Go Through the Valley of the Shadow of Anger | Church 9/24/23

What is your nature? Go through the valley of the shadow of loneliness. No strength or weakness: Drop identities.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, September 24, 2023 

||  See clips, links, and notes below. 


  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk / Welcome to fellowship
  • (0:02:29) Come to share, not to receive
  • (0:03:45) Q: What is your nature? Drug addicted parents…
  • (0:06:35) Wife/mother and “beta” husband: Evil grandmas!
  • (0:40:53) Covering up. Friend’s suicide: Telling people “I love you”? 
  • (0:50:12) Frustrated: Evil people. The Chosen, JLP stories. (Therapist)
  • (0:59:52) 21yo man breaks down: Forgave late father. Forgive your mother.
  • (1:05:57) Young man won’t forgive African father. Never a reason to hate!
  • (1:16:53) JLP story: Housewife waking up in loneliness
  • (1:32:19) Boredom vs loneliness: Same thing? (“FOMO”)
  • (1:41:24) Mother of 21yo: He needs to see for himself 
  • (1:43:47) More on loneliness, boredom, 
  • (1:49:30) JLP: Go through the valley of the shadow of death. Anger is your bitter enemy. 
  • (1:50:27) Biblical Q: Why do you judge other people’s strength with your weakness? 
  • (1:57:52) JLP: No such thing as strength or weakness. It’s an act. Drop identities


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Church Notes

10:58 AM US PDT — We stream a couple of minutes before the top of the hour. 

Come to give, not to receive. What is your nature? Great conversations with different people…. JLP tells a counseling story of a woman overcoming who got lonely… Go through the valley of the shadow of death, identities, ego, loneliness… Boredom vs loneliness: Same thing? People are not praying! 

Biblical Q: Why do you judge other people’s strength against your weakness? 

NOT MENTIONED: New BQ: What is real reality? 

