Interracial Marriage: What’s the Problem? (Church, Jun 10)

Over the past week, we discussed the Biblical Question of the Week: Do you believe in interracial dating and marriage? Many people don’t have a problem with it, although they understand it complicates life especially for the children. Some do see something wrong with it but have trouble admitting or expressing it, and others say it should not be done. A number of people are shocked that it’s even a question. The culture has brainwashed many to believe that it’s “racist” to oppose interracial marriage. At one time in America, people had a problem with interracial dating and marriage. It was a disappointment to parents — taken as a rejection of one’s own father and mother. Often the young people doing it were rebelling and angry.

Jesse explains that he is not for interracial dating and marriage. It’s a sign of human beings being in the fallen state — a son or daughter would naturally want to be with someone who is like his or her parents, and not deviate from that. But today more than in the past, fathers and mothers are not raising their children in the right way, and young people are growing up angry and alienated. Some trauma happened along the way to cause a person to be attracted outside what they’d naturally want to be with. Now, we don’t judge people who do it — Jesse has even married interracial couples as a pastor. But it’s not the normal state of being.

You should not take Jesse’s word for anything, but see and know for yourself. Some people in church and watching online had difficulty and disagreed with Jesse. Continue in the way you are going, but pray, and observe yourself. There is a cause and effect to everything — but most people don’t question why they do what they do. One man admitted that he resented his mother growing up, but couldn’t imagine that that was why he married a black woman as a Mexican man. Another young man, Joel, and KT watching online, felt that the color should not matter — and it’s not about the color. It’s about the spirit. Unfortunately, people rely on the intellect rather than knowing themselves, and blindly justify their actions with nice-sounding words.

One person watching online asked about dealing with thoughts — he felt like Satan is trying to feed him thoughts that keep arising. Jesse gave advice about observing and not judging. The Bible says we should take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.

Lastly, Jesse asked his new biblical question for this week: Do you see yourself as joint heirs with the Son? Christ is our brother. Many people don’t see Christ as our brother, nor do they see themselves as joint heirs with him. They see Christ as God, and they don’t truly believe what the Bible says.

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