Is It Good to Let the World Betray You? (Church 1/8/23)

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||  See clips and links below (including Silent Prayer), as well as detailed church notes.

The mindset that accepts insanity; Unseen power in love; Creativity without thoughts? Everything Christ went through, we must as well. 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, January 8, 2023


  • 0:00:00 SILENT START (Sun, Jan 8, 2023)
  • 0:03:24 Welcome: Man’s mother died last year
  • 0:05:34 Conquer the world: Prayer, marriage
  • 0:09:35 What’s the theme? When you disappear, heaven will appear.
  • 0:12:35 Remembering / thinking vs. reflecting
  • 0:13:45 JLP: Human nature is evil. Been to a drag show?
  • 0:20:35 JLP: Mindset that accepts abortion
  • 0:26:05 JLP: Wicked human heart. Homeless crisis
  • 0:31:45 JLP: Homeless lady story
  • 0:34:27 JLP: Impossible to be angry; Unseen power in love
  • 0:38:05 Corrupt heart and mind vs. salvation of the heart?
  • 0:42:20 Stop protecting the Devil, the ego
  • 0:43:16 Social movement leaders hate the people
  • 0:48:44 (Speak from the chest) How to use creativity
  • 0:49:57 (Don’t be poignant) Homeless choice
  • 0:51:16 With an ego you try to get something from others
  • 0:56:24 Q: How to be creative without thoughts?
  • 1:06:33 A: Never think of yourself as a creator
  • 1:16:00 “Raymond had his hand” — “Thank you, mama”
  • 1:18:27 If you think you’re in the present, you’re not
  • 1:24:22 Have to go to public school? Don’t be defeated.
  • 1:25:59 Living with no thoughts. Question your mode.
  • 1:31:20 Biblical Question: Is it good to let the world betray you?
  • 1:42:18 JLP: Everything Christ went through, we must as well
  • 1:46:50 Feedback: Being betrayed
  • 1:52:51 Assignment: Present your body a living sacrifice
  • 1:56:09 New BQ: Every human an idol worshiper: Why?
  • 1:59:14 Closing


The Human Heart Is Wicked: The Mindset that Accepts Evil

WATCH CLIP (15-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  Jesse asks people their mindset that accepted things like drag shows and abortion. We are possessed.

Don’t Be Mad at Betrayal. Let It Happen. Don’t Try to Protect the Ego.

WATCH CLIP (10-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP’s two cents on his #biblicalquestion of the week: Is it good to let the world betray you?

See clips from recent services as well as older services (YouTube playlists).


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Church Notes

10:59 AM US PST – We start streaming before the top of the hour, but take a few minutes to get ready.

11:03 Raymond talks about his situation after his mother died a year ago.

Conquer the world: Prayer, marriage

11:04 A man Alex says to conquer the world you must conquer your thoughts and feelings, what Jesse said at the Men’s Forum. He says it’s one of the hardest things ever. He’s not praying. Suffer and die, Jesse says. If you’re not doing the Silent Prayer, you’re not working on it.

11:05 Jesse asks a young woman: Do you believe you can conquer the world? She obeys her husband “90-percent of the time.” The irrational kicks in… She asks questions — she watches the shows and is from San Diego.

11:07 Her husband does sometimes argue with her. It’s two women arguing with the Devil. Conquer thoughts, and you can conquer the world.

What’s the theme for this year? When you disappear, heaven will appear.

11:08 Jesse asks several people: What is the theme for this year?

11:10 A young lady thinks it’s about disappearing.

11:11 When you disappear, heaven will appear. You’re in the way. It’s already here, but you don’t see it because you’re in the way.

Remembering / thinking vs reflecting

11:11 A young woman asks about the distinction between reflecting versus thinking about something. When you remember, you’re holding onto it, and it turns into knowledge. Don’t hold onto anything. Keep your glass empty, so that you can get new revelation.

Human nature is evil… Been to a drag show?

11:12 Human nature is evil; it is wicked. You’ll always be overtaken by it until you understand it; you won’t deal with it in the right way.

Jesse asks the purpose of a drag queen show? A bunch of men in dresses… What’s the fun in that? Does your mind believe it’s real?

11:14 Jesse asks a man what made him go to a drag show. He used to be in the art world, which went in that direction. So he went along with the crowd. Jesse asks: Did your normal mind disappear, and you forgot those were men in dresses?

It’s not just a liberal thing, Jesse explains: Everybody’s accepting it. And those who judge it are the same.

11:18 Jesse gets to a young lady whose friends did drag. She felt uncomfortable even at the time. It was confusing.

Mindset that accepts abortion?

11:19 Jesse also doesn’t understand abortion: It’s a big promotion with big money to kill children in the womb. Have you thought about that mindset?

