Emotional People Are Controlled | Church 4/2/23

Emotional People Are Controlled

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A depressed man feels suicidal again, but won’t pray! Emotional people react like bombs linked together. It’s the Devil — not you! 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, April 2, 2023: We talk at-length about a depressed senior’s situation. He won’t pray, but lightens up watching comedy. Do you feel sorry for him? Jesse mocks his pitiful thoughts, saying he loves his hell.  //

A shooting occurred in Nashville, and different people protested for and against different “rights.” Emotional people react to the situation of others as though it’s happening to them. Everyone is divided in so many different ways. The Devil made a home in your body; thoughts and emotions are not you.  //

Jesse talks with a young family with two teenage daughters and a young son who “accidentally” stabbed someone with a pencil at school. The mother has a little bit of anger, but it’s the same spirit as that of Jeffrey Dahmer!  //

JLP briefly answers his Biblical Question: Why do you interfere with the natural flow of your life? Because you’re divided. New Biblical Question: Why do you hate the person you idolize?  //


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Apr 2, 2023
  • 0:01:02 Welcome to Church
  • 0:05:52 Depressed man loves his suffering
  • 0:11:27 Women feel empathy for him
  • 0:21:47 Mocking the Devil in the man
  • 0:31:51 Advice: Silent Prayer and judgment
  • 0:47:33 JLP: Emotions are weak: Everyone is controlled
  • 1:11:03 Don’t let the Devil take your life
  • 1:14:39 When to conclude a session of Silent Prayer
  • 1:16:45 A family with daughters and a boy
  • 1:36:06 Devil has no power; Eat to remember; Forgive
  • 1:45:50 It’s not you. Suffer. Forgive. You’re divided.
  • 1:53:29 Biblical Questions: Natural flow; Hating the idolized


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Emotions Are Weak and Evil.

WATCH CLIP (23-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP mentions the Nashville Christian school shooting, and fighting and division everywhere. Emotional people react like bombs linked to one another, when nothing is happening to them directly!

See clips from recent services as well as older services (on YouTube).

Church Notes

10:58 AM US PDT – We start streaming and pretty quickly get started with the service.

11:00 Jesse tells a brief story of a son who acts proud of his father, but he doesn’t love him; he’s just happy about inheriting his father’s wealth when he dies. Nobody loves anybody.

11:02 A young man asks whether he’s in the right position to tell someone he’s “retarded” for asking him how to reach death (commit suicide). You shouldn’t help him, but you also shouldn’t try to stop him. Say what you want, of course.

Man loves his suffering, but doesn’t agree

11:04 A man Alex is doing “rough.” He quit his new job to go see Mama with his brother. Listening to comedy before bed, and it lightened his head. He’s not praying. Keep looking outside for the answers; just suffer; you love your suffering. You know the Source that can make you free, and you won’t go to Him. He says he’s trying to overcome it. Jesse jokes with him about insurance for the burial, which he calls “vicious.”

Women feel empathy for suffering man

11:11 A young lady reacts, saying it’s not so black-and-white; it’s complicated. Do you feel sorry for him? I feel empathy. Why? She says we don’t all do everything right all the time. Why not? She sweetly cusses in church, and says “stuff” gets in the way.

11:15 Another gal Lijie is not a doctor but feels like he might be slightly autistic.

11:17 Jesse addresses the man: You are an atheist! Jesse gets back to Lijie. She feels we all need help. She says we are never without help. The help comes from God.

11:20 A young man Justin says Alex is getting emotional.

Mocking the Devil in you

11:21 Alex accuses Jesse of mocking him. But Jesse’s mocking the Devil in him. The real you cannot be destroyed. You’re listening to the Devil, so you can’t help but find one thing after another. Stay with the Silent Prayer so that He can bring you out of the illusion of your mind. “I’ve had these bad habits.” They’re not habits; they’re spirits.

See that you’re wrong, do the Silent Prayer, and see that you can’t do anything about it — stop identifying with thoughts. Thoughts and emotions are wicked; they’re of your father the Devil. “It’s not fun feeling suicidal,” he repeats.

11:28 A young father says the Devil has him in a yoyo, feeling up and down.

Advice: Silent Prayer and judgment

11:30 One lady tells Alex Jesse’s giving him the highest expression of love; to coddle him in his feelings is not beneficial. She believes he’s in a comfort zone, with the same story since she heard Church online before she ever came. She exhorts him that the Silent Prayer is crucial. You’re putting a bandaid on the problem, and not getting to the root.

11:33 Jesse urges the man to relax and hear it, not tense up.

11:34 A man says it’s hard to do the Silent Prayer when his mind is racing, so he starts to suggest watching comedy first. Jesse strongly disagrees, saying he needs to go to prayer at his worst, without anything to soften the blow. Come as you are. Everything starts within first, not without.

11:38 Doug says that when you don’t want to offend or judge him, that’s already a judgment.

11:40 Jesse adds that you can tell the truth without judging.

