Have You Taken on a False Identity? (Church 12/8/19)

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At Church, December 8, 2019, we talked about when to “speak up” on issues of morality, and when not to do so — such as at work. A substitute teacher in Utah was fired for telling a fifth-grade student, a foster child, that homosexuality was wrong. It was around Thanksgiving, and the boy had said he was thankful to be adopted by his two new “dads.” 

We then discussed identity — taking on a false identity. People sometimes become like a preacher or “leader” when he helps them or impresses them. Sometimes people cannot see that they’re acting like someone else — or how they think the person is. They take on an identity other than their own. But in God there is no identity. We talk a little about being judgmental toward others at work. 

Jesse briefly mentions making a strong point about women voting when asked about his position at a recent speaking engagement. At the event, Jesse pointed out the destruction today, and that women are emotional, making decisions based on how they think and feel. Many men today are as well, but is that normal? A woman who said men are emotional too could not answer that. 

Helping People Deal with Mama

A young man Josh visiting the area brought his sister Bethany to Church. They discussed forgiving their mother. Although they don’t see how Jesse’s points apply to them, Josh really values Jesse’s work. Bethany later talks about compassion and empathy, as well as forgiving a roommate. Toward the end of the service brings up the idea of justice and God. 

A man with gauges (earrings that stretch out his earlobes) in his ears joined us as well. 

A young lady Rosario joined us with her boyfriend who’s a Proud Boy! They’re living together unmarried — he wants to marry her, but Jesse advises they live separately and date without sex first. He says he’s “building up courage” to deal with his mother. He says his father left him when he was young, and gets emotional after Jesse points out his father simply couldn’t handle his mother. 

Jesse briefly mentions the amazing Men’s Forum we had this past Thursday. Thank you, guys! Later he tells millennials and others not to run away from situations. Go toward them to deal with them. And don’t be unwilling to work any type of job. 

We talk briefly about the Biblical Questions: Where is the spirit of the man, and what does it look like? Jesse will answer this probably tomorrow on the radio show jlptalk.com Then James help Jesse remember his new question: Which is the right way to deal with all people: with compassion or dispassion? 


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