Are You Dying That You Might Live? If So, How? (Church Jul 30)

(Watch 9-minute excerpt: What It Means, and Does NOT Mean, to Fear God) At the beginning, Jesse invites people to ask a question or make a comment to share with others in church. One man says that he is not an angry person, but that things can make him angry. Another man talks about confronting wicked people. One man tells about getting beat up in West Hollywood after visiting a friend — someone hit him in the head from behind; he fell to the ground and got knocked out; they stole his stuff. He woke up in an alley the next morning and made his way home, although he doesn’t know how.

Jesse talks about his Politicon panel discussions on Fatherhood, Community, and Our Cities, being confronted by an angry black woman and being one of the only conservatives on a panel of mostly liberals. Jesse pointed out that black mothers’ anger is what drives children crazy.

Jesse followed up with a man who recently was laid off from his job, fired after 30 years. Jesse urged him not to believe the thoughts that tell him to commit suicide — he even thought he’d use a knife, although he says he wouldn’t do it. He has a wife and kids. Many people have had thoughts of killing themselves.

Jesse asks his biblical question for this week: Are you dying that you might live? If so, how are you dying? Some said they are already dead, and dying every day by not following ego desires, but by obeying God. Others said they are not.

A woman watching online asked about last week’s question, Do you fear God? She thought we should not fear God as that’s an emotion born of anger. But fear of God is like a great appreciation. We should not be hung up on words, as Satan defines things falsely for us with words and thoughts to deceive us.

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