11:40 Franky says he was 50% for God, but Jesse asserts Alex is 100% with the Devil.

Jesse advises him to relax and let it go. Let the thoughts go. Alex says he’s trying to let the thoughts go. When you listen to the thoughts, you’re worshiping the Devil. You’re swimming in mud, in hell. Stop listening to the thoughts.

Alex starts to say he needs more structure in his life.

JLP: Emotions are weak. Everyone is controlled.

11:46 Jesse then gets to his topic for today: There was a shooting in Nashville, by a transgender at a Christian school. Students marched to the capital and demanded “transgender rights.” Some were laughing and having fun.

The conservatives held their rallies, and others protesting for and against abortion.

11:48 Jesse interrupts his thought to mention trying to kill himself twice in his 20s. He used pills because a woman broke up with him before he was ready.

11:49 Back to the topic: We’re so divided! Everybody’s fighting, Christian or LGBT or whatever.

(11:53) Emotional people are weak. They are like a line of bombs going off one after another. Human beings are that way, reacting as though the situation happened to them.

In seeing, there is no fight; you don’t have to fight the Devil. No one can give me my rights. My rights come from God.

(11:57) You need a change of nature. It begins with forgiveness. Salvation is of the heart. Do the Silent Prayer. Keep your eyes on yourself no matter what happens. Overcome the false self. The Devil dwells in your physical body — not in you at all. It’s the nature of the Devil, and you’ve identified with it. When people carry on about it.

(12:01) They’ve pushed anger as love. It’s hate, but the world deceived you into thinking anger is good.

God never accuses nor condemns. We’re not guilty nor innocent. The spirit in you controls you.

Jesse tried speaking in tongues and reading the Bible.

(12:09) When my father died, I didn’t trip.

Don’t let the Devil take your life.

12:09 Alex called 988 the suicide crisis line for 40 minutes, and it helped, he said. Nothing on the outside helped. Life isn’t about feeling better, but about being free. Alex thought about taking fentanyl to die. The Devil doesn’t want you to know God.

When to conclude a session of Silent Prayer?

12:13 A man asks when to conclude Silent Prayer. The thoughts will tell him it’s time to stop. That’s the Devil. Don’t listen to that. The Devil doesn’t want you to be still and let go.

A family with daughters and a boy

12:16 A 17-year-old young lady says she forgave her mother, but didn’t tell her. She hasn’t forgiven her father to his face, because it’d be embarrassing for her to have resented him.

The father is not patient with them; he says he catches himself and steps back, so maybe he is patient.

12:20 Another daughter, also 17, says their parents are good, but the mother’s not patient with their little brother who doesn’t listen.

12:22 The mother says if her boy gets suspended from school, people will say she’s a bad mother. He “accidentally” stabbed someone with a pencil.

12:25 Jesse points out it’s hard for boys to be sitting still in school all day in a classroom. They need to be climbing trees and running outside. Jesse talks about talking with Sean this week.

(12:26) The mother doesn’t do the Silent Prayer. She gets angry about she’s not sure what, not towards anybody. Have you forgiven your mother for creating you in her image?

She feels it’s normal for her husband to get on her nerves, because nothing is perfect. Jesse asserts that even a little bit of anger is Jeffrey Dahmer. Any anger at all is the spirit of the Devil.

The little boy talks more.

The Devil has no power

12:35 Jesse agrees with Troy that the Devil has no power; if he can’t deceive you, he can’t make you do anything.

Eating to remember, and not to forget

12:36 Lijie asks if the food we eat affects the soul, the heart, in the belly. Jesse talks about eating to remember versus to forget.

Anger and forgiveness

12:39 Jesse explains to one lady that when you become angry you take on the spirit of the mother who passed it to you. She cannot help it, but it’s the spirit of Satan. When we forgive, he changes our heart to love. The little things don’t seem like a bad thing, but they are.

12:44 Raymond takes a long trip every Sunday for Church because he trusts Jesse.

Last Feedback: It’s not you… Suffer! Forgiving mother. Divided

12:45 Jesse reiterates: It’s not you. Stop communicating with the Devil in your or inside of others. Wish everybody well. Love your enemy.

12:45 One lady doesn’t do the Silent Prayer, and hasn’t forgiven her mother.

12:47 Justin, the first-timer, age 20, forgave his mother, and experienced the same fear. His father shrugged it off.

12:49 Another mother talks about her children seeing the craziness, and how divided people are. The Devil is at the top, Jesse says. Everybody’s trying to get control over somebody. School teachers are fighting with the parents, wanting to force their wickedness on somebody else’s children! That’s how we are on the inside, anyone with anger.

BQ’s… Why you interfere with the natural flow of life

12:52 Jesse answers the Biblical Question: Why do you interfere with the natural flow of your life? It’s because you’re divided. Let life happen. Let the thoughts go.

(12:53) New Biblical Question: Why do you hate the person you idolize?

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