How Do Women Enter the Kingdom of Heaven? (Church 4/19/20)

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, April 19, 2020: Jesse gives a great monologue about inner pain, conflict, fear, doubt, anger, that they feel in the soul of their belly. He talks about thoughts, belief, and staying in prayer. It’s a spiritual battle going on inside of you, in the mind, which is evil, and inside of you within. God said to bring every thought into captivity. Doubt every thought and know yourself. You are a spirit living inside of a body.

We also deal with calls and Super Chats, as well as comments from BOND staff about last week’s Biblical Question: What does it take for a woman to enter the Kingdom of Heaven? One great question: Can you be empty and aware at the same time? The new Biblical Question for this week: What does it mean: “Do not do what you hate”?


Inner Pain (Church Clip 4/19/20)

CLIP: Dealing with Inner Pain (16 min.)


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