. You’re in hell, creating hell. The girlfriend agrees they’re not in position for marriage. She said that her boyfriend told her, “I don’t believe in marriage”! He explained himself, but he’s simply not ready to marry her. She started to cry a little bit in distress, but couldn’t answer why she doesn’t just leave him.

Jesse asked if they’re still having sex. Yes, they are. They tried to stop, but living together, the temptation is too strong. Jesse warned them: You don’t love one another. It’s all emotional. You’re both wrong. If they don’t take this good advice, then suffer and die. He’s not a man. He’s a beta male! So just think about it.

Authority: Don’t put anyone above you

(Watch 16-minute excerpt: Kanye West Vs. “Authority” Trying to Control Him)

Jesse talked about “authority” in light of the controversy over Kanye West, a famous black rapper who’s come out in support of President Trump. He said that black people don’t have to be Democrats.

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who want to control, and those who want to be free. Kanye is free to say what he wants, but people want to shut him up. There are even pastors who don’t want to let you disagree! They want authority over you in order to control you, and keep you from challenging their power.

Similarly, there are many people on medication today — therapists cannot solve your problems, so they prescribe drugs to you. People look to these “therapists” as authorities, so they’re receiving all kinds of prescriptions but no solutions!

No man or woman is above you. Don’t put anyone above you. Don’t be into titles — that’s something meant to force you to obey, to deceive you — it’s a brainwashing thing. They want to be above you to control you. It’s the same with mothers: “I’m your mama! I brought you into this world, and I’ll take you out!” It’s evil to manipulate people on how they think or speak. Anyone in positions of authority — they’re just another human being. Don’t give yourself over to anyone.

People attacking Kanye are wrong

The people attacking Kanye are wrong. We human beings are not that important. We’re nothing. We’re fortunate God loves us and allows us to live. You’ve got to just be yourself. Even with your boss, do the right thing but don’t be afraid of him.

Some people at Church gave feedback about Kanye, saying that Don Lemon suggested locking Kanye away or something. Don Lemon has been drunk on TV, a black homosexual male showing off his white “boyfriend.”

Overcome anger in order to gain courage. God takes your fear away when you drop anger. He lets you become an independent person.

Another woman listened to what Kanye actually said, and he made great points about prison. But the people trying to shut him down don’t want him to influence others. They want control. It’s a spiritual battle. If you have this issue with “authority,” do not put anyone above you!

Racism does not exist

(Watch Excerpt: There Is No “Racism,” Only Love or Hate. If You Hate One You Hate All)

A man named Jerry visited Church for the first time from Indianapolis. He found Jesse on YouTube, and disagrees with some things. For example, he believes that racism exists, that you can hate one group of people. Jesse noted that if you hate one person, you hate everybody. Hate is in your heart, so it’s all you have. You don’t have love. You can’t just hate one person.

Now, if you’re black, and you discriminate against whites — you can judge the whites, but that doesn’t mean you love the blacks. You’ll notice blacks treat one another worse than whites treat one another. The problem is spiritual, and not physical. Jesse grew up under the Jim Crow laws on a plantation in Alabama, and never heard the word “racism.” He was told there are good and bad people in all races.

If someone hates or discriminates against you, if you have perfect love, you cannot be held back by them. Only in listening to Satan can you be stopped by evil people. The moment you forgive, God gives you perfect love.

Let anger go

Jesse asked this man Jerry if he let his anger go. No. He said he probably needs to forgive his parents, especially his father. Jesse asked him: Are you not tired of suffering? Not yet. What did your father do to you? He raised the children to be scared of him — with an “iron fist” as a pastor trying to maintain good appearances. Forgive him; he could not help himself. What did your mother do? “She was one of my favorite people” Jesse sang, “I always love my mama, she’s my favorite girl.” From what this man saw, his mother was perfect. Amazing!

A woman this man is dating also joined us for Church. She agreed this man is “alpha” in that he’s strong-minded and opinionated. Her name, I believe, is Evony. She has anger, and wants to let it go, but says, “I like to suffer.” She disagrees with Jesse on many things, about Trump and about his commentary on black people looting. She didn’t like how Jesse talked about “the blacks.” But when you overcome anger, you can see and no longer identify with being black. It’s not because they’re black that they looted — but because they’re immoral. All people with anger cannot see.

Jesse and Jerry talked a little about Jesse’s producer James, and his show The Hake Report.

Don’t look for your purpose

James, Jesse’s producer, asked a few questions. One woman asked how to help people overcome anger. Another asked what brand of shoes Jesse was wearing today. Another asked how to find your purpose.

If you can not fall to the temptations of the world and of the thoughts, you can walk on water. Do not seek your purpose. Seek first the Kingdom of God, and his right way, and all will be added. One thing will lead to another.

A man at Church said he expressed support for Kanye West on Facebook and caught confusing backlash. Kanye talked about bringing a big factory and jobs to Chicago. This man used to be liberal, but is less left now after listening to Jesse. Jesse told him: Don’t worry about whether you should be Democrat or Republican. Just focus on becoming a son of God. Be right. Jesse turned Republican after God changed his heart and he read the platforms of both parties. But that should not be your focus.

Jesse warned a man not to share his opinions too much with others while getting his life on track. There is a time to be quiet, and you should not impose on others about God, politics, or anything. Just be quiet.

Another man said that some people seem to have fear more than anger. But you cannot have fear without anger.


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