Lies Our Culture Has Accepted (Church, May 27)

Today at Church Jesse presented a number of lies that the children of the lie have pushed onto society, which now the culture has accepted.

Many Christians don’t really believe in God. They say they do, but then their life doesn’t change. Then they start making excuses: “Nobody’s perfect,” or, “When I get to heaven…” but Christ said the kingdom of heaven is within you! He said to be perfect. But people don’t question why the “God” they serve is no better than the old bad god they served before — because they don’t really believe in God, but only know and believe about God — which makes them no better than their father the devil

Watch a 3-minute cut from this service: Many Christians Don’t Really Believe in God

Watch where we discussed lies about slavery and “racism” (watch 10-minute video excerpt). People think that blacks are still suffering due to slavery, which ended 150 years ago.

Another lie is about abortion, to allow women to kill the baby in the womb, that it’s “my body, my choice.” Another lie: That all men are rapists and sex offenders. There have been police, ex-husbands, and other men falsely accused of rape by women. After Harvey Weinstein, Jesse saw a video of a woman telling a crowd that now women will be believed, and “we’re coming for you” other men who are presumably guilty.

Also catch 3-minute cut: NOT Her Body, NOT Her Choice. Your Body Is a Temple of the Lord

It’s not her body, and it’s not her choice. Your body is a temple of the Lord. You don’t have a right to commit murder in the temple of God, killing the unborn child in the womb. Just because people lie and say that women will get abortions with coat hangers in back alleys, that’s fine, let them do evil and kill themselves; we don’t have to agree to it or make it legal. The children of the lie make up words with emotions attached to them to fool you and make you go along with the wicked. And just because they claim a parent who’d want an abortion would make a bad parent, that is not a reason to kill the baby. This was taken from a 13-minute video: “My Body, My Choice” Is a Lie. No Right to Abortion.

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