Keep Your Mind with Your Body

Keep your mind in the present. The intellect is double-minded. Satan roams the earth through people. There are no repercussions, but wake-up calls. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, November 6, 2022: People give their reports on how the Assignment went: Keep your mind where your body is. So quickly people drift into their imaginations and go “unconscious,” distracted, forgetting where they are! One field of work even created the term “situational awareness” to remedy this! A young lady even called staying aware “boring”! She wanted to do something else! Jesse (JLP) points out: The intellect is divided. When you’re in your head, and not in the present, you are double-minded. When in the present with God, you are of one mind.

JLP goes on to talk about the misery in the world. Famous men Kanye West and Kyrie Irving are having to give up money because people are angry at what they said. How can money solve misery? // Let go of all ideas about yourself. All ideas about God are wrong! // JLP noticed you can attack whites, and it’s no problem, but everyone else is off-limits! If it’s right or wrong for one, it’s the same for all! //

Guilt and shame are fake. God does not judge us. We have a discussion: Are there consequences to our actions? A married woman gives a theoretical scenario of getting drunk and getting another man’s phone number, and texting him! Later, Jesse makes the point that there are no repercussions; just wake-up calls. We have never done anything wrong. The wrong we did was the Devil in us because we are all possessed. //

Lastly, Nick reads from James 1: 1-8, about joy in trials, and 13-15, that God does not tempt us. Be still. Endure the pain. The highest form of prayer is to be still and know God. And the greatest sin is to forget. // Jesse closes with a question from the Men’s Forum: Do you have anything of value to lose? //


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Nov 6, 2022
  • 0:02:37 Reports: Keep mind with body
  • 0:23:31 “Situational awareness” vs. distractions (music)
  • 0:29:11 Boring! Wanting to do something else
  • 0:39:45 JLP: Intellect divided: Double mind vs. One mind
  • 0:46:32 JLP: Kanye West, Kyrie Irving
  • 0:50:41 All ideas about God are wrong
  • 0:53:56 JLP: Attack whites? No problem!
  • 0:56:08 Guilt/shame are fake: God doesn’t judge us.
  • 1:00:41 Q: Consequences to our actions?
  • 1:22:54 JLP: No repercussions, just wake-up calls
  • 1:30:31 James 1: 1-8 Being still. Worship? Cruelty?
  • 1:40:00 James 1: 13-15 Temptation. Helpful meeting?
  • 1:43:57 Do you have anything of value to lose?

Church Notes

11:01 AM US PST (Daylight Savings Time ended this morning!) — We start about a minute after the top of the hour. Nick makes brief announcements.

Report: Keep Mind with Body

11:03 Jesse opens going right into this past week’s Assignment: Keep your mind where your body is.

Different people give feedback on how it went. A mother and her mixed black daughter took a trip overseas.

“Situational awareness” vs. distractions (music)

11:24 Doug talks about the term “situational awareness.”

Another man listened to music and would be dancing and lost in his mind.

11:27 A lady talks about doing it, but still drifting off.

11:28 Another young lady has always been very aware of her surroundings. But she realized she had thought patterns and wonder where she was going with it.

Boring! Wanting to do something else

11:30 Yet another young lady is good at it at work, but away from work it’s boring!

11:31 One lady would check in with her mind; it’s so easy to slip away into what you intend to do. She thinks she does it on purpose.

“I have a lot of work to do.”

11:31 Doug gives feedback on a woman (a few minutes ago, at about 11:27) who said she drifts off and has a lot of work to do. (Jesse corrects his English after he uses the phrase “where I’m at.”)

11:36 Franky talks about not doing it. But a man made the point that it’s not his job to worry how something went wrong; it’s his job to fix it.

11:37 Nick, James, and another man answer.

JLP: Intellect is divided: Double-minded vs. One mind

11:40 Jesse told himself he’d be aware of himself getting out of the car, and walking through a door. But he’d forget before he could make it through the door. He was driving down the road.

He noticed the intellectual mind is very divided. The Bible says: A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. When you’re in the present, you’re of one mind.

You start to notice you are not your mind. We are all possessed. The Bible says that Satan is roaming the earth through people (not outside!). So the Devil in the mind has people seeking whom they can devour. And then you take credit as though you did it. But you did not do it. We are not our mind. We have never done anything wrong, but we’ve taken credit for doing wrong. Stop naming this stuff as though its you; stop taking credit for it.

Don’t call yourself good or bad; you’re neither. You’re possessed, either with darkness or the light.

There is no us. There’s a fake idea about who we are, but all ideas are wrong. We don’t know what we want. Once you get what you “want,” you don’t want it! (Look at marriage!) Families are messed up; the world is messed up. There’s so much misery, and people think it’s them!

JLP: Kanye West, Kyrie Irving

11:47 Look at the fight between Kanye West and the Jews, or Kyrie Irving who’s paid money after saying something. How does money help misery? Everybody hates everybody. And they make themselves feel good by taking it out on somebody, or themself!

