Was Jesus Resurrected BEFORE or AFTER He Died? (Church, Oct 15)

(Watch 7-minute excerpt: Too Much Knowledge Is Not Enough to Live Right)

Biblical Question

Jesse asked a new Biblical Question of the Week: Was Jesus resurrected after he died, or was he resurrected before he died? The question, as well as the answer, confused some. But it sparked interesting conversation in the congregation and among people watching online. Intellectually, we learn things about Christianity that prevent us from pondering things more deeply. We sometimes think we know what we do not know.

Current Events

Before that dialogue, Jesse mentioned a few news stories happening today. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) biennially distributes a “National Youth Risk Behavior Survey” to public schools. The survey goes to students as young as 10 years old — grades 6-12. It asks them inappropriate questions about drug use, “sexting,” oral sex, abuse at home, and suicide. The survey most recently went out in 2015. But many parents do not know that their children see these questions.

The Boy Scouts of America, a once-Christian organization over a hundred years old, now accepts girls who wish to join them. This is all about destroying masculinity. (Jesse mentioned on his radio & TV show that the Scouts also accept homosexuals and transgender people.) Toward the end of our service, one young man in the congregation disagreed with Jesse about “segregating” boys and girls. He felt that society should get rid of old-fashioned “gender roles.” Jesse invited him to join The Hake Report with Joel and Esteban for interview with three other Christian millennial BOND guys.

We talked briefly about Harvey Weinstein: What made him do what he did not want to do? What made women and others who knew Harvey put worldly success ahead of what was right as well?

Finally, a man talked about his anger that may have come from his mother — he talked with her about it, but doesn’t think he ever expressly forgave her. Jesse gave him much to consider.

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