Is your family important to you? | Church 4/21/24

What’s your impression of your family? Are they important to you? Why? It’s natural to leave them! BQ: Do you have a fear of criticism? 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, April 21, 2024 

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  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk (Awkward start) 
  • (0:03:18) Welcome, first timers! Bald or Fro? 
  • (0:10:11) Impression of your family? “Drug addict”… 
  • (0:22:46) Is family important to you? Why? 
  • (1:11:06) Do you live near your parents? 
  • (1:18:48) JLP: It’s natural to leave family 
  • (1:29:11) Feedback: Family, independence, failure/success 
  • (1:39:25) More: Sean, “culture,” missing family… 
  • (1:41:44) Armenian wants to return. “Missing” is pure evil. 
  • (1:53:58) BQ: Do you have a fear of criticism? 
  • (2:01:51) JLP: Overcome words. BQ… Being or doing? (Closing)


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Church Notes 4/21/24 

What’s your impression of your family? Is it important to you? Why? Do you live near them? 

Biblical Question: Do you have a fear of criticism? 

New Biblical Question: Which are you most interested in: being something or doing something? 

1: Welcome, first-timers! Bald or Fro? Raymond’s discount 

(0:00:00) Start (0:03:07) Welcome! (0:03:33) (1a?) Bald or Fro? (0:04:55) Any questions? Welcome, first-timers! (0:08:05) Raymond got a haircut discount at age 65. 

2: Impression of your family? Drug addict… 

(0:09:51) How many have a family? What’s your impression of your family: dad, mother, brother, sister, cousin… “They’re all a little crazy. My mom… but I love her…. Have a son as well…. One of the most important… support me to this day…” (0:11:59) (2a?) You liked it when she stood by you when you were a drug addict? (Not that he was a drug addict — I was just playing, says Jesse… but he’s recovering.) Father would not stand by him. (0:14:23) I feel on the spot. … (0:15:04) … Are you free? Trying to be. 

(0:16:12) Unmarried man from Ohio: I don’t see them different from anyone else. I love them the same; I see they’re crazy. Important? Yes and no. (0:18:26) Wanna come up here? He starts to applause — “No, I’m playing!” … Fake version of love. Love them? Don’t feel part of them? 

(0:19:48) Emily… (0:21:47) My dad “does give a sh**.” Her mother lives close. 

Why is your family important? …feel alone…my lady…

(0:22:25) Anthony’s wife: Dad recently passed. Family is important… (0:23:37) Why is family important to you? (0:25:39) Husband and children versus family back in England: Do you look at them the same? Yes… Not sure… 

(0:27:08) Are they important to you? Alex: Yes, but I’m not important to them. I try to keep in contact with them. Without family, I feel alone. 

(0:31:10) I identify with them: My parents and my lady. (0:32:18) You put your lady before your mama? Once you’re married? … (0:34:02) Does she obey you? Are you going to obey? She says yes (she doesn’t speak much English). 

Young ladies on their families: Important to you? 

(0:34:37) Family, very important. My parents gave me life. … Hard to say how they’re special… It’s complicated. We don’t have the best relationship. They prioritize other things. Not really close to mother, a little closer to father. 

(0:37:26) Are they important to you? A little bit. Why? … Mainly my mother/grandmother said I should appreciate my parents, especially my mom. 

(0:39:12) Miss Alabama… They are but they aren’t. (0:40:45) (I know Joel’s family is not important to him.) (0:42:08) … Help me, Jesus! … Close to most of them. Why not all? Some are just a little different. (0:43:40) (2b) They created me! All he did is put the bread in the oven. Somebody else would’ve made you. “There’s no way!” (funny) 

(0:44:12) They’re not important. I used to think so. You hear they’re important. 

More men and women… 

(0:47:01) Family’s very important to me… They’re my foundation. I’m reciprocating support. Get along with them? No, some are too plugged in… 

(0:48:04) Father and mother only. I’d tell others I care just to be nice. Why lie to them and pretend? So as not to create discord. Lie to keep the peace? (0:49:28) Religious duty 

(0:50:47) Donyale and Sean made Jesse think of this. Donyale: Would’ve said yes. Not sure what it means for them to be important. (0:53:40) (2c?) (Trump needs to hire me!) … (0:55:51) Definition of important, Hake? … 

(0:56:07) (2d?) Rochelle: You look like you don’t have a family! 

(0:56:46) I was abandoned at 13, my mom died when I was 10. I have a daughter, 23. She’s important. I don’t wanna hurt her like I did other people. She’s the connection to feel part of in this world, making me be a better person. If she weren’t in your life, you’d be a crappy person? … Without God I’m a horrible person. 

More young men: Joel, Hassan… Hake

(1:00:32) Joel Friday: They have no value. 

(1:02:57) Hassan: No. Used to be, but not now that I’m awake. … My mom was like God. Dad looked at mother like God. (1:05:18) Jesus thing: Please? For the sound byte! 

