Entrepreneur Without a Plan: A Living Being & Son of God (Church, July 15)

At Church today Jesse had Joel Friday Dominick on stage with him, a man involved in the BOND Entrepreneur Academy. He started a dance academy called The Gifted Of Dance. thegiftedofdance.com 

Joel’s dance company’s Instagram profile is @TheGiftedOfDance 

Jesse talked about the fact you don’t need a five year plan or to start big and get a loan to start a business. Instead, you start small, start with what you have, with what you know. And grow from there, step by step. Be a living being. If God is your Father, he will guide you. 

Jesse tells about his guide The Seven Guaranteed Steps to Spiritual, Family and Financial Success.
For Jesse’s books visit his page on his website, or call us to order by phone 323-782-1980 

We also read from the 23rd Psalm, and discussed it, including what the valley of the shadow of death means — those times when you get a weird feeling.

We discussed the importance of facing and forgiving your mother — and both parents. People talked about their experienced doing it, and some asked why they need to do it in-person. You do it to get your courage back.

One man watching online asked how to overcome infidelity, how to forgive someone who betrayed you.

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