Are You Where You Should Be in Life? (Church July 23)

(Watch 15-minute excerpt: Are You “There” Yet, Where You’re Supposed to Be?) At church in the video above, Jesse mentions the “Baltimore Ceasefire” that activists are pushing — they wants the gangsters and drug dealers to participate, to stop killing for 72 hours. The Baltimore homicide rate is at an all-time high. This is all because Black Lives Matter and the government there pushed the cops away from doing their job, so crime and homicides are out of control there. Crime in Selma, AL, and in big cities around the country, is out-of-control too. The criminals don’t follow the law of their heart, so they need the law of the land. Partly in jest, Jesse urges people to buy land outside the urban areas, in the country, to have a place to go when there is trouble.

Jesse asks people at Church if they have a strong foundation, on solid ground, spiritually. One 26-year-old man speaks up about what he’s going through: He feels his mother is trying to dictate his life, when to eat, etc. Jesse urges him to move out and live on his own. One man says he puts his faith in his family, because he sees others put too much of their lives into their work and ignore their family. But Jesse urges that this man have faith only in God. One woman says she always wants to “feel” a connection to God; when she doesn’t feel it, she looks for ways to re-establish what she feels is that connection. She prays and praises God in her home when she thinks of it.

Jesse reiterates that it is important that we have a solid foundation — most do not.

One man said that his foundation is not solid; it’s shifty. He said he knows he’s not “there” yet, where he knows he’s supposed to be — he feels he’s not completely faithful and devoted to God like thinks he should be. He feels he needs to do better or more. He reported that he did talk with his father as Jesse had previously urged him. He changed the way he approached his father, rather than accusing him, and it feels like a weight off his chest. His father has been calling him more, even about sports and his favorite players. Many go and attack the person, rather than forgive the person, apologizing for holding a grudge — realizing that they couldn’t help themselves. Fathers are often accused, not shown love, because people don’t realize what the father has been through.

Many feel they are not where they are supposed to be in life. They are not “there” yet. Jesse asked people where “there” is. Do not do this. One man thought, “When you are there you should have peace.” Other guys speak about this false notion. One married father is struggling with his foundation being shaken because he got laid off from his company after working there for 30 years. He said it’s like the bottom fell out, the ground fell out from beneath him.

One man watching online asked, Isn’t it good to tell yourself you’re not there in order not to settle? No! No one knows the mind of God, but God. Don’t think “I’m not there yet.” It’s a setup from the devil. Live. Pray. Search the scriptures. Live your life. You can’t have an opinion about the things of God, or look at others’ lives and compare yourself to them. Every thought you get is a lie — a setup, including those that quote the scriptures and seem right. Become a living being, and live, without an opinion about anything, no matter what you go through or what you’re feeling, including the conflict and pain, the ego pain. Just live and grow, and you’ll be fine.

To be rooted in faith, you have a made-up mind, willing to go through anything in life, without an opinion or complaint. That solid foundation is found in the love of God, when you return back to the Father and become the light of the world, setting an example so that others can see how to overcome as well. You don’t hate your fellow man. You only have love, God working through you. Stand up, fight back, but don’t hate.

Jesse read that America at one time was the light of the world. We almost lost it the past 8 years because we have not been protecting it. Have faith only in God, not in the Bible, in mama, others’ love, house or material things.

Jesse has people read Luke 6:47 & 49, Matthew 5:14, Matthew 7:24-25, and John 1:5.

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