Know Thyself, Forgive, Be Free (Women’s Forum)

On his morning radio show, Jesse reports on BOND’s monthly Women’s Forum in October (third Thursday of the month, 7pm). Jesse urges that all men and women get to know themselves. “Know thyself.”

In order to be free, you must forgive, whether your mother or father, the cat or the dog. You cannot ask people to forgive you. Forgive them and apologize for hating, for being angry at them. An unforgiving nature is that of Satan — and is bondage. The forgiving nature is that of God. Forgive and be whole again.

Romans 14:9-10 says, “For this reason, Christ died and returned to life…. Why, then, do you judge your brother?”

In Matthew 6:12, in the Lord’s Prayer, Christ tells us to pray: Forgive us as we forgive others.

Even if you have been raped and molested, once you apologize for being angry at the person, your soul will heal and it will be as if it never happened to you again. If you don’t forgive, you will only keep remembering your misery, and you’ll whine and complain.

The reason most people want to “help” others is because they think it will make them a better person. False! Apologize for being angry. Nothing else works.

Matthew 6:15 says that before you enter into the kingdom of heaven, you must forgive — “if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive yours.”

Also in the segment on our video report, Jesse takes a call from a veteran who is upset at the angry NFL thugs kneeling for the National Anthem, spreading the lie that “police brutality” is a problem, and distracting black people from the true problem of lack of fathers, lack of family and lack of morality.

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