Kobe’s Death; The Flesh Is Mama Spirit (Church 2/2/20)

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, February 2, 2020: At the beginning and end, we talk about the Biblical Question: At what age should a father and mother stop parenting their children? Jesus came to divide the family. Many newcomers talk about forgiving fathers and mothers. We discuss the Silent Prayer, or observation versus meditation. 

It’s a spiritual battle: Antifa is doing anti-police protests in NYC (and Oregon), saying the MTA public transportation is racist for charging. The world is the Old Testament. 

Many people react to Kobe Bryant’s death which occurred last Sunday. People act like Jesus died! He worked hard and was successful. Was he happy? Who is your idol? Is it cheapening his life to point out the things he did wrong? One young man has a bisexual teacher! 

At the gym, Jesse noticed that everybody looks like mama! He sees the mama spirit. In the Bible, it says we’re born of the flesh, which is mama, and then we’re born of the Spirit, which is God. Christ came and made everything spiritual. But people of the flesh believe they can still sin and suffer and yet be saved. 

Jesse talks at length with a lady about the Bible, sin, and being perfect. She has anger and has not been born again. 

As James reads the Super Chats, Jesse makes the point about mothers being controlling in sneaky ways, and that Satan is the woman’s god. 

Finally, Jesse answers the Biblical Question: Stop parenting when the child reaches 18. Don’t protect them from making mistakes and suffering! That’s playing god! 

New Biblical Question: Are you a cadaver or a lamb? NO MEN’S FORUM THIS MONTH!


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