Don’t Run from Your Hell | Church 5/5/24

People speak on anger. Slaves to thoughts. Love your Hell. There is no “you.” Watch your thrills. Can you ever know another?

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, May 5, 2024 

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  • (0:00:00) Rough start! 
  • (0:02:57) Jason (sp) 10-mins (No friends, Anger) 
  • (0:20:42) Chy (sp) 10-mins (Small, Polite, Fake? Angry past) 
  • (0:32:23) Man 5-mins: Anger, spinning wheels at churches 
  • (0:37:19) About a woman not ready for the message 
  • (0:42:39) Work on you. 
  • (0:46:22) First-timer: Real you, nothing you can imagine 
  • (0:49:26) BQ: Can you ever really know another person? 
  • (0:51:49) Fidgety man: All are slaves to thoughts. Go dumb. Love your Hell. 
  • (1:01:37) Do you see your Hell? “Striving to be better”? 
  • (1:07:50) Stuck in a loop. Hate working out. 
  • (1:12:44) “I’m making myself bad.” There is no you! …Just a thrill. 
  • (1:20:02) Just a thrill! People don’t want relationships to work! (Jason) 
  • (1:27:32) More BQ: Ever really know another? (Smoke on it till next Sunday) 
  • (1:36:17) What did you learn? 
  • (1:40:09) Ticked ladies. See it. Don’t analyze it. Feel the fear. 
  • (1:58:08) Watch thrills. Watch yourself. Do you think you know yourself? 
  • (2:01:08) Assignment, new BQ: What is real power? (Closing)


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Church Notes 

Biblical Question: Can you ever really know another person? 

New Biblical Question idea: What is real power? 

Rough start!

(0:00:00) Late start (0:02:23) Intro

Man: Talk for 10-mins (No friends, Angry) – Jason (sp) 

(0:03:03) A man got into it with someone he thought was his friend. 

(0:05:09) Feedback from “Darren” (0:06:56) More feedback… Jesse wants him to talk rather than take Q&A — but Nick asks another question! 

(0:09:28) Man: I don’t have any friends. I have to deal with family and watch myself. 

(0:12:48) What brought me to BOND: Anger. Thought Jesse was crazy. – Jason (sp) 

Respond to what he said… 

(0:14:53) Donyale on Facebook: “Friend” such a heavy title, given so easily by the world. 

(0:17:32) Another young lady, Anthony’s daughter, responds. (0:18:41) How did it end? Didn’t wanna hear about his friend’s bragging session, about his party. 

(0:19:51) Anthony’s wife doesn’t want to talk 

Another gal… Shy / Chy / Shaw (sp) 

(0:20:35) What can I talk about? (0:21:38) Walkin’ up here like Whitney Houston. (0:22:55) I was small physically, but teenagers in Alabama were very developed. … She noticed anger in herself. She was invited to a beach house, and noticed fake girls around her. She thinks, Am I fake? 

5 mins… (0:25:59) JLP to Anthony’s wife: Your husband gonna beat you for embarrassing him. … She’s a polite person (0:25:59) a pushover. 

Response… Sean

(0:27:42) Sean: Over-politeness could be a cover. Like Jesse says: Nice people are the worst. (0:29:18) Shy / Chy / Shaw never thought of it as a cover-up. 

(0:29:54) Another man: Respond to what she said. The South: Hospitable. She used to be really viciously angry, maybe from “bullying.” But now she laughs about that. 

Another man… Anger. 

(0:32:18) This other man doesn’t want to come up — talk for 5 mins… (0:33:14) I can relate to what everybody’s said so far. Anger message at BOND — been looking and spinning his wheels at churches a long time. Not gonna see a therapist; they’ll probably make your problems worse or waste your time. 

(0:35:53) Respond to him: Alexis relates. 

**About a woman not ready for the message

(0:37:14) The other man again: A woman the other week Bible-thumping, missing Jesse’s biblical response. She went to her phone — rude. Only a few… (0:39:45) Don’t try to save them. They don’t want to hear it. 

**(0:40:36) Worst thing you can do for someone is try to save them from Hell. 

(0:41:29) Response: I agree. (0:42:12) Were you nervous? 

**Work on you. 

(0:42:32) You gotta work on you. Distractions will come. (0:44:19) Like Nick works on his car, you gotta work on you. Watch out for people who’d stop you. **Pay attention and let it be. Let the Hell be. 

(0:45:34) When I have you talk about you — talk about you. 

**First-timer: Real you is nothing you can imagine 

(0:46:15) First timer thought Jesse was hilarious. Black people are very entertaining. He asks Jesse a question (he doesn’t like talking about himself), and responds (that’s ego), Oh, shoot (after cussing). There is a you, but it’s nothing like you can imagine. Can’t imagine who we really are — bring all thoughts and imagination into captivity. (0:47:59) Doing the Silent Prayer? Morning, not night. Beta. 

(0:48:54) Another man has questions but they’re too complicated right now. 

BQ: Can you ever really know another person? 

(0:49:19) Donyale … Anthony thinking… (0:50:29) Bill from Michigan: Know, all I want is knowing thyself. (0:51:06) Can sense whether in the spirit or not? Mother said no friends only acquaintances… 

**Fidgety man: All are slave to thoughts. Go dumb. 

(0:51:44) Another man Tracy (sp) who keeps saying, You know what I’m saying? He’s getting to know himself, his anger; he’s overcome a lot of it. (0:53:28) Nervous? Why? Fidgety… 

(0:55:54) All are a slave to thoughts. (0:57:29) You cannot think about God. … (0:57:56) LD (Learning Disability) — you want to become dumb, get to the point you know nothing. 