(1:05:38) Daniel: In my everyday life, yes. … Would they be important to you? Only because you’re getting something from them…. 

(1:07:59) Young black man: No, in all reality. 

(1:09:41) Hake: Yes. 

Live near your parents? Why? 

(1:10:56) Live near your parents? How old? 22. 

(1:13:24) (2e?) I like hugging my mom. Are you joking? Age 25… 

Another man had moved away, and missed them. He’s back now. 

(1:14:49) Another couple of men do… 

(1:15:42) Nick: Not very important. Always been like that, since a kid — but I wanted it to be. I’m supposed to care for them but I don’t. 

(1:16:31) Franky: Warm meal, close to work, take care of bro. (1:16:57) One man by chance. My mom’s older, has dementia, 

(1:17:50) Riverside, one lady says. Joel said no. 

3: JLP: It’s natural to leave your family: Independent, light of the world 

(1:18:26) JLP: No family is together, or one. Lot of problems. Sean was raised to be independent. God said our blood family is not our real family — but those truly born again of God. (1:20:57) The mother works to keep the family close to her: It’s all about control. It’s not from God. 

It’s not natural to hang out with your family. (1:22:11) How would you become independent, be the light of the world, deal with challenges…? 

(1:23:14) You’re not supposed to be driven by loneliness. … Family members doing horrible things to one another. (1:23:43) First trauma is in the family, usually. Hating them makes you want to stay with them. 

(1:24:50) Not one family that’s close is growing. … You’re not supposed to want anything from anyone. …  (1:26:17) …Family members don’t like you and you don’t like them. … Especially men, build your own world. 

Feedback: Family, independence, failure/success 

(1:28:52) Feedback: Donyale

(1:29:44) Another man… (1:31:29) Man speaks about fear. 

(1:31:44) JLP: … Family is with the spirit, not the blood. … 

(1:33:57) A black man: His nephew asked about great grandparents’ history. What does it matter? I just want to feel good. 

(1:35:26) Wake up, folks! Everybody moved right down the block from their parents. “My mama told me to.” (1:36:26) (3n?) And ladies, you ain’t gonna find no man. 

(1:37:00) Young man was kicked out at 14… (1:37:00) (3m?) Raymond: Only through failure can we find success. JLP: No such thing as either. 

More feedback: Sean, “culture,” missing family 

(1:39:05) Sean: My family isn’t perfect. Seeing how my dad handled situations, people, overcome stuff. Just watching him do it — he didn’t tell me how. JLP: Never saw my grandfather complain about anything. 

(1:40:11) Leaving the house at 18: Cultural? No, spiritual. You left the house when you were married where I’m from, says Daniel. 

5: Armenian man wants to come back to family 

(1:41:24) The man whose family is very important agrees — he left to travel, but he came back because he missed them. 

(1:42:47) Armenian family man (who has his lady) … his mother can’t control him. We found ways to make money. In TX, it’s just her and the dogs, and it’s lonely. 

(1:47:28) Joel: Maybe it’s because you’re used to being attached. (1:48:25) (3p?) Joel: Is it wrong to miss? JLP: It’s pure evil. It has nothing to do with you. Emotions is why you want to come back. 

(1:51:21) The man speaks… 

(1:52:25) Another man: I’m from the future; everything JLP says is true. Don’t call the loneliness you. 

(1:53:04) It’s selfish to think anyone needs you. 

BQ: Fear of criticism? “Constructive”? 

(1:53:45) Do you have a fear of criticism? Donyale: No. Constructive: Someone judging, wanting you to do things their way. (1:54:43) Anthony: I used to… I look for it now. (1:55:53) Another man: No, I don’t. When young: Insecurity, afraid of making mistakes, hard on myself. (1:56:35) Used to: Attached to effort. Constructive was a little better. 

(1:57:38) Miss Alabama… I don’t. 

(1:58:30) My husband criticizes me in volleyball. (1:59:46) Do you tell him to shut up? I tell him I wanna play on another team. But I think I should get over it. 

(1:59:59) A little bit, 5% of what it used to be… no. 

7: JLP on BQ: Overcome words… New BQ: Being or doing? 

(2:01:31) JLP: No such thing as constructive criticism or negative criticism. Overcome words. 

(2:02:40) Continue to work on yourself. 

(2:03:40) New BQ: Which are you most interested in: Being something or doing something? 

(2:05:25) JLP to Joel again: It’s all ego to miss anybody! … Work on you. … 


  • 2024 theme: Want for nothing. 
  • 2024 assignment: This year, don’t let the thoughts bully you. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself, and that it’s all about self. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Sit four minutes in your room in silence. 
  • We’re not messing around this year. 
  • Assignment 3/10/24 and 3/17/24: Get rid of your heroes. Trust no one. 

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