11:20 What kind of mindset accepts abortion? One young lady felt it was just about choice. She had friends who’d done it.

11:21 One man went along with it once. He liked it because of promiscuity without consequences. His friends also slept around. Are you sure it’s evil now? What if you played around and got a woman pregnant? What changed your mind that it’s not good?

JLP: The Devil and human heart are wicked… homeless crisis

11:25 Jesse talks about his past mindset on abortion, and a woman who took a man’s son to California to make him transgender. The Devil comes in ways that look like loving ways. The Devil is wicked. The human heart is wicked. It cannot be trusted. You will see it not to hate it, but to be protected from it.

Jesse talks about a homeless encampment with a big fire going next to a Jewish center and next to a car place. The law prevents the neighbors from driving them off. Jesse doesn’t accept that law! What mindset of the lawmakers tells them to be on the streets and do drugs in front of others’ businesses? If we put up with that, it’ll get worse!

JLP: Homeless lady confrontation

11:30 JLP tells about a homeless woman who handcuffed herself to a tree, whom the BOND employees couldn’t get to move. So Jesse went out and dealt with her. “I’m going black lives matter on you!” But you have to be wise, and not be angry and lost in your mind. When you give into anger, you make the wrong decision every time. There’s a way to overcome everything.

JLP: Impossible to be angry in understanding; Unseen power in love

11:33 People are accepting everything. But it’s impossible to get angry once you have true understanding. Don’t argue with the Devil.

11:34 Doug talks about people getting high in the alley around kids. There is unseen power in love. Jesse told a homeless lady she couldn’t sleep in front of the building, and she called him a misogynist. But you don’t feel the power, and don’t take credit for it. All thoughts about God are from the Devil. God is not of thoughts.

The Devil in the heart and mind

11:36 A man Troy asks about the Devil corrupting our hearts versus living in the mind. Our true heart and spirit is of God, His nature. When you have anger, you’re separated from that nature, and everything about you is wicked, of the Devil. God takes the spirit of the Devil away from you.

You are not one of your emotions. It’s two different spirits.

Stop protecting the Devil, the ego

11:40 A man talks about protesting outside an abortion clinic. But Jesse wants people to understand the mindset. You’ll start to see you’re not the imagination. Then hopefully you’ll stop protecting the Devil.

Social movement leaders hate the people

11:42 Franky talks about politicians’ compassion for the homeless. That’s not compassion — they hate the homeless. The social movements are setup because they hate the people. The people don’t get better. The social movement leaders get rich. They don’t send their kids to public schools, but you feel good because you don’t want to leave one child behind. You feel good thinking you’re helping that you sacrifice your children. The blacks are worse off today than before the Civil Rights movement, because they didn’t have leaders telling them to impose on whites. Hotels get destroyed by the homeless!

11:45 Franky continues talking about compassion for Satan.

How to use creativity

11:47 Jesse jokes about Franky talking quietly on the radio show. A young lady asks how to tap into creativity. Use it as a tool, but don’t live by it. Don’t make a home in there.

With an ego you try to get something from somebody

11:48 Another man talks about the choice of the homeless.

11:50 Jesse blames each individual for the wickedness of the heart. Everybody is trying to get something from somebody. When you have an ego you’re trying to get something from others.

11:51 One young lady agrees, in reflecting on her life, thinking back on her relationships and friendships. Even with simple friendships, nobody’s just a friend. You’re a friend because you want something back. If you disagreed, and you were really a friend, you’d never get mad. It wouldn’t bother you, because you don’t need friendship back. You can’t do “till death do us part” because you want something. You’re not a whole person.

Q: How to be creative without getting into thoughts?

11:55 The young lady asks about being creative in her job without getting into thoughts. A couple of ladies respond.

11:58 Many other people are creators or creative people. Franky takes a stab at it.

12:01 Doug says he’s best doing his work in the moment when he’s at his desk supposed to be working. Sometimes he writes it down, but likes it to be fresh.

12:03 Another young lady would call herself crazy, and says she’s judging her thoughts.

A: Never think of yourself as a creator. All thoughts are lies.

12:06 After a man makes a great point, Jesse says: From this day forward never think of yourself as a creator. You’re the daughter of God, the spirit of God. He is creating through you. The credit naturally comes to Him. All thoughts are a setup. There is only one Creator, only one Spirit — God. He works through us. Don’t even look for your talent.

Satan tells you you’re a creator. A mother who makes a meal that people don’t like takes it personally.

12:09 Jesse explains to a young lady, we’re not in control of anything. Let knowledge die. Wisdom will appear. You’ll see you’re not the creator. All the thoughts are wrong. You can read the Bible and still not know God. Satan is in the thoughts. Bring every thought into captivity.