When you get that shock of fear, doubt, or whatever, count it a blessing. The shock is waking you up to see it’s not you. When you get that shock, the person who shocked you is doing you a favor. Be happy, and run to the shocks, so you can see what’s there. Then don’t complain, worry, or think you can solve it. Relax in it, and it will pass.

The world is a mess because they’ve taken credit for the Devil’s work. Governments all over the world are messed up.

JLP: All your ideas about God are wrong

11:51 Don’t get an idea of what you really are. That’s of the Devil. You have no idea about God. All ideas come from the Devil. Yet you don’t stop to say if I know about God, why do I have fear?

Feedback: Mind drifting away; Men and women’s brains?

11:51 A man talks about his mind drifting away and thinking about next week, and what he wants from Starbucks. He was overloaded in his mind. He parked in the wrong place, and walked in the wrong direction. A study showed there’s a difference between a man’s brain and a woman’s brain: Boxes versus spaghetti!

JLP: No problem attacking the white man

11:54 Jesse noticed you can’t attack Jews, blacks, woman, gays, etc. But there’s no problem attacking the white man. If it’s wrong to attack one, it’s wrong to attack all. If it’s right to attack one, it’s right to agree and disagree with all. It’s a spiritual battle. We’re protecting evil in ourselves and others. Stop identifying with the Devil. Don’t be bothered by other people calling you names.

Guilt and shame are fake: God doesn’t judge us

11:57 Jesse asks a man what a shock felt like. He cursed and asked himself why he did it — it stayed with him several hours. He said the need for validation crept in. After he “calmed down,” he realized he let his emotions lord over him. Then he was freed from the need for someone to understand and listen.

Jesse points out the guilt and shame is fake too. God doesn’t judge us at all. But the man imagined God was telling him he’s better than that, and encouraging him with “love.” But Jesse suggests God’s thinking, “What a nutcase.” It was never us.

Hard to accept it’s not you?

12:00 Is it hard to accept we have never done anything wrong? If you were in charge, would you have done wrong? Jesse asks Raymond these things. Raymond was told he has to answer for everything he does.

Q: Consequences to our actions?

12:01 A woman asks: There are still consequences to the decisions we make, right? Theoretical scenario: She got drunk and couldn’t drive home, and got a man’s number even though she’s not married, and continued to text him. Then there’s consequences. The consequence is what?

Another young lady talks about many possible consequences. She thinks it’s hard to come back from an action — cheating in a marriage, for example.

Jesse asks: Do you believe you’ve done anything wrong? Were there consequences? How did you deal with the consequences?

12:07 Jesse asks How many believe in consequences? A man talks about the consequences of having a baby out-of-wedlock. If you identify with what you do, then it will go wrong. But if you recognize it wasn’t you, there’s a better chance for you and your child not to suffer so much.

A young lady says she questions her mindset after coming to church every time.

Doug points out the Bible says: The wages of sin is death.

Nick thinks there are consequences.

One man says no!

12:18 (1:17:00) One man talks about treating his child and others with calmness, and it helps them look at themselves, rather than him. (Producer note: I think this was close to what his point was; it was interesting.)

Later, Doug says no.

JLP: No repercussions, just wake-up calls

12:23-24 Jesse says there are no repercussions. Everything is a wake-up call. Not a punishment, but something to wake you up. When you’re drunk you go unconscious. The ego, the not-you feels afraid and worried, but the real you does not feel anything about it. You think you’re being punished, and you’re not.

Everything we’ve been taught has been wrong. Let no one teach you.

The young lady asks more about him finding the number. (Nick is on-stage, ready to read something.)

What a person says or does to you is always on that person — never on you! Women blame a man for being emotional or crazy.

Jail is in the mind and imagination. The sin is not the act. It’s the thought. A boy putting on a dress is not the sin. It’s him thinking he’s a girl, and being verified by the world.

James 1: Being still / Worship? Cruelty?

12:31 Jesse has Nick read James 1: 1-8

Being still is the highest form of prayer. Why do you think the Devil loves it when you whoop and holler, but hates it when you’re still.

A man asks about worship.

The greatest sin is to forget.

If you’re affected by the chat, the Devil saying cruel things, that’s something wrong with you. If somebody can get to you, it’s your problem, not theirs. They’re trying to get to you, because they need life.

James 1: 13-15 Temptation; Helpful meeting?

12:41 Nick reads more from James 1: 13-15 about temptation. Endure the pain. It’s not God tempting you. And the Devil can’t tempt God.

12:42 Jesse asks people if and how the meeting helped them. Jesse urges one lady to relax through the troubled feelings.

Do you have anything of value to lose? / Closing

12:44 Jesse starts to close, and asks a question from the Men’s Forum this past Thursday: What do you have of value to lose? Do you have anything of value to lose?


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