How Do You Recognize God’s Voice? (Sunday Service, April 13, 2008)

This is a BOND Sunday Service that originally aired Sunday, April 13, 2008.

How Do You Recognize the Voice of God? So many churches have singing, dancing, whooping & hollering.


A woman asks how people in the Bible hated sin and had anger, but we’re not supposed to have anger? To hate sin, doesn’t mean to feel something about it, but to reject it, not to accept it. When you can see it for what it is, you can deal with it properly. It’s a spiritual battle between good and evil. It’s nothing of ourselves that we can do.

For example, abortion is evil, and Jesse deals with people involved in it, but he doesn’t hate them. Unless you’re born again into this new nature, your mind cannot conceive what Jesse’s talking about. The only reason you feel something about it is because you’ve identified with it — you don’t have that power of love that will cause you to resist it. The right kind of hatred means just don’t accept it. Homosexuality is wrong, but you don’t feel anything about it. God is not about emotions, but compassion.

Many Christians nowadays go along with what is wrong, because they don’t want to “judge.” But they haven’t found that Kingdom of Heaven within that shows you how to deal with evil. You should pull away and start questioning things — such as when you’re emotional and attached to situations.

People do wrong, and can’t stop from repeating that wrong! A woman brings up a shooting, but you don’t have a right to judge the shooter. God wants you attached to Him, but emotions attach you to the situation.


One way to know you’re able to recognize the voice of God, is you will deal with situations differently.


A man joined by his mother brought up how he heard her making sounds reacting when Jesse talked about other churches. She believes there are different ways to “praise the Lord.” People lift up their “holy hands.” Jesse grew up in churches that did that — Baptist and non-denominational churches. Jesse faked it with his friends because he didn’t want to stand alone. Your pride won’t let you stand alone, there’s shame or death — you think people are looking at you.

Most church-goers have been told they’re supposed to dance like David danced. Some think it’s the Holy Spirit raising their hands — but it’s like dancing and singing at the club. Some do it because of sadness, emotion, or they like the music, or they’re trying to feel the spirit. But the Holy Spirit is a quiet Teacher, brings you peace and guides you. He won’t have you carrying on. It’s another deception of the mind — it’s not the Spirit.

Another lady later says it’s like being at the game. Many blacks and Africans get into this stuff, because they’re angry and unhappy.

If you truly had the Holy Spirit, you’d have perfect peace, and would deal with everything with perfect love. There is a joy that’s a quiet peace, and you live by it — you become a living example.


Does it take time to overcome anger once you’ve been born again?  

The new nature you receive happens immediately, and you get perfect love. Then you start to mature. Anger is of your father the devil, and is evil. Perfect love builds, while anger destroys. You can’t have both.

Jesse asks a woman: Why don’t you let all anger go? Why do you hold onto it? What’s holding you back from entering into the Kingdom of Heaven within, so that you can walk by His voice?

A man asks a “setup question”: Where is God, so that I might hear his voice? He’s not in the past or future — that’s made-up in your head. He’s right now, in the present. There is no yesterday or tomorrow — all we have is now. The Deceiver makes people believe wrong and live in the darkness.  

You never, ever, but never have to make a decision. Because you can see in the presence of God. But most Christians are running away from reality, and blaming others.

Once you’re born again, you rise in consciousness. You’re no longer in the lower state of consciousness. Whatever you believe in controls you. A woman can control a man, because she is his god — he takes on a different personality than with his male friends.  


A man claims Jesse says to pray only morning and night, but why not without ceasing? But Jesse does say to pray without ceasing, and has been emphasizing that for years. Be aware throughout the day, not lost in the darkness of your imagination.


People try to do the “Christian” things to “repent” and be “born again,” but they never work. All God requires of you is to see that you’re not born again. Christ died on the cross. But “confessing” it with your mouth alone won’t do it — of yourself you can do nothing.

God’s voice is a voiceless voice. A man Jesse knows in Indiana had separated from his wife. He wasn’t praying as Jesse tells him to do. He realized he was the things he wanted to accuse his wife of being — manipulative, and other things. He realized he needs God more than ever. Satan had him trying to fix his son-in-law’s marriage, but really he just wanted to get back at his wife. Now he wants to become a good, godly man. He realizes he’s as bad as his wife.

When you sit still, in stillness, your pride starts to die. The pride of man cannot be still — it wants to judge self and others. You’ll start to see you’re no good. Even with the Bible verses in your mouth and head, you’re still no good. If you can learn to be still and know Him, you’ll start to see your issue is not others or outside, but you. Then you’ll hear that quiet, still, voiceless voice.

Jesse tells people to got to (which today is the same as, or call 800-411-BOND (800-411-2663). Back then he called the Silent Prayer the Be Still and Know prayer. He also encourages people to email

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  • Ashton
    Posted at 01:46h, 24 November

    Jlp reached me via DC Young Fly on the fallen state. It was comical and mind blowing at the time. As I watched (for comical purposes) more and more interviews and then to the radio show, it eventually just clicked. I fully understand what he is saying and he is 100 percent right about everything. Crazy that im saying that when I once thought he was completely wrong about everything. I never call or comment but I decided to tonight to let him know that what he is doing is remarkable and to keep it up. Im sure there are several more like me that never say anything. I am a 35 year old “black man” from new Orleans. I put in quotations because I look mixed like many blacks in new Orleans due to creole culture history. Regardless, I too once regurgitated the same bs the black culture tends to say. Jlp is right it’s like we all went to the same school. I am awake and making immediate changes to start my journey of becoming a true son of God.

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