12:11 After a young woman Rochelle talks, Jesse says in the present moment is where God is. You are nobody in the imagination. You are with the Father.

12:13 The other woman asks: When you’re present, is your mind blank? In the present, there are no thoughts or feelings. It just is, and I’m fine. I’m nobody. But the Devil wants you to think you’re somebody. But you’re not. Be aware, and the light of God will destroy the darkness.

Jesse talks about telling Joel to keep the mind with the body.

“Raymond had his hand” — “Thank you, mama”

12:15 Jesse jokes about a man being “mama” and saying that Raymond had his hand first. He talks about the quote about giving up freedom for security.

If you think you’re in the present, you’re not

12:17 A young mother speaks. Jesse thought Christianity wasn’t fun. There is true spirituality and Christianity that is nothing but fun. If you’re thinking you’re in the presence of God, you’re not in the presence of God. You’re in the presence of the Devil. Satan will tell you you’re keeping your mind with your body. Let that pass. All thoughts are black. The light is shining on the darkness of the thoughts.

How will you know? You will know. When you’re in the present, you will know. There will be no question.

Have to go to public school? Don’t be defeated.

12:23 A man asks advice on behalf of someone who can’t afford home school or private school. Don’t have a mindset that you have to put them in public school. Satan wants you to accept defeat. There’s a way out of everything. Come out of the imagination.

Living with no thoughts. Question your mode…

12:24 A woman is doing her best not to think.

12:26 James reads a couple of chat questions about thoughts and imagination.

Jesse talks about ladies at the post office getting right onto their cell phones, and a fat person trying something different.

Biblical Question: Is it good to let the world betray you?

12:29 Jesse gets to a first timer Jacob, a Catholic who forgave his mother, asking the Biblical Question. Is it good to let the world betray you?

12:33 A young man says nothing good ever came of being betrayed, in history. Have you ever been betrayed before? How did you deal with it?

12:34 Asking a husband, Jesse says by the world, he means family members, and others. Why did you get angry?

12:35 A young woman realized they were not true friendships, and maybe she didn’t love them how she should.

12:36 Getting to the wife of the husband, she felt good, then bad, in betraying someone.

12:36 Another husband says it’d be good for his wife to betray him.

12:37 Hake answers, talking about Jesus.

12:38 A woman went off when betrayed by the pastor and his family. She looked up to the pastor as God. She’s betrayed someone, and it felt good. When betrayed, she did it right back to them. Afterward, she said, “Damn” (in church!).

12:41 Hassan says whoever betrayed you was too important.

JLP: Everything Christ went through, we must as well

12:41 Jesse then agrees: Everything that Christ went through, we have to go through too. You judging them, you’re no better than the betrayer. Christ overcame the world, and so can we. Christ was of the Spirit of his Father. He’s in us too, but we have to overcome the world.

From now on, let it happen. Do not protect the ego. You got a feeling from it, whether good or bad — both ego. You only want to have faith and love in God. You feel betrayed because you were trying to get something from the person.

In a movie Jesse watched last night, Christ said, I’m just a human being. His Spirit is in me. Greater works shall y’all do, too. The Spirit of the Father is in you. Christ brought a message of freedom, of salvation, of how to get it. Christ made a lot of jokes, but people get mad. In the spirit, there’s nothing serious at all.

If someone gossips about you, or whatever, let it happen. Don’t protect it.

Feedback: Being betrayed

12:45 A young woman remembers being betrayed and felt outside of it. The friend couldn’t handle it. The Devil wants to control you.

12:46 Franky quotes from the book of James: Count it all joy.

12:47 So the next time something happens and it affects you in your mind and emotions, let it happen.

12:48 A woman who was “looking crazy” said she was thinking about what Jesse says. It’s hard because you’ve been doing it the wrong way. It’s like lifting weights; the weight gets lighter and lighter. Don’t even say anything about it. Stop protecting the Devil.

12:49 In response to another wife and mother, Jesse advises the prior woman, don’t even mention it when it happens to you. This next woman talks about how her husband acts like his father. Don’t say it to feel better. But you can point it out.

Assignment: Present the body a living sacrifice

12:51 Jesse quotes the Bible saying for his Assignment: Present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God. Are you doing it? A man says he’s eating healthy, and practices celibacy.

12:52 A young lady takes care of her body. Another man says he prays, fasts, works out, doesn’t have sex out-of-wedlock…

12:54 Jesse and others talk about it more.

New BQ: Every human being is an idol worshiper

12:55 Jesse gives his new Biblical Question: Every human being is an idol worshiper. Why?

12:56 A couple of people respond. James references pastors who say we’re meant to worship something, so we worship other than God. It doesn’t have to be that way.

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