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
  2. (0:01:56) Welcome to Fellowship
    • (0:02:29) Come to share, not to receive
  3. (0:03:45) What is your nature? “Evil.” Drug addicted parents… Father took me away from mother at 13, saving me… I thought it was normal…. 
  4. (0:06:35) What is your nature? Mother wants her kids organized… Good and bad. She has a chaotic side, but wants her kids to be balanced.  (LONG CLIP)
    • (0:09:11) (Does your husband know you better than you know yourself? No…) First-time… She’s nervous. Why? The attention is on her. Why do you hide? It’s comfortable. What’s comfortable about hiding? Blending into the background — is it hiding? 
    • (0:12:06) Relax… (Do you obey your husband? That’s a no. Why? I’m better organized. What does that mean? He doesn’t look into details. Mad about it?) 
    • (0:13:26) Happy being married to a beta male? …. Has children, 8 and 6… It’s her
    • (0:15:26) It’s her first time, Vicki (sp). Her husband called-in to the radio show, saying he was a beta. He questions to himself whether it’s worth a fight, so she gets her way. 
      • (0:18:35) He told her how he wants it to be… Why did you need to tell her? 
      • (0:19:31) He doesn’t want to be the macho man bossing her… She’s bossing him around… You haven’t realized 
      • (0:20:40) (JLP: You don’t have to ask for permission to lead…) He wants a happy home. JLP knows a couple married 60-something years. Wife miserable because her husband didn’t take charge. 
      • (0:22:00) What is your nature? A loving, funny guy… Do you believe your nature can change? 
    • (0:22:41) WIFE again: Do you like his mother? No. She breaks down crying, because she realized she’s not part of the family. God told the husband to take the wife far away from the family. “My family loves him.” Only because he’s weak. He’s following you. 
      • (0:25:30) MAN: My mom watches the kids. WIFE didn’t want to quit for the longest time. Which brings more joy: Raising kids, or working? Kids. Not all the time, though! They’re gonna have meltdowns. Do you have meltdowns? 
      • Are you having fun? “No.” (Laughter) The whole world have the same problems (CLIPS
      • (0:27:50) How do you let your mother babysit? …. If I tell my son something, he says, “I’m gonna tell Nana.” She can’t help it; her nature is evil. …. Nana gives them candy when they’re not watching…. 
      • (0:30:33) Nature? Beta! I thought I was leading, then realized I was a beta. 
    • (0:31:27) WIFE: Have you forgiven your mother? For recreating you in her image? Did you know you’re just like your mama? 
      • (0:34:12) MAN: They live in Bakersfield. (Kids are camping with grandma.) 
      • (0:35:05) WIFE: Not close with dad. … Work on you. No one can save you. 
      • (0:37:01) WIFE disagrees: My mom and I have a great relationship. She’s old-school Mexican. Your mother’s evil, no good — did the best she could. No woman is good, nor man. Nobody is good. You still disagree? Yes. Work on yourself, you’ll see.  (CLIP) …. Ask your father why did your mother leave. 
  5. (0:40:53) What’s your nature? Covering up… Why not face it? Easier. …. In the military. Friend committed suicide (at 23). Cover up with joking, laughing, not wanting to face feelings. I have questions, not anger. I started telling people around me I love ‘em more. I was a mama’s boy. He’s Salvador, stationed in Oklahoma. (His brother is the beta husband.) (LONG CLIP)
    • (0:44:39) JLP: Any male who has anger is a woman… thinks, feels, afraid like a woman
    • (0:45:15) Re: Telling people you love them… What’s the purpose? You don’t have love. Father doesn’t need to say it. That’s a woman’s thing. (CLIP) … You wouldn’t have saved your friend by texting him… the same spirit. He believed lies. 
  6. (0:50:12) What is your nature? Young lady: Used to be confusion… Now letting go, still frustrated a lil… People are evil! 
    • (0:51:27) JLP: The Chosen: Jesus said the hardest part of my job is to change the human heart. Waking up, you’ll see it. Don’t be frustrated. WOMAN: I expect more out of my family. 
    • (0:52:23) JLP: The families are the worst! I walked into a beautiful home, but dealing with their issues, it’s like they didn’t know they lived in a beautiful home; it didn’t matter. They thought if they got educated, had a big home, had kids, lived in a nice neighborhood, they’d be happy — but it did nothing for their nature. The material stuff doesn’t matter. 
    • (0:54:38) JLP: Counseled with people in DC — same spirit. 
    • (0:55:08) I do not do the Silent Prayer… I moved back to Texas… JLP: I know people who died in their Hell… You’re worshiping the Devil… Chenteria (sp) — came to service once, and Women’s Forum once. I love you… Go back to the prayer, don’t let the Devil talk you out of it. The greatest sin is to forget to stay present. 
    • (0:57:46) I’m a therapist… She asks a question Hake missed… JLP: It will balance itself out. I can tell when people don’t want to hear the truth. They love their Hell. Do the Silent Prayer so you can see. 
