JLP on Light of the Southwest, God’s Learning Channel (2002)

Archive recording premiered on Jesse Lee Peterson’s YouTube channel, also on alternative video platforms BitChute, LBRY and Odysee. Listen to the audio of this recording on SoundCloud (above) or on your preferred Podcast platform via links below.

December 4, 2002: Jesse Lee Peterson appears on the Christian program Light of the Southwest, on God’s Learning Channel (GLC). Host Al Cooper (1932-2018), founder of GLC, and his daughter Amy Cooper talk with Jesse about black Americans, God, and forgiveness. (Al’s wife, Tommie Cooper, co-founder of GLC, first heard Jesse on the radio, and called him.) They also touch on Jesse’s book From Rage to Responsibility (Find via BOND Stores page). After a short music break they take calls and ask questions. 

See more classic interviews on Jesse’s YouTube playlist: JLP on God’s Learning Channel (2002-2005) 


  • 0:00 God’s Learning Channel
  • 0:49 Interviewing Jesse
  • 55:47 Music interlude
  • 59:04 More with Jesse
  • 1:01:22 Question: Father died?
  • 1:05:26 Planned Parenthood
  • 1:09:35 Telling the truth
  • 1:15:07 Call and discussion
  • 1:42:59 Another call, questions
  • 1:58:43 Prayer / End

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