**(0:58:35) The first-timer always felt dumb. He’d cheat and still fail. 

(0:59:34) … All your needs will be met. Be still. He feels calmer. Stay still; practice it. 

**(1:00:49) Don’t run away from Hell. See your Hell in you. The Father will save you from it. Don’t hate it or love it. 

*Do you see your Hell? Love your Hell? ‘Striving to be better’

(1:01:31) Do you see your Hell in you? Chy or Shy or Shaw (sp) judges herself. Love your Hell. **No such thing as striving to be better. You can’t make yourself better. 

(1:02:57) Anthony’s wife… (1:04:05) Chy… 

(1:04:38) Alex: I’m always Striving to be better… treadmill… Not eating, depressed. Nice. (1:06:08) Depression doesn’t help. I’m hardwired to mess it up. 

(1:06:45) Rochelle’s advice to Alex: Let go of the thoughts making you think you’re judging yourself. 

**Still in a loop, in Hell. Working out

(1:07:42) What’s on your mind? Looking at the loops I’ve been in, and which one’s I’m still in…. We can see others’ problems. Needing consistency… **(1:09:43) Working out regularly, I hate it; my husband’s the opposite. Excuses. Devil’s talking you out of it. Do it anyway. (1:12:09) Those are not your thoughts. 

**”I’m making myself bad” There is no you! Just a thrill. 

**(1:12:34) Look at so-called good thoughts, supposedly with good intention. -Jason (sp)… 

(1:13:11) Back to Shy / Chy / Shaw (sp) I know I’m making myself bad, how is it I try to make myself good? Nick asks: How do you know you’re making yourself bad? **It’s like being an alcoholic. (Jesse jokes) 

**(1:15:35) JLP: You’re not making yourself bad, nor are you making yourself good. There is no you. If you don’t exist, how is it you make yourself good or bad? There is no you. **(1:17:58) So what does exist? Not you. There is no you. Nothing to work on. Nothing. 

It’s just a thrill! People don’t want relationship to work! 

(1:19:49) It’s an illusion that there’s a you. **It’s a thrill to think about, somebody stole my money! 

**(1:21:35) Women cry: “I want a husband!” Why? For the thrill! Relationship not gonna work anyway! 

(1:24:25) Back to Jason: His lil friend. He doesn’t want to say he’s mad, but he gave into the thought — gave into the thrill. 

Back to BQ: Can you ever really know another person? 

(1:27:26) Daniel on talking about yourself or not talking about yourself. BQ: Can you ever really know someone? No. 

(1:29:26) Joel Friday… (JLP: Hassan nodding and rapping with it) (1:30:42) Sean: No…example: My parents. 

(1:31:18) “Darren” easier to know another person than yourself. (1:32:04) A man is a twin (maybe fraternal) and says no. (1:33:00) Another man agreed. 

(1:33:20) Anthony says you can, if you know yourself. Watching yourself and the evil in you — it’s the evil in them. (1:33:50) Hake says no. You get in your head. (1:34:44) Hassan says no. Facade. They don’t even know. 

(1:35:42) Jesse wants to hold this for one more Sunday. Wants you to smoke on it till next week. 

What did you learn? 

(1:36:10) First-timer man thought about the lesson he learned: Not wanting to talk about myself is ego. Thinking it’s bad to be dumb — that’s wrong. 

(1:37:23) Drugs are the Devil, says Tracy (sp). **(1:39:23) Great point about drugs… 

**Annoyed lady. Watch the ticks. Just see it. Don’t analyze. 

(1:40:06) Donyale was annoyed that Pat and Redondo guy to go on-stage, and she was annoyed they refused. She was ticked last week — Jesse reenacts it. 

**(1:43:25) Watch those little ticks! 

(1:44:49) Anthony’s wife: Should we analyze why we’re ticked? No. Just see it. (1:46:20) Preventing your kids from Hell is overcoming it yourself. The light will show you. You analyzing it — Satan got you! **(1:47:10) Keep your eyes on you.  (1:48:52) God wants you to see the Hell in you. The Devil wants you to remember. The Devil brings up the memories to control you. 

(1:50:04) Sean: It’s all the same thing, judgment, ticked, analyzing… JLP: It doesn’t exist! Childhood trauma was over when it happened! The Devil tells you it’s still there. You relive it. **It was over once your mama finished beating you! (1:51:53) The Devil wants you to go to therapy. It’s over when it happened! They give you medication. Making money! 

(1:53:14) Devil reminds you of all this stuff. You believe the Devil, feel it, may act upon it, get depressed, etc. … **(1:54:46) Satan won’t let you come up with a solution. It’s impossible. … Feel the fear. Don’t run away from it. God’s trying to save you. Stop running away from the pain. 

Watch the thrills. Don’t test people. Watch you. Do you think you know yourself? 

(1:58:02) “Darren” — Watch the thrills. When the party’s over, it’s over. Friends, they’re always your enemy. Don’t tell the truth more to figure out who these fake people are. 

(1:59:41) Do you think you know yourself? 

Assignment: Watch thrills, you. New BQ: What is real power? (Closing) 

(2:00:59) Closing: Don’t let anyone stop you. You cannot save another person. God doesn’t try to force it on anyone. 

(2:02:42) New Biblical Question: What is real power? Different people respond: … Gentleness … calm … be humble …. 

(2:04:50) Real closing: (Super Chats tmrw) You can have perfect peace here on earth. 


  • 2024 theme: Want for nothing. 
  • 2024 assignment: This year, don’t let the thoughts bully you. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself, and that it’s all about self. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Sit four minutes in your room in silence. 
  • We’re not messing around this year. 
  • Assignment 3/10/24 and 3/17/24: Get rid of your heroes. Trust no one. 

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