  7. (0:59:52) A 21yo man talks about temptation… He breaks down a little bit. Forgive your mother. His father’s not there. He told her he forgave her, but didn’t apologize for resenting. He knows about the Silent Prayer, but doesn’t do it. The noise gets louder when I try to be silent. (LONGISH CLIP) 
    • (1:04:30) He forgave his father on his deathbed
  8. (1:05:34) What is your nature? A young lady answers briefly
  9. (1:05:57) What is your nature? Young man lives in same house with his father, but hasn’t forgiven him, because he was a disciplinarian, a good provider, but not much of a father. He bought a lot of gifts… He told him and his sister to commit suicide multiple times. … He tried to be buddy-buddy today… (LONG CLIP) 
    • (1:10:26) You love your hell? 
    • (1:12:30) (SHORT CLIP) There’s never ever ever a reason to hate. You still have to forgive him. He couldn’t help himself. 
  10. (1:15:23) What is your nature? Donyale: Discovery? Not sure. 
  11. (1:16:53) (LONG CLIP) JLP: I had this discussion with a nice lady (in case she’s watching) — during counseling. She used to work, was married and had kids. She was at the top of the hour, but unhappy. She got pregnant and was going to quit. The women at her job didn’t like that, and tried to tell her to work, and they turned against her, because she was trying to do it the right way. She got married a second time, but didn’t know why. Now old nature is fading away, disappearing. 
    • Now she doesn’t want to play, party, gossip with anyone — happy with herself, being alone. She gets up, cooks, cleans, being around the house. She feels lonely… That’s not you. 
    • (1:20:17) The world has given us identities… People compare themselves to rich people, and it makes them feel poor. 
    • (1:21:25) Stop worshiping fear, doubt, anger — every time you get mad, you’re worshiping the Devil. It’s not your identity. If you want to be free, go through the valley of the shadow of loneliness, fear, doubt, comparing yourself to others, worry, depression, listening to the voice…. You’ll see God is with you. … Picking up the phone to get approval. Reaching for food. Stop it. 
    • (1:23:14) Sean talks about mukbangs on YouTube: One guy Nikocado Avocado, was 150lb, now 400lb on a ventilator. … JLP talks about food and mama… No different from POT: You eat to go unconscious. Paradise is being aware. Die from the spirit of identities. 
    • (1:26:20) Being alone is death itself to most people. Be alone. Spend time with no TV, no nothing. Go through the valley of the shadow of death. The lady realized life was simple… 
    • (1:28:03) People marry… die from the identities. With everything, be aware… The Devil will give you a name of someone, and you’ll call ‘em up, really just to feel better. Go through the valley of the shadow of ego. Don’t nobody love you! If you’re already married, quietly work on yourself. 
    • (1:31:37) The gov’t is insane, the people are insane…. 
  12. (1:32:19) Hake: Boredom, more than loneliness? FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out…) 
    • (1:34:24) Anybody feel loneliness? A mother here with her daughter speaks: Your own form of hell… See your ugly truth. 
    • (1:37:25) When the voice tells you to do something, don’t do it. You’re not telling yourself those things. When you do it you’re worshiping the Devil. 
    • (1:38:03) I stopped doing the Silent Treatment. Thoughts. Why y’all worshiping the Devil! Hake does the prayer going through the motions… You’re fired. 
    • (1:39:51) “Yes, Hitler.” Raymond
  13. (1:41:24) How do you feel about your son needing to forgive his mother? I’ve been telling him! I understood he didn’t really see, Rochelle says. 
    • The young man says he’s so afraid of who he is that he’s somebody else. 
  14. (1:43:47) LAST COMMENTS… Loneliness, boredom (CLIP) Donyale had severe FOMO, with her schedule packed. The Devil will send people to you. JLP tells Hake not to text people when it says to do so. 
    • (1:45:53) Lady asks a question… JLP enjoys it by himself and with a crowd. … You don’t need to go out looking for a husband. 
    • (1:48:45) Man talks about experiments inspecting the brain in loneliness… Same area as “pain.” 
  15. (1:49:30) JLP: Go through the valley of the shadow of death. Anger is your bitter enemy. 
  16. (1:50:27) Biblical Q: Why do you judge other people’s strength with your weakness? 
    • (1:52:19) other answers
    • (1:54:09) (SHORT CLIP?) Anchor Baby… How do I even know? 
    • (1:55:27) Doug used to for sure, not sure about now… 
  17. (1:57:52) JLP: No such thing as strength or weakness. It’s all an act. Another illusion you have to die from… 
    • (1:59:50) JLP: Drop the identities. Die from the old nature. Anyone with anger is evil. …. Let all images go. Stop running from loneliness. It’s telling you you’re bored, lonely, etc. It cannot live in quietness, nothingness… People get revenge to feel alive. … 
    • (2:03:15) (SHORT CLIP) Stop being so active. Stop putting your children in all these activities

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